Lack of Candor - Recap

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The scene opens and Agent Reynolds is at a party with two men drinking to health. One tells him, after another guy in a suit enters, to close the deal. Agent Reynolds and another guy walk up to the man in the suit and the guy asks if they are ready to talk about “the deal”. As they walk into the kitchen, the guy in the suit is hit on the head with a frying pan by Reynolds’s friend and Reynolds and other guy rough him up. The episode pans to 11 months later. Mark McClucken is in the FBI’s office and is getting protective custody for his wife and children. He wants his Mistress Kimmi protected too but they are only offering protection for him and his wife. Eliot Green is trying to kill him and he is the lead witness in his trial. The agent tells Mark that he would be dead if he doesn’t get into protective custody now. Agents take Mark to the safe house and the windows of the car are blown out by a gun. Mark is shot in the head and is dead. In the next scene, Lightman enters a room at the Lightman Group and closes the windows. He tells Foster and Reynolds to get away from the windows because of a sniper who just killed Mark McClucken. We find out that McClucken was Reynolds’s run-in-buddy back 11 months ago and that Agent Reynolds is now next in line to testify in the Eliot Green case. The Assistant U.S. Attorney that wants to put Reynolds in a safe house wants him released from Lightman’s care. But Lightman is not budging.

They bring in the drivers to McKlucken’s safe house and two of the drivers are allowed to leave because only one showed additional fear when jail time was mentioned. However, despite the fact that Mark and him did not get along, he did not want to have him killed. We find out that Eliot Green is a Wall Street fixer and that he is convicted of many things including distortion, murder, and a slew of other charges. Lightman tells Torres and Loker to keep an eye on the guy in the room and goes to question the Assistant U.S. Attorney. They ask if he had Mark killed. The Assistant is happy that he is dead because Mark was not a high profile witness like Agent Reynolds is, but he did not have him killed. Lightman has an idea. Lightman needs to speak to Eliot Green in person.

Lightman visits Green and pretends to be a doctor. He talks to Green about the case that got him put in prison and Green is confident that he is going to go free. When Lightman tells that his friend is going to testify, Green tells Lightman to tell the name “Scotty” to Reynolds and that he’ll know what it means. Back at the office, Lightman talks to Reynolds and mentions Scotty. Reynolds rushes in the room where the Assistant U.S. Attorney is and flips through the case file. He stops and starts to panic. Lightman recognizes it. Reynolds tells the Assistant U.S. Attorney that he is not going to testify. Later Reynolds is on the phone with someone and tells the machine that he needs to speak to them. Lightman reaches and grabs his cell phone. He is trying to get information from Reynolds so that he could know the pain that he is feeling and why. Reynolds tells Lightman that he is only doing this for an ego trip. We find out that Reynolds is trying to call Sheila Radotte, Reynolds’s handler in the case that he is panicky about.

Lightman visits Foster’s office and we find out that Sheila and Reynolds have a close bond together more on a personal level. Meanwhile in the interrogation room, Torres and Locker are trying to decide whether they question the witness in the room or leave it for Lightman. Frustrated Torres and Loker enter and interview the suspect. Torres asks what he did step by step when taking Mark to the safe house. He says that Mark, while in the bathroom, was talking on a cell phone and the agent ditched the phone somewhere. Foster is standing outside of an apartment building when Sheila Radotte comes out. Someone is video taping Foster and Sheila. Foster wants to know what is going on with her and Agent Reynolds. Foster tells her to convince Reynolds to testify. But she doesn’t want to create any unhappiness. Sheila tells that Reynolds needed to get in with Green and so he had to play the part. Rough up people, kill, take drugs but not abuse them and other things as well were all part of the plan. He abused the drugs and if he testifies, then it will all come up in court. When Scotty is mentioned to Shelia she tells that Scotty was part of Green’s crew and that he got away. Back at the Lightman Group, we find out that the person video taping was Lightman. He says that Reynolds and Shelia weren’t romantically involved but she cares for him.

Lightman walks in the room Reynolds is in and tells him that he knows what is going on. Reynolds was addicted to cocaine and that he doesn’t want the other people of the court to know about his addiction. Lightman gets in his face and Reynolds tries to bring up Lightman’s past of Northern Island. Lightman is only trying to help Reynolds. Lightman gets to bottom of his fears. Scotty was a guy that worked for Green. Reynolds killed Scotty in self defense. He was his first one that he had ever killed. Scotty found Reynolds’s wire during a meeting and that is why Reynolds killed Scotty. He then planted the wire on Scotty and planted Scotty as the rat. He was in with Green after that. But now that will come up and he will be discredited as a witness as well as an Agent and Green walks. Reynolds will be tried with murder. Lightman wants to get Reynolds angry to get his mind thinking and he calls him a baby. This gets Reynolds angry and Lightman tells Reynolds that he needs to fight for it. Lightman wants to help him. Reynolds doesn’t know if he can trust Lightman. Then Lightman goes to his computer and shows Reynolds that he recorded his conversation with him and then deletes it as a show of trust.

Torres and Loker are watching an internet video of a girl named Kimmi dancing on a poll. Lightman walks in and they tell him that it is Mark’s mistress and that she is coming in for questioning as well as his wife. It turns out that the person that Mark was talking to was his wife and mistress. Lightman suggests that they interview the two women together. He compliments Torres and Loker for their initiative on the interview. Lightman enters a safe and gives Agent Reynolds a gun. The Assistant U.S. Attorney and other FBI agents are there to arrest Reynolds of all the crimes that he committed when undercover with the Green case. Shelia is there as well and Foster is trying to get her to confess of covering up the fact that Reynolds killed Scotty. But she is not swayed. Lightman can’t read her too well. Reynolds then goes in to talk to her and has the gun to threaten her. She is still telling him that she did not know that he killed Scotty and that he was on drugs. Lightman still can’t read her. At the last moment when Reynolds leaves, Sheila wiped away tears. Upon returning, Reynolds is arrested. But Lightman tells them to wait because Sheila is going to lead them to something bigger.

In the examining room, Torres and Loker are interviewing Mark’s wife and mistress. They are both angry that Mark is dead. Mark’s wife is angry and sad and admits that she knew Mark was a criminal and that she was in divorce proceedings with a lawyer. Kimmi loved Mark and they had a phone together and that Mark used to take calls from Green on it. They tracked Mark’s location on the phone. Kimmi is devastated. Meanwhile Lightman and Foster are trying to tell the Assistant U.S. Attorney that Sheila is covering up something and she is ready to crack. Lightman suggests that he take a crack at her. He meets Sheila at a bar and buys her a drink. He tells her that he’s recognized her from Wall Street and that she might know his “boss” Eliot Green. She tells Lightman, who said his name was Terry, to get his hands off of her. He leaves but Sheila catches up. She tells that there is no need to kill Reynolds because he is not going to testify. Lightman is playing along and then Shelia tells him that she covered up Scotty’s death and that to question Reynolds about it on the stand. It will discredit him and Green walks away. This whole conversation is being recorded which is played back to her in Lightman’s office. She tried to blame Reynolds in order to further her career. But it is too late for that. Assistant U.S. Attorney tells Reynolds that the charges are dropped. Lightman walks up to Reynolds and talks about his attitude towards testifying in the case. He tells Reynolds that he didn’t do anything wrong. Reynolds talks about Scotty’s son and that he killed his father. Agent Reynolds goes to testify and Lightman is left in the courtroom.