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Gone - Recap

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The scene opens with a family getting ready to have a family meeting and it is clear that something is going on. The father of the family, Lane, is happy for the new baby, but tells his wife, Colette, that she is not a good mother. This happens in front of their teenage son, L.J. Later, Colette is seen entering inside a drugstore and she leaves her daughter in the car. When she comes back, her daughter is gone. Later on at the Lightman Group, Lightman and Foster watch a press conference to which Colette tells that she was beaten up by a couple and then they kidnapped her daughter. However, Lightman picks up that Colette is guilty and ashamed. He then sees that she is scared of her husband and to what he thinks of her now. Lightman freezes on a man in a “shiny suit”. Foster tells that it is Dr. Heaton. He was the first person that Colette contacted.

Lightman tells Torres and Loker to examine the evidence collected and they go to Heaton’s office. He operates a fertility clinic and says that Colette was a patient for him. However, Lightman sees that Heaton’s face is saying that Colette is a liar. Back at the Lightman Group, Loker finds that the police report has that blankets and bottles were also were taken. He tells that whoever took the baby, has intentions to be a parent to her. Detective Wallowski comes in and has Lane and Colette with her. Lane tells Lightman that he believes his wife. Torres asks Colette to recount the incident and she starts to change it up and then breaks down. Lightman decides to put them together and Colette tells that she had left Kim in the car and that she was too scared to tell him that. Lightman feels that Heaton is hiding something and tells that wants to point out that Colette has courage and Lane doesn’t. Lane walks out of the room.

Lightman visits L.J. and sees that he hurt his hand. He tells that he was in a fight because a kid at school has been spreading rumors about Colette. She is a teacher at his school, but he won’t tell all the details because he is afraid that Lane will find out. Foster and Lightman goe to the school and meet with the principal, Ben Aston, and they find out that he and Colette has been having an affair. Aston tells that he didn’t take the baby. Lightman tells that Aston needs to tell Lane before Lane does something drastic. Later, Lightman and Wallowski go to Colette’s home and Lane enters the house, drunk. He tells that Aston told him about the affair. Lightman tells that it was Lane who kidnapped the baby himself. Lan denies it and tells Lightman to get out. However, Lightman tells that he isn’t and Lane punches him in the stomach. Lightman goes home and finds Emily with Liam and Liam runs off. Lightman tells that he always is causing people to lose it and show their true feelings. Lightman tells that Emily is doing the same with him. At the Lightman Group, Lane tells that he knew of the affair that Colette had and that going to Heaton was a choice after a long choice. Lightman suspects that Heaton is the father of the baby and not Lane.

Lightman goes back with Fostere to visit Heaton. They ask if Lane is the father of the baby and he blocks by saying that Lane and Colette are the baby’s parents. Foster realizes that the father of the baby was the kidnapper of the baby. Heaton tells that he is not the father of the baby, but Lightman tells that the squinting of the eyes of Heaton means that he is lying about the true identity of who the father is of the baby and it definitely is not Lane. Later, Loker and Torres show Lightman a video that shows Lane buying diapers. Lightman and Wallowski get Lane back at the Lightman Group again and Lane tells that he is not the best father and husband and tells that he was buying the diapers out of habit. He starts to cry and Lightman tells that he wants to question Colette and her son along with Heaton. When they arrive, Lightman shows Heaton the tape of Torres interviewing Colette. She denies the affair with Heaton, but tells that Aston is the father of the baby. However, Torres tells that someone close to her because there was no forced entry into the vehicle. Colette tells that there is always a spare key in the drawer in the kitchen.

Lightman walks into the room where L.J. is and asks if he likes to see Lane suffer. He shows him a picture where L.J. is smiling at the press conference. Lightman tells that he understands and tells that he had to go through worse. This causes L.J. to confess to the kidnapping of the baby and tells that he put her with a friend with parents out of town. L.J. comes in with the baby and gives her to Colette and Lane. They share a moment until Wallowski tells that she has to arrest L.J. Lane tells that he is not going to press charges but they have no choice. Lane tells that he can’t be happy until his family is together again. Lightman goes home to watch Emily debate with Liam and he tells that Emily shouldn’t go after her directly. Lightman wishes Liam good luck and tells that Emily may have won this time, but there are 11 more to go. Emily walks away giving Lightman a smile.