Exposed - Recap

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The scene opens with Lightman eating at a restaurant and is not happy with his breakfast. Foster and her new boyfriend Dave come in and he asks how they are doing and they take an opposite table. Dave gets a call and says that he has to take it and tells that it is one of the kids from Juvie. However, Lightman follows him and sees him speaking to a woman in a grey vehicle. Lightman walks up to Foster and asks where Dave is and asks if she is hiding anything from him about Dave. He is interrupted by Dave who tells that he is an undercover DEA agent and Lightman just smiles and walks away. Foster tells that she is sorry for Lightman’s rude behavior. Reynolds and Lightman follow Dave later to a bar. He meets the woman from the yellow car and Lightman tells him that it is the same woman that was outside of Dave’s home and had a gun when Foster was with him. Lightman takes pictures of Dave and the mystery woman and is certain that Dave is cheating on Foster. Dave follows the woman when she leaves and Lightman and Reynolds follow. A van pulls up and a man with a gun tells Dave to get inside. Reynolds gets the license plate number and calls it in. Lightman tells that Foster’s going to kill him.

Back at the Lightman Group, Lightman asks if Foster if he can help. She tells that he as done enough. Agent Williams comes in with Reynolds and Lightman shows a picture of the woman in the bar and demands to know who she is. Williams tells that he will allow her to tell them herself. As Lightman leaves, he asks Foster if she remembers his mother’s birthday. Foster walks over to a safe in Lightman’s office and opens it using the code of Lightman’s mother’s birthday. Loker and Torres see her open it and remove Dave’s file that Lightman made on him. She shows a picture of Dave to Torres and she says that he is showing fear. Lightman meets Michelle, and she tells that Dave was an ex-partner of hers. She tells that he was taken by Little Moon, a drug dealer, who had a father named Big Moon who was murdered. She tells that she was trying to protect Dave. Michelle takes Lightman with her to a drug wholesaler and he says that Little Moon knew about the meetings with Dave. She draws a gun and points it at the wholesaler and Lightman tells that she will shoot him if he doesn’t listen. He doesn’t believe him and Lightman pushes Michelle away before she could kill the wholesaler. The agents come in and arrest the wholesaler. He calls Little Moon and Lightman offers to help him find his father’s killer. Lightman tells Reynolds to take Michelle back to Lightman Group.

Lightman calls Foster and asks her to bring down Dave’s file and once she has it, more men from the same van that took Dave, take them to an abandoned factory and find out that Little Moon has been torturing Dave. Little moon tells that Lightman was supposed to be alone. Lightman tells that he hired the Lightman Group and that Foster is with them. Lightman tells that they need to find a baseline of the lies. Lightman tells that Little Moon is upset about loosing his father and he points a gun on Lightman and tells him to just get to the point. Lightman tells that they have to patch up Dave and allow him to respond clearly. They put Lightman, Foster and Dave in a room and Lightman sees Little Moon arguing with his crew. Foster says that Little Moon is a principle sociopath. She tells that he is good with the violence just as long as it follows a specific order of things. Lightman is going to play them against each other. They get them out of the room. Meanwhile at the Lightman Group, Torres interrogates Michelle and she is angry in the photos that Lightman took was because Dave refused to leave because of his relationship with Foster. Torres tells that Michelle is feeling guilt. Lightman asks if Dave killed Big Moon and tells that he is lying. Dave tells what Lightman is getting at and tells that Lightman is jealous that he is dating Foster. Lightman admits it and Dave tells that he has done bad things in his life, but murder is not one of them. Little Moon doesn’t believe him and takes him away.

Back at the Lightman Group, Emily is trying to get a hold of Lightman and tells that she is just wants to know where he is. Torres and Loker tell her that he is busy. She tells that she knows when she is being lied to and tells that she will wait in his office. Back with Lightman, Little Moon takes Dave to a place to dump his body and Lightman tells that Dave wasn’t the one that killed his dad. Lightman tells that he is protecting another agent though and tells him that he needs him. At the Lightman Group, Michelle is getting anxious and tells that she wants to leave. Reynolds tells Michelle that everything is alright and that he understands about loosing your morals when working undercover and admits that he became an addict while undercover. Michelle admits that she let her emotions get involved and she was intimate with Big Moon. Back with Dave and Little Moon, he tells that DEA agents killed Little Moon’s father because he was moving too fast and the agents couldn’t keep up. He doesn’t tell the names of the agents though. Lightman mentions Russo which is Michelle's undercover name. Dave tells that she didn’t kill Big Moon because she was pregnant. Lightman tells that Big Moon knocked her up. Little Moon goes into a rampage and breaks Dave’s ribs and collapses his lung. Back at Lightman Group, Michelle tells that Dave had to Torres and Reynolds talk to Michelle again and they tell that Michelle allowed her ties to Big Moon prevent her from doing her job and that caused Dave to have to go into hiding because Big Moon was killed. Michelle tells that Little Moon didn’t spend any time with them except to watch a crew member get beaten up from taking from them. Torres tells that it is probably at the same location.Foster tells that they need to get Dave to a hospital. Little Moon doesn’t care and tells that he can still write. Lightman tells Little Moon to take Foster away and sees that one gang member, Harris, is indicating that he is hiding something. Lightman takes Little Moon to the side and tells him that Harris is hiding something and Little Moon tells that he knows Harris ever since they were young. Lightman tells to allow Foster to go away. Little Moon agrees. Lightman tells that he needs a knife and a piece of pipe. Meanwhile, at the Lightman Group, Emily finds Lightman’s grandmother’s diary in Lightman’s safe. Lightamn tells Harris, the nervous member, to cut into Dave’s chest to let the air out. He can’t do it even though he tells that he shot and killed a man before. He still can’t do it. Lightman is about to stab Dave in the chest and he tells that he will talk.

Foster is released and the man steals her money and tells her to get out. But as he drives off, he is stopped by patrol cars. Back at the Lightman Group, Emily is reading the diary and goes over different files and finds a paternity test that Zoe went that was ordered by Lightman. She asks Torres why but Torres is silent. Back with Lightman and Little Moon and he tells that one of his crew killed Big Moon and it is not Dave or Little Moon. That leaves Harris, who draws his gun and Little Moon and Harris point their guns at each other. Little Moon tells that Harris did not do it, but kills Harris for drawing his gun. FBI agents arrive and arrest Little Moon. Dave tells Lightman that he had to kill Big Moon to protect Michelle and Lightman tells that he knew and says that Dave is a convincing liar. Dave tells that his relationship with Foster has to be over because he will be moved to a different location. Foster realizes that Dave doesn’t want her to follow him. Lightman tells that they are changing his location. Emily and Lightman have dinner at the restaurant from earlier and Emily shows a notebook. Lightman feels that Emily read the diary of his grandmother but Emily asks why a paternity test was done. Lightman tells that he suspected her mother of sleeping with someone else. Emily tells that Lightman doesn’t trust anyone and will always be alone. But Lightman tells that he is not alone when he spots Foster eating alone and he says hello.