The Mind Has Mountains - Recap

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Begin with a camera recording a plain clothed doctor, Alex Gansa. He is rationing pills into dixie cups, on the kitchen counter. Camera cuts; to a hallway where a couple are talking, bickering. They are told its time to take their pills by the person behind the camera (Bethan) and she asks if they’ve seen Amy, but they just walk away. The camera moves to Amy going to the kitchen. At the counter in front of Dr. Gansa she tells him she doesn’t “Like what they’re doing”. Adam standing in an empty looking white room, opens the door. Bethan asks if he’s “Seen Amy, it’s time for happy pills.” Adam comments, and the camera moves to the mirror on the wall, where you can see Bethan filming herself, she is emotion and expression-less. Finally in the kitchen where they eat pizza together. Dr. Gansa tells everyone to “Make sure they took their pills before they eat.” Adam gives the camera (Bethan) the middle finger and the recording ends.

Dr Gansa is now laying on a blanket on the grass surrounded by his patients, telling a joke. Amy enjoys the joke and goes to bed. Shauna asks the camera if “We could watch TV” and the scene goes dark. Amy now lies dead on the rocks that rested below her window. A gash on the left side of her head. She lays on her back arms apart in her pajamas. The rocks she rests on are clean, the garden undisturbed. Her eyes wide open, with blood running into her strawberry hair. Adam and Jack are standing over her, Jack tells the camera that Adam was there first. Lewis drives up to the crime scene and begins to talk to Hathaway. Hathaway tells Lewis that Amy is dead, and there is no way of telling if it was a murder or suicide. “Either a rock hit her or she hit the rocks on the ground” is how he put it. She died from a blunt force trauma to the Left side of her head. Dr. Gansa is the prime suspect, his alleged affair with Amy, begins to appear as a motive.

The people involved in the clinical trial are interrogated. Jack, Karen, Amy, Adam, Shauna, Bethan and Dane. While Lewis is working on Amy’s murder he gets a call telling him that Adam was found dead. In the same house, in the dormitories being used to house the students in the study. Lewis was told that Adam had overdosed on the prescription drug used in the trial. Upon Hathaways investigation Karen and Jack were seen not taking their pills. Instead they were selling them to Adam, who used some of them to overdose. Lewis still believes Dr. Gansa is the murderer, but soon realizes he could be wrong. Dr. Gansa (after talking on his cell phone) outside of his house, walks into his house and tells Claire; his wife, that he is going out. When Dr. Gansa leaves Mrs. Gansa quickly picks up the phone and calls Lewis. She has something to tell him, it was unsafe to talk in her own home so she was getting on her bike and coming to him. While on her way to Lewis, Claire gets hit by a car and is put into a coma. Dr. Gansa is with Bethan at her house, at the time. He could not have injured his own wife. Bethan confirms this with Lewis and she (Bethan) adds that she loves Alex and He reciprocated her feelings. While Dr. Gansa waits at his wife’s bedside it was clear from the start that he had loved his own wife, Claire and not her.

Bethan is then found in the hospital; she had been beaten up, kicked and stomped on, after a confrontation with Alex. She claimed to have talked to him, she then said that he followed her home and assaulted her. Kicking and Stomping her. The Cameras in the hospital show Bethan and Alex talking, arguing. They also show her leaving 3 minutes before him. The bruises on her face looked like clear shoe prints. Lewis begins to discover upon their entering her house that she has Alex’s old jacket and shoes in her closet. Worn and broken soled, brown loafers and a tattered, ripped overcoat. She had picked them out of Dr. Gansa’s trash along with newspaper clippings, notes, pictures, personal messages. Over the four years she and Dr. Gansa had been working together. She saved them, in small black binders that she kept on her shelf in her kitchen. Bethan called them her psychiatry sessions with Dr. Gansa. As soon as Bethan went to get changed Lewis opened a book and thumbed through the newspaper glued pages, he read the scribbled words and quickly verified that it was Alex’s trash. Bethan was delusional, she believed her and Dr. Gansa had loved each other. She lied to Lewis about being beaten up, She used the shoes to injure herself. She believed Amy and Claire (Mrs. Gansa) were getting in the way of her and Alex’s love. She bludgeoned Amy with a rock, and attempted to Murder Mrs. Gansa with a her car. Lewis realizes this and confronts Bethan. She grabs a knife from her kitchen counter and swings for Lewis’s arm, he blocks her and disarms her. Lays her down, pins and arrests her.

Dr. Gansa still sits next to his wife’s bed; reading her favorite stories from her childhood, Jumbilies, he tells Lewis he believes his wife will make it out of her coma and he will be there, making sure she wouldn’t have to ever scream. Lewis walks over to Laura and asks if she would like to have a cup of coffee with him. She agrees and they walk away together.