Ep. # Air Date Title Images
1x02 09/Dec/2008 The Homecoming Job 8
1x09 27/Jan/2009 The Snow Job 9
1x10 03/Feb/2009 The 12-Step Job 8
1x11 10/Feb/2009 The Juror #6 Job 8
2x06 19/Aug/2009 The Top Hat Job 6
2x07 26/Aug/2009 The Two Live Crew Job 7
3x01 20/Jun/2010 The Jailhouse Job 8
3x11 22/Aug/2010 The Rashomon Job 7
3x13 05/Sep/2010 The Morning After Job 9
4x01 26/Jun/2011 The Long Way Down Job 7
4x02 03/Jul/2011 The 10 Li'l Grifters Job 8
4x03 10/Jul/2011 The 15 Minutes Job 7
4x04 17/Jul/2011 The Van Gogh Job 7
4x05 24/Jul/2011 The Hot Potato Job 7
4x07 14/Aug/2011 The Grave Danger Job 8
4x08 14/Aug/2011 The Boiler Room Job 6
4x09 21/Aug/2011 The Cross My Heart Job 7
4x10 28/Aug/2011 The Queen's Gambit Job 10
4x12 04/Dec/2011 The Office Job 8
4x13 11/Dec/2011 The Girls' Night Out Job 8
4x14 18/Dec/2011 The Boys' Night Out Job 6
4x15 25/Dec/2011 The Lonely Hearts Job 8
4x16 01/Jan/2012 The Gold Job 5
4x17 08/Jan/2012 The Radio Job 7
4x18 15/Jan/2012 The Last Dam Job 8
5x01 15/Jul/2012 The (Very) Big Bird Job 8
5x02 22/Jul/2012 The Blue Line Job 7
5x04 12/Aug/2012 The French Connection Job 7
5x06 26/Aug/2012 The D.B. Cooper Job 7
5x07 02/Sep/2012 The Real Fake Car Job 8
5x08 09/Sep/2012 The Broken Wing Job 6
5x09 16/Sep/2012 The Rundown Job 8
5x10 16/Sep/2012 The Frame-Up Job 9
5x12 04/Dec/2012 The White Rabbit Job 8
5x13 11/Dec/2012 The Corkscrew Job 7
5x14 18/Dec/2012 The Toy Job 4
5x15 25/Dec/2012 The Long Goodbye Job 8

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