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Rebound - Recap

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The scene opens with a boy going into a bedroom. He opens a briefcase and starts to search for something. He finds a notebook with codes written in it and a bunch of money. He takes some of it. He is interrupted by his mom, Lily, who calls him Noah. He shows the money to her and she gets worried. Suddenly a man named George, the woman’s boyfriend comes home and Noah drops the money. They scramble to pick up the money. Noah tells that he was looking for the keys to the garage to go work on the motorcycle. Meanwhile, Lightman is trying to hit something on the top of the shelf. Emily comes out in a fancy outfit and asks how she looks. He tells that she looks nice. She is going to Chicago to see her mom and Lightman tells that he has a present for her to give her mom. He tells that she looks nice and leaves.

He arrives at the Lightman Group to find Noah standing looking at the pictures. He asks Torres where the law offices are and pretends that he is lost. However, when Lightman questions Noah about the faces on the wall, Noah knows that Lightman works there. He tells that his mom is there. In the office, Foster is meeting with Lily when Lightman comes in. Lily tells that her boyfriend, George, is a lobbyist and that there is a reason why he had that much cash on hand. Lightman tells that he will take the case, but only for Noah because of the fact that he and George have grown close to each other. Lightman goes to the park and sees George sitting at a bench. A man comes by and puts an envelope in George’s briefcase. Lightman asks for a hotdog and starts to pile ketchup and mustard on it. He then walks off and bumps into the mystery man that met with George and smears the ketup and mustard all over him. He apologizes and tells that he wants to cover the dry cleaning. The man gives him a business card. The man is a divorce attorney named Dobson.

Lightman goes back to the Lightman Group and gives the team Dobson’s card. Loker tells that a woman is in his office. Lily comes into the office and tells that George proposed to her. Foster leads her to Lightman’s office. Once inside, Lightman introduces Paula, George’s current wife, to Lily. Paula tells that George is a contractor, not a lobbyist like Lily is led to believe. She tells that they have only been six months and now he wants a divorce. Lightman tells that Lily could be the next victim. Afterward, Lightman goes to the garage to find Noah there. He is trying to start the motorcycle that he and George are trying to restore. Lightman tells that George is trying to use him with the motorcycle. However, Noah found something. Lightman pull pictures of another woman and George. At the Lightman Group, Loker is sitting down with Ingrid, the girl from the picture. She tells that she was married to George for six months too but she was his 5th wife. Lightman and Foster watch Ingrid and tells that all the women are rebound girls from a marriage before. Deaf intern Sarah comes in and tells that the “code” that was in the notebook is actually shorthand. Dobson is one of the names listed anad other ex-husbands of the many wives that George had, including a Police Chief and a Judge too.

Later, Lightman meets with Dobson at a bar. He tells that Judge Ramsey recommended him and gives him an envelope. At a tennis court, George goes up to Foster and starts to flirt with her. He tells that he will play with her and the loser has to buy dinner. They go out to dinner and George tells that he is recently divorced and Foster tells that she is as well. Foster tells that Lighman was her ex-husband. She is broadcasting the entire dinner and Lightman, Torres and Loker are watching. When they review the tape, there are no indications that he is lying which could mean that they have to look for sociopath indicators. Lightman goes to the garage and meets George. He tells that he will take Foster and marry her. He tells that Lightman only has to pay 50% of what he would have been paying for alimony. Detective Wallowski comes in after the deal is made.

They take George to the Lightman Group and George tells that he will do anything to avoid any prison time. Dobson comes in and tells that he is George’s lawyer. Loker gives a copy of all the names of husbands George has conned and Dobson tells that they are leaving. Lightman shows that Lily, Paula, and Ingrid have been watching them the entire time. George tries to tell them that he cared for each of them. Later that evening, Wallowski goes to Lightman’s home and tells that the District Attorney is not wanting to press the charges too hard because of the fact that a Police Chief is one of the men on the list. Wallowski’s phone rings and Lightman tells her to tell them that he is not backing off. However, it is a call that tells that George’s garage went up in flames with him in it. Lightman and Wallowski arrive at the garage and see the charred remains. Lightman tells that it is time to talk to the three scorned women.

At the Lightman Group, Loker interviews Paula, who tells that she wouldn’t have killed George, but she would have killed Dobson. One by one, the wives tell that George was a love hate type of person. However, they look on Lily and she expresses sadness because of Noah being involved too. Torres shows the video recording when Lily first visited the office upon leaving. Noah turns his back to her and leaves. Lightman tells to bring them back in. When they get back in, Torres tells Lily that Noah is showing mistrust in the video. Loker points out that Lily showed intent to kill and guilt and regret. Noah tells that he was the one that killed George. Lightman puts both Lily and Noah in the cube and asks why Noah committed to a murder to protect his mother. He tells that Lily didn’t kill George. Lily tells that she did go to the garage, but George was violent and tried to choke her. She ran away. Wallowski comes in and tells that Dobson’s car just showed up at the airport.

Lightman and Wallowski get to the airport and see Dobson sitting at the bar. However, when they get up to him, it is actually George. They take him back and put him in the cube. George tells that he didn’t do anything and Lightman brings in Lily, Paula, and Ingrid who all say that they saw George leaving the burning garage. George tells that they are lying and then tells that it was in self-defense. Wallowski tells that George is going to get the death penalty unless he tells about the Judge and the Police Chief that hired him. Lightman tells that George will be playing the wronged wife in prison now. Foster tells that George was whoever he needed to be and Lightman gives Noah a picture of him and the motorcycle and tells that George really did care for Noah.

Gillian explains to Noah that George became whoever he needed to be. Cal gives Noah a snapshot that George took of Noah on that motorcycle, saying it shows the real affection that George felt for him. Noah is happy. Later, Foster comes into Lightman’s office and tells that it was nice of him to tell Noah that lie to make him happy. Later on that evening, Emily gets back from Chicago and asks how her mom liked her gift, a fertility gourd. Emily tells that her mom’s new boyfriend, Rudi, liked it. Lightman asks if she likes Rudi and she tells that he is alright, but nothing compares to Lightman. He tells Emily not to grow up too quickly and she tells that she won’t. The episode ends on a close-up on a picture of Lightman holding Emily when she was a baby on his lap.