Funhouse - Recap

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The scene opens with Lightman coming home. He finds Emily’s friend Amanda on the couch. He asks why Amanda looks sad. Emily and Lightman go to the kitchen and he starts to throw things at Emily until she tells what is going on. Amanada tells that she is going home and Lightman tells her to tell him what is going on. Amanda’s dad, Wayne, has been in a mental hospital for five years and doesn’t feel that they are giving him any treatment for the money they have paid. Lightman agrees to help Amanda in her cause.

Lightman goes to the mental hospital and sees that Wayne is there and they watch a patient take fruit from people’s trays. Wayne is angry with him and Lightman tells him to act on his anger. Wayne takes the patient’s hand and takes the knife away from him and the orderlies intervine. Dr. Grandon, the mental institution’s registered psychiatrist, tells Wayne put down the knife and preps a sedative. Wayne puts the knife to his throat and Lighman aks him what he is going to tell his daughter. He drops the knife and the orderlies take Wayne away. Lightman goes up to Dr. Grandon and tells that he is very interested in him and how he is running the business and puts the knife in his pocket. Back at the office, Lightman is putting cheese on a mousetrap and tells that Grandon is hiding something. He tells her that he is guessing that Grandon is on his way down to the office right now. Foster asks what he is going to do and he tells that he is going to “catch a rat”.

Lightman and Foster talk and Lightman wonders if Wayne is really mentally ill or not. Loker has the newspaper article up in the office where it shows that Wayne threatened to jump off a bridge with his daughter Amanda. Grandon comes in and Lightman welcomes him. Foster asks Grandon why Wayne’s condition has not improved at all and Grandon doesn’t have the right answers. Meanwhile, Loker and Torres visit Wayne’s sister, Gina, at the ranch. She is blocking the question to whether or not Amanda is there and tells that Amanda lives with her because of the fact that her mother died in childbirth. Lightman and Foster go to the hospital to talk to Wayne. Grandon tells that he doesn’t speak to people he doesn’t trust. To gain Wayne’s trust, Lightman tells Grandon to leave and uses lipstick to block out the camera. Lightman sees that the juice that is in Wayne’s room hasn’t been drunk and Lightman asks why he didn’t drink it. Lightman takes a cupful and drinks it. Foster finds some letters and Wayne takes them. Lightman finds that Wayne has secretly been trying to take off the screen on his window to make an escape. Lightman tells that he will help him if he stays.

They get back to the Lightman Group and Torres and Loker tell Foster that Wayne’s father had paranoid schizophrenia and that he was treated for it in private for many years until he hung himself. They tell her that Gina was lying to them about Amanda being gone when they were at the ranch. Foster and Lightman pay a visit to Gina and they ask about the fact that her father hung himself. She agrees to let them talk to Amanda. In the kitchen, Lightman grabs a muffin that is on the counter and tells Amanda that she is scared that the mentalness runs in the family. He tells that his mother was crazy. Amanda is hiding a notebook and Lighman asks to see it. He finds a picture of a dark evil face and he shows Foster. Gina gives them Wayne’s letters to Amanda for them to look at. Back at the office, Foster sees that they are incoherent and lucid at the same time. Lightman tells that he is very tired and will call it a night. Foster advises him not to go to the mental hospital and confront Grandon about anything and he agrees to behave. However, Lightman goes to the hospital and tells Wayne that he is getting him out of there. Lightman seems drugged and asks Grandon what he puts in the orange juice. An orderly tries to escort Lightman out, but Lightman breaks his nose and passes out on the floor.

Lightman wakes up in a room with an inmate’s outfit on. He has been admitted into the mental hospital. Suddenly Lightman starts to hallucinate that his mother is there. They talk and he asks why she killed herself. His mother changes the subject and asks if Emily is like her. He tells that she isn’t and then retracts and says a little bit. She smiles and they hug. Foster is watching Lightman talking to himself and asks if they drugged him. They tell that they gave him a sedative, but nothing that would make him hallucinate. Grandon tells that he can hold Lightman for 48 hours. They go into Lightman’s room and Lightman asks if it is drug time. Foster meets with Lightman and he is drugged up. Lightman goes up to Wayne and asks if the sedatives are making him crazy and Wayne tells that he doesn’t really swallow the drugs. At the Lightman Group, Emily comes in asking about Lightman. Torres tells that he is helping Amanda’s dad and that he is alright. Back at the hospital, Lightman triggers the alarm and takes the opportunity to sneak into Grandon’s office and look through his pills. He calls Loker and Emily picks up the phone. He asks if she can put Loker back on and tells that he is alright. Lightman starts reading off the drugs that they give the patients and suddenly, Grandon and the orderlies take him out of the room.

Foster goes back to the Lightman Group and tells that Lightman is alright, but Emily sees that Foster is scared of something. Foster is impressed and Emily tells that she is worried because it is Lightman’s 46th birthday. His mother was 46 when she died. Back at the hospital, Lighman is hallucinating again. This time it is his father. Lightman punches him in the face and asks why he left his family alone. He tells that he remembers all the times they went skiing and Lightman reminds that it was only once and that his father spent most of the time in the pub. The next day, Loker visits Lightman and tells that the drugs are not the things causing the hallucinations. Lightman remembers eating one of the muffins and takes a muffin from Wayne and tells him to take it to the lab and get it tested. Back at the office, Torres comes in and finds a half-naked Loker in the observation room rocking back and forth. A piece of the muffin lay on the floor. Back at the hospital, Lightman blames Grandon for putting the drugs in the muffins and he tells that Amanda is the one that brings in the muffins all the time.

At the Lightman group, Lightman is back and Amanda and Gina are there too. Loker tells that he sent the results to the lab and tells that the bread to make the muffins were tainted with “Urgot” a hallucinate fungus that was used during the Salem Witch Trials and shows that he tried the muffin and then recorded the process. Gina tries to leave and Lightman shows that he brought Wayne back with him. He is lucid and Gina tells that she did it for the horses. She tells that Wayne never cared about the horses and that they were the life of the estate. Lightman and Emily get home and Lightman tells that if he deliberately had himself admitted, then he would really be crazy. They talk about the fact that he saw his mother and tells that his father was the true lunatic in his family. Emily shows that she baked him a cake and says “Happy Birthday”. Lightman tells that it is his favorite cake. At the office, the mousetrap snaps.