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Pied Piper - Recap

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The scene opens with a Jason Wilkie, a man condemned to death, praying in Latin and Lightman walks into the prison. He walks up to Charlie and Faye Sheridan, the family of the victim that Jason Wilkie killed. Lightman meets Zoe there and they witness the execution of a man. He is about to be executed and he tells that he did not take Rex Sheridan but that the “Pied Piper” did. Lightman see that he is telling the truth and Lightman tells that he needs to talk to the governor. But the guards hold Lightman. Back at Lightman Group Torres tells Loker that Wilkie deserves to die and that she would pull the switch herself. Foster is watching the news and Jason Wilkie was pronounced dead.

Lightman goes to Zoe’s house and asks for the case files for Wilkie’s sentence. She tells him to go to city hall and he tells that he needs them right away. Emily walks in and tells that she didn’t do it. Lightman tells that they are discussing a case. Emily tells that she needs to get to school and hints to he mother to get her a car because her friend has one. Lightman reiterates that he needs the files. At Lightman Group, Reynolds asks Lightman to listen to a message that Rex Sheridan’s parents received years ago. It is a boy singing “Jack and Jill” and he tells that he is going to get them. Reynolds tells that Charlie and Faye Sheridan received a call. It is a boy singing “Ring Around the Rosie”. With the help of new FBI software, they find out that it is the same voice print match. Lightman and Foster think that Jason recorded prior to getting arrested but Zoe enters and tells that it is possible that they sent an innocent man to his death.

Lightman and Foster pull up to the Sheridan’s and says that she can go in alone. Lightman tells that Foster thinks that Lightman was wrong and she tells him yes. She tells that Lightman had an emotional tie with Zoe and wanted her to get a conviction. He tells Foster that he saw a look on Jason’s face that he didn’t know and it will be found out. Inside, Charlie and Faye tell that all their kids are in their room and that the oldest is driving down from college. Faye starts to panic by telling that her son is 8 years old, the same age Rex was. Lightman turns on the stereo and it is heavy metal music. Lightman asks where the safe is and where Charlie is hiding the tape. Lightman tells that Charlie faked the new recording to still be in the spotlight. Charlie tells Lightman to get out. At the Lightman Group, Torres tells Loker that they were unable to trace the call. They are interrupted by Kevin, Jason’s brother, who tells that he is going to sue the Lightman Group and the Government for the wrongful death of his brother.

Lightman, Foster and Reynolds tell Charlie and Faye that they will be in charge with the phone calls and that Faye just needs to stick to the script. The phone rings but it is the roommate of Oliver, the oldest son of the Sheridan Family. Reynolds tells Lightman that Oliver drove to an audition for “”Men of Adventure”, a calendar for the college and that they need to visit him. They meet with the photographer and Lightman asks to see Oliver’s picture. He sees that Oliver has his jacket on and the photographer says that the camera didn’t like Oliver. Lightman picks up on the photographer’s hesitation when he gets near a safe. Lightman finds naked boy magazines and the photographer says that they are research. Lightman tells Reynolds to pay his $10. He has a bet with him that if when they find naked pictures, if it is “for research”, Lightman wins. If they say “they aren’t mine”, Reynolds wins. Lightman wins. But he sees blood on the photographer’s leg. He kicks it and there is a gash in his leg. The photographer tells that he touched Oliver’s shoulder and Oliver took a golf club and knocked him down.

Back at Lightman Group, Loker tells Torres that she needs to look at the future like him and that he is getting his resume into Radar as soon as possible. Torres tells that she is going to stay loyal to Lightman and Foster walks in. She picks up on Loker’s and Torres’s frustration and reminds them that Loker would have still been in a basement and Torres would still be at the airport. She tells that they need to help Lightman and not turn their back on him. Foster meets Zoe in the hall and she is worried about Lightman. She tells Foster to talk to him and find out what is wrong with him and why he won’t talk to Zoe. Foster tells that there is one person that Lightman will talk to. Emily walks into the office and tells that she is worried about Zoe. She tells that she seems depressed and Lightman tells that Zoe is a strong woman. Emily tells that she knows that he is working on Wilkie. The team meet and Lightman tells that Wilkie named his poodle Beth and that two days after Wilkie was executed, she was checked into a psycho ward. They get a call. It is the same young boy and he asks her questions to solve. He tells that Oliver is missing. But when they trace the call, it shows that 300 cell phones are traced. They have nothing.

Lightman has a plan and Reynolds tells that he is off the case per the higher ups of the FBI. Reynolds calls him crazy and Lightman checks into the psycho ward to be able to talk to Beth. He tells the doctor that he hears voices to kill an agent that calls him crazy and that the voices are telling him to do it. Lightman is held for 72 hours and it gives him the chance to talk with Beth, who claims that she is suicidal. However, Lightman picks up on it and she eventually says that a man used to call Jason calling himself “The Pied Piper”. After getting the information he needs, he tells that he want to go out and that he doesn’t hear the voices anymore. The doctor tells that they’re still going to keep him there. Lightman tries to escape of the front door but is carried back by medical staff.

Reynolds and Foster give Oliver’s jacket to Charlie and Faye but no Oliver yet. There is another phone call and the boy tells that he knows where Oliver is and hangs up the phone. Meanwhile, Lightman meets with Zoe and she tells that he is crazy but Lightman tells that he needed to talk to Beth by any means necessary. Before she does it, she asks how he feels. Lightman admits that his is scared and anxious. Zoe lets him get out. The Lightman team is looking over a list of things that the caller gave and Lightman enters and tells that they are the 7 plagues. He tells them that the killer is nicknamed the “Pied Piper” and that Jason and him went to camp together. Foster tells that the killer might have played a wind instrument. Meanwhile, Torres tells Loker that she is going to get “personal” with Kevin Wilkie and make his case inadmissible because he has personal knowledge of the Lightman Group and its employees. Loker says that he is coming too.

They arrive and Kevin tells that he cannot be bought with cookies and pastries. However, when Torres gives him her phone number, he tells that he will suspend the law suit to see what Lightman comes up with. Back at the Lightman Group, Lightman gets a phone call. It is the boy and he asks if Lightman knows where Emily is. He rushes to Zoe’s house and she and Lightman frantically go through the case file to see if there is a connection with someone. Lightman calls Reynolds and tells an agent to get him on the phone. Suddenly Emily walks through the door with her friend Hallie. Lightman looks at the photos again and see that Jason’s brother Kevin plays the clarinet and that William, the oldest, died of pneumonia because of the fact that the hospital they was the closest was torn down by the Sheridan Family. After Jason was dead, Kevin still wanted revenge.

Lightman enters a warehouse and they look around. Lightman finds a wall unit that should not be there and his it with a hammer. He looks inside and it is Oliver. Someone comes up behind Lightman and it is Kevin. Lightman wrestles him to the ground and stabs Kevin in the side with a hand pick. They take him into custody. Lightman returns to the Lightman Group with his ear patched up and Foster and Torres tells that they never doubted him for a moment. Loker tells that he was just covering the basics. Lightman tells that Radar pays more. Back with Emily, she tells that she could get a car and that way they wouldn’t be worried. Lightman tells her to dream on about the car.