In the Red - Recap

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The scene opens with Lightman and two men entering the elevator and the two men with him discuss how the bank robbery is going to go. Lightman is in charge of opening the safe. The show flashbacks 36 hours earlier and Lightman is talking about writing a book and how it is hard to write. Meanwhile, Loker tells that Lightman is arrogant and doesn’t know why he has worked for him so long. Back with Lightman, the woman that he has been speaking with tells that Lightman had two years to complete the book that her publishers assigned him to work on and he needs to be able to get it done. Lightman excuses himself for a moment and tells Torres to come inside in a few minutes and tell that there is some urgent business to attend to. He gets back to his office and offers the woman a glass of water. She is disgusted and tells that he has until the end of the quarter or they will file charges for fraud. Foster sees her leave and wants to know about it. Lightman tells her not to worry about it.

Lightman goes to his bank to access his accounts and there is an issue. Lightman takes this time to go around and show off his lie deception techniques to a blonde woman. He goes up to a man, the same from the elevator from earlier, and tells that he knows that he is planning to rob it. The man shrugs it off and Lightman tells that he wants a cut of it too. The man leaves. Lightman follows the man to a coffee shop and tells that he wants to be part of the heist and realizes that the man was in prison. He tells him to get lost. Lightman returns to the bank and the manager, Sandy Baxter, tells that his accounts are frozen. He tells that his bank is about to get robbed. He takes Sandy to the surveillance cameras and shows the man who was casing out the bank. He tells that they are going to work together. Lightman recognizes that one of the guards knows him. Back at the Lightman group, Lightman and Foster talk to the guard and they find out that he has heard the man’s voice before because they threatened his family and he had to provide the blueprints of the bank and vault combinations. Lightman meets Foster in the hallway and tells that he knows that she froze their accounts. Foster argues with Loker about Sarah Lang, the new job candidate and tells him to interview her.

Lightman goes to visit Sharon Wallowski, the police detective that he sprayed in the face earlier and tells that he has cut his ties with the FBI because he tells that she is nobody’s lap dog anymore after she asks why he doesn’t ask Reynolds to do it. He has her run the man from the bank’s ID and it turns out to be Mike Salinger who was paroled 18 days ago. He served three years for assault in a manager at the same bank he is about to rob. They find out that that Salinger was behind in his mortgage because of the interest rate being increased and he lost his tempter. Lightman, Foster, and Torres see Loker interviewing Sarah, a deaf girl applying for internship. Loker tells that Lightman is egotistic and that he doesn’t care for people’s hard work. Foster tells that Mike’s cellmate when he was in prison, Henry Miller, was released from prison three months ago. Foster finds out that the prison therapist, who said that Miller was good to be released because she felt intimidated from him.

Call goes to a bar and finds that Mike and Henry are there. He tells them that he is an ex-employee from the bank and wants in on the deal. He tells them that he can get them blueprints and the vault combination. Miller takes this as a lie and handcuffs him to the bar. They tell Lightman to have them delivered. At a vacant home, Torres and Loker investigate and Loker doesn’t like it that Torres is disregarding the law. However, inside, Torres finds a picture of Mike and his ex-wife and child. They go back to the Lightman group and interview the ex and she tells that she got to know the guard’s wife at the bank so that they could threaten his family. Outside, the blueprints are delivered. Henry walks into the bar and tells that the blueprints are there, but no combination. He tells that it is in his head and that they are going to have to take him with them.

They get on the elevator and inside the bank, Lightman tells Mike to leave while he has a chance. However, Mike is not listening to him. Lightman walks over to Detective Wallowski, who is disguised as a bank employee. He tells her to pretend to be giving him a loan. She gives him a paper and tells him that he needs to get the plan going. The robbery eventually kicks off after a police officer comes in and Mike finds the person who is in charge of home loans. Meanwhile, Lightman opens the vault and SWAT is there to take the criminals down. Lightman walks in to see the commotion. There are several guns aimed at Mike because the bank managers were actually police officers. Lightman tells Mike that the woman he has the gun to is not the one who messed up on his loan, but it was Baxter, the current bank manager.

Later at the house of Mike Salinger, Baxter tells that his mistake was because he was a coward and still is to come to her personally and tell of the mistake. He apologizes to her and tells that the interest that is being given will allow her to get her house back. At the Lightman Group, Lightman tells Foster that if she touches the accounts again, they are through. He enters the office and sees that Sarah and another man are in his office. He looks at Sara and tells here to stop yelling with her face. He likes her and hires her. In the hallway, Loker stops him and tells that Lightman needs to show some signs that he likes him. Lightman picks up that Loker is looking for a new job and tells him that he can give a recommendation. In the hall, Lightman meets with Wallowski and they hug. Foster sees this and Lightman tells that she is going to be the new help.