The Long Goodbye Job - Recap

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A woman interrogates a captive Nate, asking what went wrong and how did it start. A shaken Nate tries to answer...

One Month Ago

Nate meets with the team's newest client, Dr. Giallo, his former pediatrician. Giallo knows about Pallogen, a biochemical company. The company won't release the drug, which will cure Stanhope's Sarcoma, because there isn't enough market to make it profitable. Her patient, Danny Sullivan, is running out of time and Nate assures Giallo that he'll get the drug and gives her a hug. Sophie and Alec watch and Sophie explains that Nate hasn't seen Giallo in seven years, since Sam died.

The team gathers and Alec explains that the building where Pallogen is located contains a hub server for the federal government. The building's security is classified as a result and Sophie has already sent Parker and Eliot into the building, Highpoint Tower. The comms are fuzzing in and out and Parker notices that the building has a full wireless lockdown. There are surveillance cameras and Parker realizes that they've seen the system once before... on a Steranko. Alec admits that they only escaped a Steranko, not beat it, and that they've improved the system since then. Communication is in and out of the building through hard lines and Alec can hack them, but that's all he has to do. Nate insists that they have two months and Alec assures him they can do it in one, and they plan to go in through the top.

Parker scans the building and Sophie spots the Dolan Theater next door. Alec confirms that it was built on the Shanghai tunnels and is a famous landmark with no security. Sophie has the perfect way to get in and sets up a performance of Macbeth. As she starts moving in, Parker and Nate check the roof and figure they can set a zipline over to Highpoint. As Nate goes over the plans and calculates the vectors, Parker realizes that the job means a lot to him. She wonders why he has been involving her recently in cons, including the planning, and Nate tells her that she has her own unique way of planning a con and he trusts her judgment.

Sophie's class of students begin rehearsing with Zachary as Macbeth. She provides acting tips while Nate watches, and he comes over afterward and asks if she misses the theater. Sophie assures him that her acting talents are best served robbing people that deserved to be robbed, and that she's right where she belongs. Nate kisses her...


The woman, Ellen Casey, reminds Nate that he said he made a mistake when he was pulled from the river. When he doesn't answer, Ellen asks him how his friends died. She explains that he's at Trinity State Hospital after suffering a head trauma, and she's there to evaluate his state of mind after suffering short-term amnesia. They have a report of a break-in at Highpoint Tower, shots fired, and a car crashing into the river. Ellen tells Nate to focus so that they can figure out what happened.


As Sophie prepares to the premiere, she warns Nate that her Lady Macbeth hasn't shown up and she will have to perform. He assures her that she'll be great because she's great on the con and the audience is cover for their getaway. The play begins and Parker fires a crossbow and line from the roof over to Highpoint. She slides across while Alec and Eliot watch from the street. As soon as Parker lands, the alarms go off and she gets off the roof through the vent just as the guards arrive. Alec warns Nate that he boosted the earbuds as much as he could but Parker is basically out of touch.

Onstage, Sophie isn't doing well and the crowd gets restless. Meanwhile, Parker gets to the server and sets off the Steranko system, triggering alerts throughout the building. Nate fakes a call from the company and requests their security password so that he can supposedly send in technicians. He then intercepts the call from Steranko and has them shut down the system. He gives them the password and the company shuts down the alarm.

Alec and Eliot go in posing as technicians and fake shutting down the alarm. They take the elevator up and Parker drops down with them, puts on a tech uniform, and they all head for the tenth floor.

A policeman arrives at the front desk and informs the security desk that he has to walk the floors. Nate warns the others and realizes that the police officer can communicate via old-fashioned radio. The officer calls Steranko and confirms that there are no technicians onsite. He takes two security officers with him and goes to the tenth floor, and Eliot covers the retreat as Alec and Parker get to the elevator. It's locked down and they pry open the doors and Parker drops a line. The police officer arrives and opens fire, and Alec loses his grip on the line. Parker grabs him and assures him that she won't let go... just as the officer fires again, hitting her in the shoulder. Alec falls down the shaft and Parker goes down to help him. She warns Nate that her boyfriend is badly injured and Nate and Sophie head out to rescue them.

As Eliot runs down the stairs, Sophie and Nate pull up in the van and Parker gets Alec inside. The police officer arrives and opens fire, but Eliot takes him down and removes his gun. However, as he runs for the van, the officer fires a holdout weapon, hitting Eliot in the chest. He gets to the van and collapses as Nate drives away, and Parker, Eliot, and Alec hold hands.

A police car spots the van and comes in pursuit. Nate drives for the bridge only to find a police blockade. He and Sophie look back and confirm that Parker, Eliot, and Alec are all dead. Nate takes Sophie's hand and then accelerates the van through the barricade. The bridge starts to go up and Nate speeds up the ramp...


Nate slams the table in frustration and Ellen shows him a photo of the police taking his team out of the river in body bags. She informs Nate that they've confirmed the identity of all of his friends and leaves, and Nate glances around the room and notices the security cameras. Outside, Ellen tells her team to hold Nate without outside access and then leaves the building... Highpoint Tower. She goes to her office where her assistant tells her that Portland PD claims they sent two detectives. However, they don't have confirmation. Ellen reviews the security footage and confirms Eliot being shot as he left the building. She tells her assistant to call the police back and get the bodies of the team. Ellen then goes to the roof and finds shards of red plastic. She talks to a building security man, who tells her that a police officer came in and then ran back later, calling for backup.

Ellen goes to the theater and the manager explains that their matinee Lady Macbeth was horrible but the new one is great. She looks around and then goes back to see Nate. She tells him that the police are satisfied and will take him into custody once they take care of the paperwork. Ellen points out that Nate must have loved his friends very much and then asks why he's lying to her. Nate says that he isn't but she figure that he didn't need three weeks to get into the theater just to access the roof. However, she has confirmed that the team broke into the Shanghai tunnels and used the three weeks to dig over to Highpoint Tower and access the elevator shaft. Ellen tells Nate that she knows what really happened. Alec fired a water balloon at the roof, setting off the alarm. Parker came in through the basement and everything else happened as described.

Nate flies into a rage, asking why he would lie, and Ellen says that he must have figured that he wasn't in a hospital. He immediately calms down and says that he hasn't heard any announcements or alarms since he woke up. Also, the files she read from earlier had Interpol codings and she had several instinctive tells that showed him that she usually carried a gun and was in a building where cell phones wouldn't work. Nate realizes that he was in the provisional offices of Interpol at Highpoint Tower.

Ellen admits that he's good and figures that they set off the alarms on the 20th floor so that Parker could get to the server room holding the dead files for the government agencies. Nate agrees that there are no active cases and looks up at the security cameras. Jim Sterling comes in and offers Nate a drink, and accuses of getting his team the most secret file in Interpol: the black book.

Sterling gives Nate the keys to release his handcuffs, and Nate tells Ellen that there was a case of massive fraud five years ago and one-third of the world's wealth disappeared. The rich and powerful got their money out before it happened and Sterling and his superiors refused to prosecute because it would have further destabilized the world's economy. The government agencies closed all the cases and filed it away, and that file is the black book. Sterling explains that the black book isn't in the Highpoint Tower server at the moment, but it is there for a few hours once a month as it's shuffled across the Internet during routine maintenance.

Ellen points out that Nate failed and his friends are dead, and wonders why Nate is still lying. The coroner's van arrives and Sterling has Ellen confirm that there are only three bodies. Realizing that he's still being played, Sterling tells Ellen to take Nate to the 20th floor along with every man they have. As they get there, Ellen confirms that the black book file has just appeared as the backup started. Sterling realizes that Parker is still in the server room and never got the file... until now. Ellen realizes that Nate lied to give Parker time to escape.

Sterling opens the biometric device and asks Nate if Parker knows that Nate got Alec killed. Nate grabs his ex-partner while the Interpol agents enter the server room. There's no sign of Parker and they get out and lock up the room. Sterling then takes Nate down to the coroner's van and confirms that Alec is dead. However, he then draws a gun and shoots the "corpse" repeatedly. Sterling tells Ellen that it's a lifelike dummy filled with ballistics gel. He asks her if she talked to the Portland police and Ellen admits that she did... but only on the phone. Sterling then lets Nate ask the second question: what happened to the coroner van drivers? Ellen realizes that they're not there and that she's the one that gave them permission to enter the building. Sterling asks Nate who played the patrolman.

When the job began, Nate told everyone that he brought them to Portland to get into Highpoint Tower and steal the black book, and that Alec was in on the secret. Nate insisted that the black book was the big score and that they'd have months to plan the perfect operation. The only security system Alec couldn't hack was the biometric lock.

At the theater, Sophie sent her understudy on to give the bad performance. Sophie then posed as the operator at Steranko while Nate went in posing as the police officer. He faked shooting Eliot and Alec for the security cameras and then walked out. When the security guards called the Portland PD, Sophie intercepted the call, told everyone to stay put, and sent in Parker posing as a police detective. Ellen ended up calling Sophie, thinking she was the Portland PD.

Ellen and Sterling realize that Sophie played the role of every person that Ellen talked to that time. When Ellen went to the theater for the later performance, it was Sophie that was giving the performance. They go to the server room and Sterling discovers that the hard drive is gone. He realizes that when Nate bumped into him earlier, it was a distraction so that Parker, Alec, and Eliot, posing as Interpol agents, could come in with the others without him noticing. They stayed behind and removed the hard drive.

Sterling figures that there is a way out and that Ellen worked it out: however, it's the way that she thought the team was going to break in. The Interpol agents head for the theater, realizing that the team will escape with the audience. When the crowd gives Sophie a standing ovation, Parker, Eliot, and Alec are posing as soldiers.

When it's clear that Nate's team has made his escape, Sterling asks his ex-partner if he's done. Nate explains that he learned his acting abilities from Sophie as a van arrives to take Nate to a secret prison. He asks Sterling not to tell anyone that he got their names from the black book file. Sterling points out that if he doesn't tell them, they'll be defenseless against every thief and grifter. Ellen comes over and says that she doesn't know what to do or if Nate is right. Sterling admits that Nate has that effect on people, and tells Nate that they don't believe in the same things. He writes something on a file and tosses it into Nate's lap before he closes the door.

Nate looks at the file and sees a message from Sterling telling him to tell Sophie to drive carefully. Sophie, at the wheel of the van, asks what it is and Nate says that it isn't anything. As they drive away, Ellen tells Sterling that it couldn't have been easy. In response, he tells her that justice is always easy.

Back at the pub, the team look at the hard drive and realize that it's the key to going after a thousand bad guys. Nate tells them that it won't be him and he's out. When Sophie asks what he means, Nate says it depends on what she says. He dims the lights, gets down on one knee, and proposes to Sophie, calling her by her real name: Laura. Nate then tells the others to take the hard drive. They prepare to dump it on the Internet and expand internationally as every crew in the world joins in with them. Eliot tells Nate that it was his crusade but now it's their war, and he promises to Parker and Alec save until his dying days. When Nate figures that Eliot doesn't need anything, Eliot admits that he does... and he found it.

The team says their final goodbyes and Nate tells Alec not to get cocky. Sophie asks Parker if she's okay with them leaving and she says that she is... now. Nate says that's why they can go. As Sophie and Nate leaves, she says that Laura isn't her real name and Nate says that he knows. She admits that it's a shame because she was getting to like Portland and walks out with Nate.

Later, Parker, Eliot, and Alec meet with a couple who lost their son. Parker assures them that they provide... leverage.