Saved - Recap

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The scene opens with a car accident. Eileen, an off-duty paramedic is there and asks the victim if she is alright. A boy with a cell phone recognizes the other victim as Juan Salazar and is taking video of the wreckage when Ilene asks for his help to get the woman out of the car. Suddenly, the car ignites and they manage to get the woman out of the car to safety. The car explodes. At the Lightman Group the next day, an Assistant District Attorney is there and tells that Kira Evans suffered a lot of injuries and Juan Salazar was a baseball player died on impact. She tells that three boys went away unharmed. Lightman comes in the office and offers a doughnut. He looks at the video that the bystander took and Lightman sees guilt on the off-duty paramedic and tells that their headline is about to change.

Later Torres and Loker have the boys in and tell that the other two kids can leave. Torres tells that Mark, the last of the boys, was the one who was driving the car. However, they are interrupted by Mark’s public attorney. Meanwhile at the hospital, Lightman follows Eileen and asks if she loves saving people. She tells that she is just doing her job. Lightman follows her down to the basement floor and accuses her for being an adrenaline junkie. A man comes up bouncing a ball and asks if everything is alright. Lightman asks if she always gets close with her co-workers and Eileen tells that he is her brother, Kent. She tells that Lightman doesn’t know what he is talking about and walks away. Meanwhile at the Lightman Group, Foster and Torres speak to Mark’s mom and tell that the D.A. is overcharging Mark for no reason. She tells that Mark told her that the light was green at the intersection. Torres is shocked that Mark didn’t tell her that.

Later that night, Lightman is driving and talking to Emily on the phone. He stops at an intersection and the light turns green. He starts to drive and then gets hit by an oncoming car. He steps out of the car and sees Eileen come up to him and calls the ambulance to get him to the hospital. Lightman wakes up and Emily and Foster are there. Lightman sees Eileen and tells her to get lost. Eileen tells Foster and Emily that he suffered a concussion. He tells Foster that he doesn’t trust Eileen and Foster tells that the other driver walked away unharmed and tells that Lightman ran the red light, but Lightman tells that the light was green when he went. The Assistant D.A. comes to the Lightman Group and tells Torres not to try to get Mark’s confession tape and Torres tells that if Mark didn’t run a red light, he should not be serving a harsh sentence. Torres sees that there is shame on the ADA’s face. She laughs it off and Torres catches her on her lie. Back at the hospital, Lightman breaks into Eileen’s locker and finds a scrapbook that Eileen has been keeping of all of the times she has saved someone. Eileen comes in and Lightman tells that Juan Salazar was the first victim to die. Lightman picks up that she is angry and scared.

Lightman goes home and finds that Emily is still there. She tells that she was going to a friend’s house. After reading her, Lightman finds out that she is going to Liam’s house. He tells that she needs to wake him up every hour on the hour and bring him some food. Meanwhile at the prison, Torres and Loker want to find out if Mark really didn’t run the red light and he confirms that the light was green. Lightman wakes up to find Loker staring at him. He thinks it is a nightmare and tries to reopen his eyes, but it is still Loker. Foster and Torres are there too and Foster tells that Emily called them. They find out that someone is messing with the lights and Lightman tells that paramedics have that power to do that through radio transmitters. Loker pulls up a file of Eileen’s past and tells that Eileen’s mother was killed in a car crash and that left Eileen and Kent orphaned. Loker tells that from every town in which Eileen and Kent lived, there were car crashes on the same day their mother was killed. Eileen is always first on scene and is always in street clothes.

Foster and Lightman go to Eileen’s apartment and find Kent. He is clutching a ball and Lightman grabs the spare keys on the rack before Kent sees. They ask about the car crash and Kent tells that Eileen was bouncing a “fun ball” on the dashboard and there was a car crash. Eileen couldn’t save their mother. Foster sees that Kent has neurological damage because of it. Back at the Lightman Group, they look at the footage of Lightman’s crash and see that Lightman’s light was green and then see that Eileen is looking around as to see if someone is going to show up. They look at the footage of the first accident of the episode and see that in the crowd, Kent is there and there is joy on his face. They feel that he is making her do this. Lightman uses the key that he took and enters Eileen’s apartment. He goes in the room that Kent was blocking and finds garage door openers and shards of windshield glass with names and dates. He exits and presses the button on the garage door opener. The light changes to green.

At the Lightman Group, Torres and Loker show that Kent is the one that cased the accidents and she tells that she doesn’t care. However, Torres tells that if the ADA wants to make her case, it will be against Kent and she will be able to save a lot of lives. Eileen gets home and Lightman is there with all the collection on the table. He tells that Kent is out and tells that she could have always stopped Kent from hurting people. Eileen gets a message and it is another accident location. They rush over there and find that Kent was hit by a car. He tells her to get away from him. Lightman tells that he wants her to watch him die. Lightman gets the ball out of Kent’s hand and Kent stats to go into cardiac arrest. Eileen pulls out her knife and makes a make-shift device to help him breathe. The ambulance comes and takes Kent away. He is stable. Lightman give Eileen the ball and she throughs it. Lightman later visits Eileen in prison and she tells that she is free and she is happy. Eileen asks what he found when he examined her and he tells that he found a life. She adds in “worth saving” and he tells that she needs to look after herself and leaves.

Mark’s mother comes into the Lightman Group and thanks Torres for helping her son out. She tells that she was doing her job and tells that with good behavior, Mark will be out in a few years. This leaves Torres with a sense of accomplishment. At home, Emily pulls out the photo book and tells that he is reading her book. She quizzes Lightman on faces and some embarrassing photos. She tells that she is going to Cancun with her friends next year and she tells him not to be a “plunker” and Lightman tells that she gets that mouth from him. He looks at the book and realizes that it is in French.