Double Blind - Recap

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The scene opens with two officers entering a museum basement. They find a security guard and he tells that he was a former police officer and tells the ment that they are not the police. One of the men draws a gun, but the guard is faster and shoots them both. One of the fake police officers is killed, and the other is only wounded. Curator, Sydney Carlton, tells Torres that he hopes that the shooting doesn’t have to do with a vetted employee. Lightman snaps back and tells him not to blame her to try to save himself. Lightman visits the hospital and asks the man who was wounded at the museum what he was trying to steal and who wanted it. The man barely says that it was pre-sold before passing out. Lightman goes out to the waiting room and sees a man staring at a very irritated woman. Lightman sits next to the woman and aks why she is there. She tells that she is worried for a co-worker and tells that her name is Naomi Russell. A nurse comes out to Lightman and tells that the wounded man has died and Lightman sees the man who was watching Naomi walk out of the hospital.

Foster meets with Carlton and he tells that the attempted robbery had to be an inside job. She tells that they have cleared everyone of the employees except for him because Lightman wants to have another go at it. Meanwhile, Naomi asks Lightman to have a cup of coffee with her and Lightman takes this as his chance to asks her more questions. He asks her who the man is that is following her. She tells that his name is Jack. He is her ex-boyfriend. Lightman tells her to call him if Jack comes around. At the Lightman Group, Foster sees that one of the janitors isn't wearing his ID and Loker tells her that this museum uses the same people to repair things that need to be repaired and tells that they weren't cleared. Torres tells that Carlton never told them to ask. Meanwhile, Naomi texts Lightman and tells that Jack is in her parking garage and is threatening her. When Lightman arrives Jack drives off in his car. He is from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Naomi tells that she doesn't want to stay alone and request to stay with Lightman. She starts to flirt with him immediately.

Torres starts to interrogate the painters while Foster and Loker watch. One of the men is an illegal immigrant and tells that he didn't do anything, but the second, Al Larson, tells that Carlton always orders town cars but he never gets in them. This rises suspicion of the drug deal. Loker shows Torres footage of Larson going through the new exhibits catalogue and displays a fake disinterest in the emerald that is going to be on display. Torres and Foster go to Carlton and he admits to buying drugs but felt that he had nothing to do with the robbery. Meanwhile, Lightman and Naomi are at his place but their kissing moment is interrupted with Jack breaking into the house. Lightman grabs his gun and tells Jack to get out. Jack tells Lightman that he is being conned by the big world's biggest liar. Lightman asks Naomi about this and immediately she asks if Lightman meant when he said that he was crazy about her. Lightman tells that he has a habit of jumping into things too quickly.

At the Lightman Group, Lightman tells Torres to watch out for Naomi. He tells Foster that Naomi is trying to play him, but he knows what she's at. Loker brings Larson to Lightman and tells that he was part of the robbery. Larson admits that he knew Naomi and the other two men and tells the Naomi isn't into guns and Jack is just an ex boyfriend that can't let go. Lightman tells Larson to meet with Jack. From a distance Lightman and Torres watch the meaning and Torres is surprised that Lightman got played by Naomi, but Lightman tells that he's not done with Naomi and proceeds to his home. Home, Lightman tells Naomi that he knew about the whole thing and how Jack is the criminal. Naomi looks surprised and Lightman asks her to come to the exhibit with him. At the exhibit, Naomi pretends not to be interested in the emerald and tells that it's “just a rock”, but it's clear that she has alternate motives. Naomi walks up to the bar and gives an older man a drink. Lightman tells Torres that Naomi has planned this whole thing all along. She nonchalantly gives light and a drink and is about to kiss him, but the man that she gave the drink to just moments before falls to the floor. Lightman tells her not to worry, but sees that the emerald is missing. Lightman runs outside and watches the white-haired man smiling from inside the taxicab.

Lightman confronts Naomi and she tells that the emerald is going back to the temple where was stolen back in 1908. She tells that she partnered with Jack and together they've been on no Robin Hood type of story until Jack was getting tired of the whole thing. She tells that she has had fun messing with “the great deception expert”. Lightman realizes that he was just a decoy in something much bigger. Naomi offers to buy him dinner and he walks away. Later in the office Foster is angry with Lightman because he let Naomi escape. However, Lightman tells the Naomi doesn't have the real emerald and that he told Carlton to switch out the real one with a fake prior to the exhibit opening. Foster asks him why he didn't tell her about it to which Lightman replies that it was a game of cat and mouse not cats and mouse. He walks away to his office.