Undercover - Recap

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The scene opens with two undercover police officers chasing down a drug dealer to an open roof. Suddenly someone steps out and, seeing something in his hand, the officer shoots. The figure falls over. Meanwhile, Lightman, Foster and Alec, Foster’s husband, finish dinner. Alec says that he has to work late again. Lightman doesn’t believe him and follows him. He walks up as Alec is hugging a blonde woman and gives him his glasses that Alec “forgot”. Alec introduces the blonde as Christine and adds in that is just “a friend”. Lightman gets a call and meets Torres at a police station. An angry mob has gathered. Detectives Eric Koranski and Adam Duke are the officers that they are mad at for shooting Andre Ricks. Inside, they claim that Andre pulled a gun. Andre’s father says that Andre didn’t own a gun. However, police found a gun in the alley.

Lightman talks to the Detectives. He notices Eric pauses when asked about the distance away form Andre and them were they. Lightman says that Adam is telling the truth, but Eric is lying. However, Lightman doesn’t know for certain what happened on the roof. As Lightman gets into his car, someone takes his picture. Torres gets home and Karl Dupree of the Secret Service is there. Loker calls and she tells that Loker is freaking out because he did something wrong, lied and then confided in her. Karl doesn’t like that situation at all. Meanwhile, Foster looks at the video of the interrogations and says that Eric may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Lightman says that he wants to see tapes of them when they are not in the middle of questioning. Lightman talks to the staff and says that Joseph Hollin, the banker who was accused of running the Ponzi scheme, is going to be suing everyone who was involved and says that each Lightman Group employee is going to be questioned. Later, Loker talks to Torres and says that he would like to give advice when dealing with lawyers. Torres tells Loker that he hasn’t been lying long enough to be good at it.

Lightman goes to see Andre at the hospital. Andre’s father says that his son didn’t own a gun and Lightman sees Andre’s brother Antwon’s neck twitch a little. Antwon admits that Andrea did, in fact, have a gun. Foster and Eric watch the videotapes and Foster says that there are not definite signs to PTSD and that he lies constantly. Meanwhile, Lightman gets taken to FBI headquarters and Owen Finnegan says that Eric is actually an undercover FBI agent. He says that there is Al-Qaeda sleeper agents are on the D.C. Police force and says that Adam is one of them. Eric is working with Adam to help identify them. The FBI tells Lightman to stay away from the entire shooting involving Andre. They tell him that if the sleepers find out that Adam is not one of them, they will kill him. Foster gets the update and says that if Eric is undercover, it would explain the constant lying. Torres receives a police photo of Andre robbing a store at gunpoint and Loker says that Andrea is too relaxed. Lightman sees that it is a front that the FBI set up. He goes to the CIA and talks to a contact. He jokes with him calling him a “walking question mark”. However, he says that Lightman needs to simply walk away.

Torres covers for Loker when she is asked about the Hollin case. Karl confronts Loker and says that Torres has more to lose if she is covering for him. He says that he doesn’t care about that. Meanwhile, Lightman sees Christine talking to Foster and says that she is only a friend. Andrea comes to consciousness and Lightman is there. He tells him that he owned a gun; he didn’t have one on the roof. He says that he doesn’t know what happened up there. Lightman informs Foster that Andrea is telling the truth due to his lip pout. Lightman later watches news reports and there is another anti-police demonstration. He asks Adam why he is not facing his accusers head on. Foster says that that the FBI is holding him for national securities. Lightman is beginning to have doubts as Adam’s claim to be a sleeper agent because he would be more shut in then Eric. Owen comes back and says that Adam’s investigation has pulled up nothing. Foster says that the photo of Andrea was doctored, but Owen says that he doesn’t know what she is talking about. Lightman says that they have a rouge FBI agent on the loose.

Lightman says that Eric is spreading disinformation and that there is more. Eric tells them that his daughter was killed by friendly fire while they were in the Middle East. Everyone lied to his about it and so he lied to get back at them. He says that the “sleepers” are actually paramedics that have planned to drive bomb-laden ambulances to the site of a bombing. He also admits to planting the gun and that what Adam saw was a cell phone. He says that he actually thought that Andre had a weapon of some sort. Eric is taken into custody. Loker comes into Lightman’s office and admits everything, but Lightman knew that already and the fact that Torres had a hand into it. He says that it was a test and that Torres did her part well and past. However, Loker failed and says that he could either stay as an unpaid intern or leave the Lightman Group. Foster says that Christin is Alec’s sponsor. He says that Alec had a cocaine problem and that he began using again. She says that he is trying to quite. She says that she knows that Lightman didn’t just “find” his glasses and says that Lightman needs to learn to respect her privacy. The episode ends.