Sweet Sixteen - Recap

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Boston seven years ago, a taxi pulls up and the cab driver points a gun at the father. He fights back but his family is killed by the gunfire from the cab driver’s gun. Present day, Foster tells Lightman that Henry Andrews is waiting for Lightman to discuss the Jimmy Doyle case. But a Car bomb goes off right outside the Lightman group. Torres tries to get a hold of Loker who is outside covered in blood. Torres runs in yelling for help and Loker is in shock telling about a man in a cab car is dead. As they are patching Loker up, Lightman and Foster exchange looks and leave. They only have one thought on their mind. Jimmy Doyle is back.

Lightman tells that he received a psychiatric evaluation from someone and Foster thinks that someone is blackmailing Lightman. Flashback to the Pentagon seven years ago and Lightman walks into Foster’s office. He is being evaluated from recent happenings at the Pentagon. Present day, Lightman asks if Foster knew that the sessions were taped when an upset Loker enters with Torres trying to hold him back. He wants answers to what Foster and Lightman know to the bomb that almost killed him. The news report clarifies that Henry Andrew was the man inside of the car. The team realizes that Lightman and Foster knew him and that Henry was Lightman’s boss seven years ago. Emily walks in and puts the end to Lightman’s fears. Loker wants answers and Lightman tells him to back off.

Lightman walks to a car park and is about to get in his car when he realizes that Jimmy Doyle is right behind him. He tells that he doesn’t know who killed his family back seven years ago. Doyle tells Lightman that he has 24 hours to get the killer or else. Lightman tells about the tapes that have Lightman recorded about his involvement in the murder of Doyle’s wife and child. Meanwhile, Foster is trying to call Lightman but Anna walks in and tells that he left his cell phone. Flashback seven years ago, Lightman and Foster are talking and he is going through her books. He talks about how some a Jimmy Doyle was planning something and that people caught wind of it to kill him, but they messed up and killed his wife and child instead. Foster shows Lightman that they found the killers but that is a cover-up. Foster asks if Doyle is a terrorist and Lightman says yes because they murdered his family.

Present Day At the Lightman Group, Foster is looking at records from Henry Andrews and Loker comes in and asks her what she is looking at. She tells him it is nothing and Loker tells that he hacked into her computer. Loker tells what he knows things which include Henry Andrews telling Foster to evaluate Lightman because he was irrational and endangering the operation. Meanwhile, Lightman is at a stadium. Back at the Lightman Group Foster and Loker are talking about how Lightman was going to blow the whistle on the real killers of Doyle’s wife and daughter and Loker tells that he was almost killed by a terrorist that was after Lightman. Lightman is still at the stadium and a man in a hooded sweatshirt gives Lightman more of the interview between Foster and him. When Lightman tries to remove the hood, he is beat up by two men.

Lightman meets with Doyle and gives him the tapes. He takes Doyle back to the Lightman Group and Emily is there. She asks about Lightman’s face and he says that he fell. Flashback again and Foster questions Lightman’s family. He tells that he will go quietly and not to touch his family. Back to the present day, Foster is questioning Doyle about the death of Henry Andrews and he tells that he had nothing to do with it. When the question comes about how Doyle found where Andrews was, he tells that a lawyer named Howard Moss told him. They walk to the office of Howard Moss and Foster smells almonds. They knock on the door and there is no answer. They knock it down and see Howard tied and gagged to a chair. There is a bomb about to go off. Lightman and Doyle dive out of the way and Lightman lands on Foster.

Flashback time again and Lightman walks into Foster’s office and wants to know who is threatening his family. She tells that she asked about the family because it is protocol. He tells Foster that his wife doesn’t know about the Doyle business. They talk about the collateral damage that can be avoided. Meanwhile in the present day, a kid is video taping and Lightman kicks at him to go away. The FBI makes an announcement of the bomb and Lightman is there to discredit their announcement. One man Mr. Prosser is under heat and Locker and Torres pick him out as to the man who knows who killed Doyle’s wife and child. Alone together, Prosser and the other agent are speaking with Lightman and Foster without the press and Prosser tells that he has nothing to hide when asked to go to the Lightman Group.

Back at the Lightman Group, Prosser is hooked up to a lie detector test and they are trying to get Prosser into a lie. Dodging question after question with “That’s classified”, Lightman goes after the easy questions. Torres tells that Doyle is on the phone and says that he is with Mrs. Prosser. Lightman tells him to take the call. But Prosser tells that he doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. But they get Prosser to tell about an Agent named Finch that killed Andrews, Doyle’s Family, and Moss. But Prosser tells that he never told him to kill anyone. Lightman tells Prosser to call Finch.

Back at the stadium, Lightman meets another hooded man that gives the rest of the tapes. He tells Lightman to say hello to Foster. Lightman gives the address to where Doyle is staying and the man walks off. But he is escorted by gunpoint by Doyle. They take off the hood and it is the cab driver from seven years ago. Finch tells that he is sorry. Lightman tells that he means it and tells Doyle it is his choice. Aiming the gun at Finch’s head Doyle fires the gun, but it is not loaded. Finch drops to his knees. Doyle says it is over but the hatred with the government is not. Flashback again with Lightman and Foster seven years ago and Lightman tells that “The only way to fight terrorists is to fight like a terrorist”. Present Day Lightman wants to know what Foster knows. She tells Lightman that Prosser came to Foster’s house to keep Lightman quiet or else back then. She apologizes to Lightman and tells that he would have never been able to blow the whistle on them before they killed him. They hug it out and the episode ends.