The Canary's Song - Recap

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The scene opens with a miner named Warner who was complaining about having $60 taken out of his paycheck. Johnson, his foreman, tells that he didn't earn it. Walking into the toolroom, Johnson sees that the methane's level is extremely high and that the door won't open. At the same moment five miners are coming down in an elevator. Johnson grabs his hammer and starts to create sparks. One catches and there's an explosion. It travels up the elevator shaft and kills the miners inside. Meanwhile, the Lightman Group, Wallace, a mining executive, wants to hire Lightman to try to disprove a report that blames the accident on the company instead of human error. However, Wallace does even know the faces of the miners who died. At the same moment, Foster met with FBI boss Dillon and reminds him that the Lightman Group is not on retainer with them. Dillon uses blackmail of Lightman playing poker with criminals and tells that he will press felony charges if they don't cooperate. She tells Lightman about this and tells that she will handle it.

Lightman and another foreman go to the funeral of the miners. Right away Lightman notices that Warner is already drunk. Another miner is angry and another is contempt of what happened. When the eulogy comes up, a miner named Sully gives it. However, Lightman can tell that he is lying. After the federal all the miners go to a bar and Lightman meets with Warner's fiancée, Connie. She tells that her cousin was the one who was supposed to be checking the methane levels and tells that he died in the accident as well. However, when Wallace comes in, Connie tells him that he is not welcome there. A fight breaks out and Lightman tries to defend himself with a broken beer bottle, but it is of no use. Loker comes in with a baseball bat and tells that the sheriff is waiting outside. Loker tells Lightman that he wanted to follow him. Lightman tells everyone besides four miners to get out. Back at the Lightman Group, Foster meets with Dillon and tells that she'll help arrest all the poker players besides Lightman. Lightman questions Warner first and then Connie. Wallace tells Darrell and Hoodack to get to work.

Back at the Lightman Group, Torres and Foster start to interrogate the poker players and one of them calls Lightman “Jimmy the Mouth”. One of the other players tells that he was the one who invited him. At the mines, Lightman goes down in the mine as the new person that checks for the methane levels and talks to Wallace. He tells that that Connie knows what happened down in the mines because Warner told her. Lightman asks Wallace to shut off the vents and allow for the methane levels to go to the levels before, but this time, get them out. At the bar, Loker finds that a door handle is found in one of an assistant foreman’s pocket. He admits that he locked in Johnson as a joke, but when the methane levels rose that high, the foreman panicked because he knew that he would have turned off the fans in order to save money. Loker tells them to tell this the sheriff. Back in the mine, Lightman talks with Warner and he tells that the company killed Johnson. He talks with Darrell and Sully and they think that Warner talked, but Lightman tells that he has not. When the levels get to a dangerous level, Lightman threatens to light a lighter. They freak out and knock it out of his hand. Lightman picks up a shovel and tells that he’ll do it. Warner admits that Sully and Hoodak cut the door handle off, but tells that the death of Johnson was an accident. But, Warner’s expression shows that Connie’s life is in danger now because of him.

At the Lightman Group, Dillon interrogates a man named “Wheels” with Foster and he tells that failure to pay off debts resulted in two gun shots to the spine. He tells that he met Lightman in the subway when Lightman convinced him not to commit suicide. Foster tells Dillon to step out for a moment and “Wheels” tells that Lightman offered to help get him out of debt by helping him win. “Wheels” gives the address to the next game to Foster and she in turn gives it to Dillon. She tells that if he arrests Hinch, the leader of it all, then he’ll back off from the Lightman Group forever. He agrees. Meanwhile at the bar, Hoodak goes up to Connie and pulls a gun on her. Loker knocks him out with a pool stick and Connie runs away with Hoodak’s gun. Hoodak gets up and follows after her. The fans in the mine turn back on and Darrel threatens Lightman and Warner with a big sledgehammer. Lightman uses his words and tells that he doesn’t want to do it. He is persuaded, but Sully pulls out a knife and Warner punches him out. Lightman and Warner return to the bar to find Connie is gone. They find her eventually and see that she has the gun pointed at Wallace. Lightman gets Wallace to tell that it was the company’s fault and that he will pay all damages.

At the Lightman Group, Foster and Torres celebrate their victory over Dillon and drink Lightman’s 50-year-old scotch. Lightman comes into his office with the miner’s hat and sees Torres passed out on the couch and Foster extremely drunk. He tells that Loker finally earned his “stripes” and Foster tells that she got him out of trouble again and finally made the FBI drop their grasp on them. She tells that she is not leaving until he thanks her. He gives her a hug and Foster turns off Lightman’s light on his miner’s hat and they stare in one another's eyes.