The Homecoming Job - Recap

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In Iraq, outside of Najaf, Army reservists Robert Perry and Dwight Caplan are filming a tape for Perry's girlfriend Jenny. They watch as privately-contracted guards working for Castleman Security arrive nearby to unload some trucks. Gunfire rings out, taking down Dwight.

Later, Corporal Perry meets Nate at the rehab clinic where he's receiving treatment for his injuries. He plays the recording and explains that Jenny is no longer his fiancée. He blames Castleman for his being shot up and just wants them to pay his rehab expenses. Perry explains that Castleman refused to cooperate with the Army investigation into the incident, and that insurgents were blamed as a result. Perry's doctor, Laroque, comes over and asks to see Nate in private. She warns him that she can't get Perry's hopes up, and that Perry and all the others will be sent home because they don't have enough money to take care of the reservists any longer. Laroque figures that Nate is trying to run some kind of scam, and doesn't believe him when he insists that he's there to help.

Nate has Hardison gather the others. Sophie is in Hollywood auditioning for a soap commercial. Eliot takes advantage of his phone ring to take down the man holding a gun on him. Parker is in Monaco breaking into a museum.

The trio arrives at the designated address in Los Angeles and finds a luxurious office. Hardison comes in and explains that he has created a cover business, Leverage Consulting & Associates, founded by Harlan Leverage III. He tells them that Nate paid to create the business front and gave the rest of his money away to a children's hospital. Finally, Hardison shows off the state-of-the-art conference room, complete with HDTV, and Nate comes in to start the briefing.

The team reviews Perry's recording and Nate explains that Perry claims that the contractors panicked and opened fire on the Army soldiers. Eliot confirms that the ammunition fired belonged to the Castleman contractors, and warns that they're taking on a private army. Nate agrees, warning that Castleman has major political connections and supplies troops in all Army hotspots. However, he plans to steal the records and blackmail Castleman and its CEO, Charles Dufort, and get enough money to pay for Perry's rehab and a few million more for damages.

Castleman Security is holding a reception for Congressman Robert Jenkins. Eliot is undercover as a waiter and Nate and Sophie are there as guests. Once they confirm Dufort is at the reception, Hardison and Parker hit Dufort's office from the roof. Parker tests her new line by shoving Hardison off the roof and goes down after him. They have nine minutes and thirty seconds before the guards come around.

Sophie approaches Dufort and Jenkins and introduces herself as a London-based defense contractor. She claims to want to get some American contracts with help from Jenkins. Once she's alone with Dufort, she flirts with him and he mentions an appropriations bill. Nate asks Hardison but an explanation, but he's too busy hacking the computer, while Parker finds Dufort's safe. She warns that it's voice-activated, while Hardison confirms they need Dufort's ID card to access the computers.

Nate walks by Dufort, secretly gets some dip on his shoulder, and then comes back around and offers to remove it. As he distracts Dufort, Sophie steals the CEO's ID card and slips it to Eliot, and then transmits its radio frequency via phone to Hardison. Meanwhile, Parker samples Sophie's transmissions of Dufort's conversation and tells Nate which syllables she needs. Eliot offers Dufort appetizers and gets him to say the names, which have the syllables that Parker needs. Sophie offers to meet with Dufort later at his office and walks away, and tells Nate she's playing a hunch.

Hardison hacks Dufort's computer and discovers that he has complete files on Perry and is reading his e-mails while keeping him under surveillance. Nate realizes that the cover-up isn't about the shooting but about the trucks that Castleman guards were unloading. Meanwhile, Sophie approaches Jenkins and asks for his help on the appropriations bill for government defense contract. She brings up Perry's shooting but Jenkins claims to know nothing about it. Once Jenkins leaves, Nate tells Parker and Hardison to get back to the office: he figures that Perry is a witness, and Dufort won't keep him alive for long.

Nate, Sophie, and Eliot get to the hospital. Nate and Sophie find Perry and start moving him out, while Laroque spots Eliot posing as a doctor and wonders who he is. He notices the shoes of two passing orderlies and realizes they're Castleman goons. The goons find Nate, Sophie, and Perry, but Eliot takes them on. With an assist from Nate, Eliot knocks them out, takes their gear, and escapes.

At the office, the team goes over the goon's equipment, including a fake suicide note in Perry's name and a gun registered in his name. Nate hides Perry away at a safe house, and Eliot warns that Dufort will send people after them. The others begin to have second thoughts as they realize the danger they're in, but Nate, drinking, points out that they wanted him to run the crew. He angrily tells them to walk if they have a problem, They agree to finish this one last job, and Sophie says that they can get in via Jenkins. She figures that Jenkins is lying to her about his knowledge of Perry's shooting, and Nate figure they can get Jenkins and Dufort to turn on each other. As Sophie leaves, she takes the bottle away from Nate.

In Washington, Sophie approaches Jenkins, while Nate meets with Dufort in Los Angeles. Nate introduces himself as an advisor to another Congressman, Calloway, and is there to talk to Dufort now that Jenkins has gone soft on him. Dufort doesn't believe it, and Nate explains that Jenkins is introducing Calloway to Sophie. He suggests that Dufort has nothing to worry about as long as Jenkins keeps his earmarks in the appropriations bill. Meanwhile, Sophie warns Jenkins that Dufort is planning to find someone else and warns him to look for signs like Dufort refusing to take calls and stopping any favors as payoff.

At the office, Hardison checks Jenkins' purchases and discovers that he's getting his house renovate for next to nothing. Castleman Securities owns the house contractors, and Eliot makes a call to get them to stop work. Nate comes in and he and Hardison settle down to watch Parker as she infiltrates Congress and puts the team's own pages into the appropriations bill.

Sophie and Parker return from Washington and the team listens in as Jenkins confronts Dufort about the fact the contractors stopped work on his new house. They hear the Congressman mention a shipment he covered up for Castleman from Manila, and Hardison traces the shipment to Container 541 at the Port of Los Angeles. He doesn't know what's in it, but it will go to the main Castleman facility in Kansas in two days, and whatever it is, it's worth killing for.

At the Port of Los Angeles, Parker, Eliot, and Hardison go in and find 541. Hardison spots a webcam and Eliot takes it out before Hardison can spoof it. Parker picks the lock while they speculate what it contains. Inside they find over two hundred million dollars worth of money.

The guards realize the webcam has been disabled and run to investigate the container. They get there but there's no sign of any intruders, since the trio are hiding on top of a nearby container.

Back at the office, Parker strokes the stolen packets of money that she took, and Hardison confirms that it's real money. Nate realizes what's going on and explains that IYS oversaw the largest currency transfer ever made for reconstruction. Nine billion went missing and when Castleman moved it, Perry and Dwight saw it. One of the guards spooked and shot them, unaware that Perry didn't see anything. The untraceable small bills are perfect for slush funds and money laundering: Dufort uses the money to finance Jenkins, who directs appropriations to him which result in legal money. Nate explains that now that they're the good guys, they're going to give the money back.

At the port, Nate and Sophie arrive as tourists trying to find their car and distract the Castleman guards while Parker and Hardison sneak in. Meanwhile, Jenkins comes looking for the paneling for his home. Thanks to Hardison's electronic tampering, he thinks they're at the port. Eliot is posing as a gate guard and offers to help him find them. Parker blows the lock with a shaped charge.

Dufort's head of security, Grady, arrives and recognizes Nate from the hospital. However, before he can do anything, Parker's charge goes off. Hardison drives a truck away, picking up Nate and Sophie. Grady discovers the money is gone and calls his men to secure the gate. Meanwhile, Jenkins comes by, looking for his paneling.

The Castleman guards chase Hardison and cut him off. Dufort arrives and his men inform him the container is empty. They order Hardison out of the truck, but he claims he's just transporting cargo. Dufort finds Jenkins there and figures he's selling him out, and warns that he's got plenty of evidence on the Congressman. Jenkins has no idea what's going on, but Dufort doesn't believe his presence is a coincidence. As they argue, a news crew arrives and informs the surprised Jenkins that he called them.

Hardison opens the truck for the Castleman guards and reveals that it's empty.

The news crew point out that the open container isn't 541, it's the neighboring 542. The newswoman points out that Jenkins has the key, since Eliot gave it to him earlier. Jenkins has no choice but to open 541. He and Dufort try to claim they were working together to investigate a conspiracy involving the stolen money. However, all of the news crew's phones ring and they get a call with a recording of the duo's argument a few minutes earlier, taken on the nearby webcam.

Later, the team meets with Perry and Laroque and shows them the seemingly empty back of the truck. Hardison pulls away a fake back to reveal two pallets of the Iraq money. They tell Laroque that it will cover Perry's expenses, and the rehab of the other patients. Perry thanks them and Eliot thanks him. When Laroque insists the world doesn't work that way, Nate tells her to change the world. The team watches as Laroque and her patients make plans. Nate offers to let anyone walk away if they want, and they agree to stick around for a few more jobs. As they walk away, he explains he did spend his money on one thing for himself; an electric sports car. As he goes, Nate tells them that just because they're the good guys doesn't mean they can't have some fun.