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The Bank Shot Job - Recap

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In the small Southwestern town of Juan, Sophie is working at a bank undercover as a clerk. Nate comes in with Judge Roy, who immediately hits on a teller. Roy then meets with the bank manager, Frank, and gets a safety deposit box and shows it to Nate. It contains money, and Nate warns that he wants 20% for the risk. He accepts 15% for money laundering.

Outside, Hardison and Parker are in the van and Hardison is complaining that they're spending too long on the rip job. Parker admits she likes the town, and goes back to ripping up strips of paper and burning them to amuse herself. Meanwhile, Eliot is taking apart their cover office and removing any evidence of their presence. He plans to call the Delgado family once they're gone.

At the bank, Nate is leaving when he spots a man he figures for a bank robber. He tells Judge Roy that they have to get out. Sophie and Hardison wonder what Nate is up to, Before he can do anything, a security guard spots the man and orders him to back up, and then draws his gun. The man's father grabs the security guard and they tell everyone to get down, and inform them that it's a bank robbery. They lock the door, and Nate tells Hardison and Parker to get out before the police arrive. When Hardison wonders why Nate didn't get out, Parker points out that Sophie was still in there.

The robbers discover that there isn't enough money and order the teller to open the vault. She warns them that it's on a time lock. Meanwhile, Judge Roy slides Nate's briefcase across the floor under a desk.

The police drive past Hardison and Parker as they make their getaway,

Judge Roy whispers to Nate that he should deal with the robbers, but Nate warns against it.

Eliot arrives outside the bank and demands answers from Nate. Nate describes what's going on as best he can, and tells Eliot to sit tight. Meanwhile, Judge Roy gets up and talks to the robbers, and tells them he can make the whole thing go away if they walk away. He tells them that he can have the sheriff, Bill Hastings, drive away. Meanwhile, Nate checks on Sophie and warns her that something weird is going on. He figures that if they give the robbers what they want, they can get everyone out. Sophie reluctantly agrees to go along with Nate's plan, whatever it is. Meanwhile, Judge Roy assures the robbers that the people will tell whatever story he orders them. However, the father doesn't believe it and tells him to shut up and sit down.

Hardison and Parker get a new car and pose as FBI agents, and meet with Sheriff Hastings. He has no idea what's going on, but is glad to point out the sniper they have across the street.

Inside, the two robbers demand to see the manager. Sophie lies and claims she's the bank manager, and offers to override the vault timer. The real manager is glad to let her distract them. Meanwhile, Judge Roy realizes the robbers aren't the usual type, and Nate communicates with Hardison to have them identify the robbers from the surveillance footage. He discovers that the father is Derrick Clark, retired from the Navy a year ago. Hardison checks his financials and discovers that Derrick cleared out his accounts, and Nate tells him to contact the Clark family members. Hardison gets the address and sends it to Eliot, who drives to their address.

Sheriff Hastings shuts down power to the bank and claims it's by the book. Meanwhile, Sophie tries to open the vault and asks Derrick why he's robbing the bank. He insists that his family needs the money and realizes that Sophie is bluffing. She tries to get through to him. Meanwhile, Derrick's son Michael gets a call on his cell phone. He tells the caller that they'll have the money and asks him not to hurt her. Nate overhears the entire exchange. Eliot arrives at the house and confirms that someone broke in, and there was someone there when it happened. Nate approaches Michael and tells him that it's not too late to save her. He gets Michael to explain that the crooks he works for as a drug dealer think he ripped them off. They figure Michael did it, kidnapped his mother, and want $100,000 for her return. Nate promises that they'll help him.

Sophie assures Derrick that her "friends" won't get his wife killed, and that she's a thief. She explains that Judge Roy takes payments from drug dealers and smugglers, and cut loose a man who killed a local girl, Beth Delgado. They plan to steal all of the judge's money and give it to the Delgado family. Derrick warns that the deadline is in 30 minute. Nate confirms that they're $30,000 short and tells Parker and Hardison to make up the difference by stealing Judge Roy's money. She figures she can get into the bank via the deposit chute, but it's on the side of the bank toward the police. Hardison warns they have another problem: the real FBI will arrive in about 45 minutes.

Derrick comes out with Sophie and insists that the talking is over and they're in charge. He orders everyone up against the desks, but Nate realizes that he's working with Sophie.

Hardison gets a call from the robbers and starts having the police put together a pizza order. Meanwhile, Parker goes to the deposit chute.

Michael tells Derrick that they have to trust Nate and Sophie, while Nate tells Judge Roy that he was trying to turn Michael against Derrick. Meanwhile, Derrick gets the case and gives it to Parker. Judge Roy tries to get through to Michael, offering him money. The judge goes to the desk and discovers that his briefcase is gone. The drug dealers call, distracting Michael. Judge Roy goes for the gun, and it goes off. Nate takes a bullet to the shoulder, and Sophie calls out his name and goes to him. Judge Roy takes Michael hostage to force Derrick to surrender.

Outside, the police hear the shot and prepare to move in. Hardison gets them to calm down and listens as Sophie tries to get Judge Roy to listen. However, he heard her call Nate by his real name and realizes he's being set up. He falsely assumes that the Clarks are working with Nate and Sophie, and the bank robbery is a scam. When Derrick insists that Nate and Sophie are just trying to help, Judge Roy dismisses him as an idiot and calls upon Derrick to surrender his gun. Derrick puts the gun down and Judge Roy takes it and demands his money.

Eliot takes the briefcase to the pickup spot and listens as Sophie explains that the money isn't in the building. Meanwhile, Judge Roy starts to lose it when the bank employees insist he needs to get Nate to the hospital. He finally realizes they have a man on the outside and that they're communicating with him.

Hardison tells Hastings that it was an accidental shot and gets them to drop back. He then taps into the bank surveillance cameras and realizes what's going on. Inside, Judge Roy takes the earbud from Nate and tells Hardison and Parker that he'll release Nate and Sophie when he gets his money. He destroys Nate's and Sophie's earbuds, and Hardison warns Eliot that they'll need the briefcase back. The meth-heads pull up to get the briefcase.

Sophie tends to Nate's wound and insists that he should have kept going, and that she could have handled it on her own. She then asks what his plan is.

The meth-heads take the money, while Ellen Clark tries to escape from the back of their van. Eliot intervenes and takes them out.

Hardison hurries to put their plan into effect. Inside, Nate tells Derrick and Michael that Ellen will be all right, and assures them that his people are the best. Michael blames himself for getting involved with the drug dealers, and Derrick accepts his apology. Hardison arrives at the door with the pizzas. Nate suggests that Judge Roy pay for the pizzas, and the judge has the security guard unlock the door. Once Hardison is inside, he shows Judge Roy that the pizza boxes contain his money. He then starts acting like Judge Roy is the robber, kneels down, and puts his hands behind his head. Sheriff Hastings and his men race in and find Judge Roy pointing a gun at who appears to be an FBI agent. The pizza box with the money has disappeared, and his briefcase is back under the table... with crystal meth inside. With some prodding from Hardison, Hastings figures that Judge Roy is delusional. Judge Roy spots Michael and Derrick leaving, but when he yanks off their hats, he discovers it's Eliot and Parker.

Meanwhile, Michael and Derrick, who switched EMT uniforms with Eliot and Parker when they came in disguised as EMTs, get Nate out into the ambulance. Ellen, posing as the driver, drives away.

At the bank, Eliot claims to be a witness and describes Judge Roy going berserk. The bank employees, unhappy that the judge was willing to betray them, are glad to back up his story. Hardison has rigged the tapes to show that Judge Roy gunned Nate down. As he's taken away, Hardison and Parker leave as FBI agents Taggert and McSweeten arrive. They have no idea what is going on, but are willing to take credit when the police find the meth heads in the back of the van.

As they drive away, Sophie congratulates Parker on pulling off the impersonation of an FBI agent, and Nate admits he couldn't have done any better than what they came up with.