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The Juror #6 Job - Recap

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Three years ago, Ernesto Vargas is taking energy supplements while studying. He has a heart attack and collapses as his wife Gloria looks on in horror.

Now, the team storms back into their offices and the others complain that Parker has taken another insane risk and endangered the rest of them. She has a letter to an Alice White, and Alec explains that it’s one of the aliases he made for her. The letter is a notice that “Alice” has to serve jury duty. Parker refuses to go but the others think it would be a good lesson for her in getting along with others. Nate tells her that she’s not getting out of it.

Posing as Alice, Parker arrives at the courthouse and is seated as Juror #6 for Ernesto’s case against the manufacturer of the energy supplement, William Quint. Gloria’s attorney, Paul Richards, plans to show that the supplement caused Ernesto’s heart attack and that Quint knew the risks. Quint’s attorney Henry Louis addresses the jury and Parker notices that he’s wearing an earbud and his briefcase has a secret camera. Louis is being coached on trial techniques by a pharmaceutical CEO, Toby Earnshaw. Toby notices that Parker is watching the briefcase but figures that she is being confused.

Nate, Alec, and Eliot are watching sports on the conference room monitors when Parker comes in and says that something is going on with her trial. She explains what she saw but Nate figures that she’s coming up with a fantasy to overcome the boredom of the trial. Parker storms out and Sophie points out that Parker has never asked for their help before. Nate tries to focus on the game but Alec glares at him and then turns off the TV. He explains that his Nana used to take him around the neighborhood to learn how to talk to people but Parker never learned that, so he tells Nate to cut her some slack. Nate agrees to the point that he sends a disgruntled Eliot with Parker to check things out.

Quint goes to the warehouse where Toby and her people have set up. Parker and Eliot follow him. Toby looks up from her chess game and informs Quint that she could lose everything. She warns him not to settle the case behind her back or she’ll bury her. Meanwhile, Parker taps into the security cameras and Alec and Nate examine the images.

Later, the team meets and Nate admits that Parker was right and there is an evil conspiracy afoot. Gloria Vargas is suing Quint, but Toby is involved because she sank $20 million into R&D in anticipation of buying Quint’s company. If the suit is successful, thousand more will sue and Toby will go bankrupt. However, Nate points out that it’s too late for them to win the case. The best they can do is con Quint into making a settlement. Meanwhile, Alec confirms that Toby ran a credit check on Parker’s alias and they realize she plans to buy the jury. Nate figures all they have to do is steal it first.

The next morning the team gathers in the conference room. Nate explains in chess terms that they need to break Toby’s momentum. He wants Parker to stall the trial and get the jurors to trust her. Parker tries her best but it doesn’t go well. Alec runs financial traces to see which jurors are already in Toby’s pocket. Eliot and Alec search the jurors’ trash. And Sophia goes to see Quint, posing as Olivia Smithe-Patel, a half-Indian drug representative who wants to branch out into the herbal supplement market. He informs her that he already has an offer but she makes him a bigger offer of $100 thousand and assures that he’ll maintain stock options. Sophia warns him that once Toby buys out his company, she’ll kick him out.

Alec confirms that Quint is on the hook and has checked out the company’s website. They’ve found two tickets to Fiji in the jury foreman’s garbage. Meanwhile, Sophie has Parker roleplay with Eliot to learn people skills. She convinces him to take her orange by telling him she put a razor in his apple.

When Parker goes back to the jury room, she steals several of the jurors’ watches and jewelry and plants them on the foreman. She then sprays mustard on him and when he gets up, everything spills out. Parker makes sure that everyone gets their items back and the jury makes her the new foreman. Toby watches on the feed and assures Quint that she has every contingency covered. She then calls Richards and offers him a bribe.

Nate and the others learn that Richard has disappeared, meaning that a mistrial will be declared and Gloria can’t afford another lawyer. The judge prepares to declare a mistrial but Alec barges into the courtroom and announces that he’s Gloria’s new court-appointed attorney. Sophia and Nate enter the courtroom and Nate explains that Alec just has to stall long enough for Quint to take the offer. The judge calls the attorneys to the bench and Alec tries to delay the trial. He wants to call 430 people from Ernesto’s high school to testify. When that doesn’t work, Alec tries to introduce photos of Louis water skiing.

Back in the jury room, Parker is surprised when one of the jurors confesses a secret to her and says that Parker is the nicest one here.

At the warehouse, Toby has her analysts review the tapes of Alec. Quint demands to know what his position is with the company once he’s bought out, and Toby tells him that what he wants is irrelevant.

Back in the courtroom, Quint approaches Sophie and asks why she offered him twice what his company is worth. Toby sees them talking on the feed and has her assistant find out everything they can about Sophie. Meanwhile, Sophie claims that her company wants his energy supplement to help Indians with their outsourcing. However, Quint has to settle so they get rid of the bad press. Sophie dismisses a few deaths among a billion Hindu people and assures him that the Indian government won’t crack down. Quint demands to see her operation and Sophie agrees to set up a video conference. Meanwhile, Alec warns Nate that he can’t stall forever. Nate insists that he has to buy more time and insists that he can find more boring things to do. Alec proceeds with a slide show.

Sophie has Quint come in for a video conference and he’s convinced by the Mumbai International company representative, Avi. Sophie tells Quint to settle the lawsuit and then they can do business. Meanwhile, Nate and Eliot finish working with Avi, aka Donny, an old friend of Eliot’s.

Parker comes in the next morning and worries about what she’s wearing. Alec assures her that Quint will settle before she has to go back to the trial. However, Nate discovers that Toby has bought Mumbai to eliminate the competition. The team realizes that Toby is watching Quint and Nate says that they now have to win the trial. Alec objects, pointing out that he’s not a real lawyer and the only thing he has left is a cross-examination and the closing statement. However, Nate assures him that he’s been talking to people all his life and all he has to do is make friends with the jury.

Parker worries that she can’t bring the jury around and Sophie tells her that none of the jury members are normal and they all lie. As Parker and Alec leave, Nate tells Eliot that there’s a job for him. As Toby’s men follow Quint, Eliot lets himself get hit by their car and then knocks them out and locks them in the trunk. He calls and tells Nate that he planted the electrical overload device in Quint’s car.

When they activate the overload device, Quint is forced to pull over. Nate rides up and offers some help while lecturing him about electrical cars. He also steals Quint’s cell phone and throws it to Sophie as she drives by.

In the courtroom, Louis calls Dr. Potemkin to the stand and he testifies that the energy supplement didn’t cause Ernesto’s heart attack. Alec apologizes to Gloria, who assures him he’s the best lawyer they’ve ever had. Inspired, Alec goes on the offense and notes that Potemkin has only testified in California at trials that he could drive to. Potemkin admits that he’s on the no-fly list and Alec explains that he’s on the list for drinking and sexual harassment.

Sophie calls to tell Nate that she’s hit three out of five. Alec gives his closing statement and talks about how all the jurors have grown closer and that they’ve been entrusted with working together to discover the truth. He goes back to the office and Nate offers him a toast. They check the jury room feed and Nate warns that it’s all on Parker.

Toby watches the same feed and wonders if someone is playing chess against her. Meanwhile, Parker calls for a show of hands and all of the jurors find in favor of Quint. Toby watches the entire thing, satisfied, and tells Louis that according to his phone GPS, Quint has been visiting several local offices of her major competitors. Quint arrives and Toby tells him that Mumbai won’t be buying his company. She offers him a guaranteed payment if he sells right now and Quint takes the deal.

The jury comes back and Parker informs the judge that they found in favor of the plaintiff for five million dollars. Quint smirks in satisfaction while Toby wonders what happened. She’s unaware that Alec tampered with the video feed and made it appear that a vote for pizza was the vote that Toby saw. Toby accuses Quint of rigging the whole thing, unaware that Sophie visited Toby’s competitors while using Quint’s phone. As Toby and Quint emerge from the courtroom, Sophie is there and tells Quint he should have settled. Nate hands Toby a white chess pieces and walks away.

Back at the office, Parker eats fast food while Eliot watches football. Nate points out that Alec won a jury trial without cheating, and suggests that if he applied himself he could do anything he wants. Alec starts planning his career future as a surgeon. Parker gets a call from Penny to meet for coffee and Eliot points out that she did it, not her alias.