Killer App - Recap

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The scene opens with Lightman going through an office building of the social network application “Seekout”. He is taking pictures. He talks to Zach Morstein, the owner of the application and asks why he fired Kyle Punam, a co-founder of “Seekout” before the company went public and make billions of dollars. Zach tells that Claire, the third co-founder of the application, must have hired Lightman and tells that he and Claire are friends. Zach tells Lightman to tell Claire that she’s safe. Lightman and Foster meet Claire and Lightman tells that Zach’s smile worries him and tells that Claire is going to get fired too. Claire tells that Zach has changed. However, she tells that they are still friends and that she is not going to fight him. Lightman starts to wonder if the “change” is more than business. Claire tells that she has to leave and doesn’t say anything further.

Foster tells that she is going to protect Claire because she was a former patient of hers. Loker points out that Claire took the side of Zach rather quickly. Foster tells that Claire is conflicted because the friendship that she has is very strong for her. Lightman is in his office hiding when a young man enters. He sees $100 on the desk and walks away. Lightman comes out an the man is Marquis “Key” Turner. Torres tells that she wants Lightman to give him a job to do. Lightman wants a person followed and gives Marquis the $100 for his expenses. Later Lightman gets home and Emily is moaning. Liam is stretching her legs. Foster calls and Lightman runs off. When he gets there, Foster is crying. She tells that she went to go check on Claire and found her stabbed. She couldn’t save her in time. Detective Wallowski comes on scene and tells Lightman that the “Seekout” application on Claire’s phone placed Kyle at Claire’s apartment at he time she was killed. Lightman tells that Kyle isn’t the killer, but Wallowski tells that the cellphone towers agree that Kyle was there.

Foster and Lightman go visit Zach and Zach tells that Foster is a therapist and that Lightman has trust issues because he is constantly searching over Google for information on Liam. Zach is upset but he hides it. He shows that he has a statement signed by Claire stating that Kyle was owed nothing and that he had no reason to want Claire dead. He smiles and walks away. Wallowski tells Lightman that Kyle called Claire about three times on the day she was killed. Lightman tells that he wants Kyle and Zach in the cube at the Lighman group. However, Wallowski tells that she can’t because Kyle has lawyers and she has no reason to arrest Zach. Lightman takes matters in his own hands and meets Kyle at a coffee shop. He tells that corporate lawyers are no good in a murder case. Kyle tells Lightman that a while ago, Zach hacked into a cell network and read her texts to get to know her better and stole her from Kyle. He believes that Zach did a similar hack to frame him. He tells that he is going to prove it. Lightman tells that he called Claire on the day she was murdered. Kyle admits it and tells that he called because he had heard that Zach was angry and he told her that he would continue his work at Lightman’s office.

Lightman finds Wallowski at the crime scene and he sees that a picture of Claire’s grandmother placed face down next to the couch. He tells that Claire had sex before she was murdered. Lightman gets Zach back in the Lightman Group and asks about his sexual relationship with Claire and Zach tells that there was none. Torres and Foster ask Kyle the same question and he denies it too. However, he tells that he hid it form Zach because it was make him mad. He tells that Zach found out about Claire and his relationship and fired Kyle. They have Kyle locate the electronic trail, but when he tries to trace it to Zach, a hidden logic bomb destroys the trail immediately. Wallowski asks Zach if he knew of the relationship between Kyle and Claire. He tells that it is only “office gossip” and she tells that he needs prove that they were not just friends, or Kyle walks.

Zach goes to his computer and Lightman, Foster and Kyle find that he is checking private messages that are from Kyle and Claire. Kyle is patched into Zach’s computer shows that the messages were anonymous and that with Zach accessing them, it proves that he knew of the affair. This gives him motive. Kyle tells that he and Claire were planning to takeover the company and when Zach found out, he fired Kyle and forced Claire to sign the documents. Lightman points out that Zach was in love with Claire, but she was not in love with him. Foster and Lightman walk in on her and Zach tells that he didn’t kill her. Foster talks about the knife wound and Zach tells that he has lawyers and money and that the truth doesn’t matter. Kyle records that and puts it over the network. Lightman tells that Zach should lawyer up.

Lightman walks in his office and tells that Key was invading his office and tells that he is fired. He tells that he did the work and tells that his daughter’s boyfriend Liam is a nice guy and is not like Lightman or himself. He tells that he needs a job and Lightman tells that he will give it to him. Later, Lightman talks to Zach in prison and tells that he recommended that he be put into a mental hospital. Zach asks why Lightman would do something like that. Lightman tells that prison will only take away his freedom, but the hospital will take away his mind and that Dr. Foster will be there to make sure that it happens. Lightman goes home and finds out that she broke up with Liam. She tells that Liam didn’t believe in sex before marriage. Emily asks Lightman if he loves Foster. He tells that he does. Emily asks what Lightman is waiting for, but he doesn’t have an answer to that.