Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens with Cal Lightman in a room with a skinhead and his lawyer. The lawyer tells that the guy has nothing to say to Lightman. But Lightman tells that he doesn’t need him to talk. He can read that the skinhead wants to see mass deaths and that he can see a lot more without a word. Lightman also picks up that the FBI going in the wrong direction and the target is not where they think it is. They need to look at small churches. This rattles the skinhead a bit and at the mention of a church in Lawton, his mouth twitches. Using the filming of the skinhead in the room, Lightman teaches a lecture. He tells the students that they found a pipe bomb in the Lawton church an hour later. He points out the special movements that the skinhead did that gave the right clue to the truth. One student asks on how you know if the surprise is real. Lightman thows a glass at the wall and they are all surprise. Real surprise, only lasts a second. Lightmas shows pictures of different people having the same exact facial expression. The truth is written all over thier faces.

At the Lightman Group, Gillian Foster, Lightman’s partner, tells Lightman that they need to hire a new team member. She gives a resume. Eli Loker, who tells Lightman the truth of why he is late, gives Lightman a bunch more files and talks about his “wild night”. Lightman receives a call from the mayor who tells that a high school teacher, Ms. McCartney, has been found murdered. At the jail, Lightman and Foster want to talk to the suspect in the case. Lightman finds that it is a juvenile by the name of James Cole. He is accused of killing the teacher and then fleeing the scene of the crime. U.S. Attorney Hutchinson is the one prosecuting the boy. He tells that James is the killer and wants to try him as an adult. Lightman and Foster interview James and Lightman starts getting a base of lying and asks James about his track running. He then moves to question James about the murder. In another room, Lightman is waiting for Hutchinson to go to the video and he picks up on facial cues from Hutchinson and his partner. Hutchinson goes up to Lightman and Foster and they show that James is lying from being in Ms. McCartney’s house. Hutchinson tells that he thinks Lightman is a quack and Lightman points out that Hutchinson and his partner had a “fling” and that his partner doesn’t want a repeat of it because of the fact that Hutchinson is married. Hutchinson is shocked that Lightman could have known that.

At James’s school, Principal Castle says that it is James’s first year at school because he is a Jehovah Witness and he was home schooled prior by his parents. Lightman and Foster talk to the students and all don’t believe that James would do anything. One student in particular, Jacquelin Mathis shows signs that she is emotional but denies it. Foster calls the jail and tells an Officer to take it easy on James because they don’t have all the details of the murder yet. Lightman is trying to park and a sports car takes his spot. He tells Foster to get out and pulls right next to the guy’s car. He tells Lightman that he didn’t see him, but that is a lie. Lightman gets out of his car and the man is blocked in.

At the airport, Foster and Lightman are waiting for the security check-point and Lightman is looking nervous. TSA Officer Torres spots Lightman and tells him to step out of line. She tells him to open the briefcase and he refuses. She asks for backup and Lightman obliges. He opens it and there is a lot of money in it. She tells Lightman that he has to go with her, but it is Torres that has to come with Foster and Lightman. They tell that she scored high in her deception test and Lightman asks if she has had any prior training to determining deception. Torres is a natural deception expert. Lightman and Foster leave and Torres tells that they forgot the briefcase full of money. Lightman tells that it is Torre’s sign on bonus.

Back at the Lightman Group, Loker comes in and tells that Jaquelin has went to the nurse several times for fear that she has a STD. Lightman tells that the Principle is hiding something. They get a call from Chairman Baldridge and Foster goes to see him. He talks about Congressmen Zeb Weil is accused of paying for sex. Foster tells that they don’t go through people’s dirty laundry, but she takes the case after Baldridge tells that Foster can’t let an innocent man get destroyed politically by it. Torres comes in the Lightman Group and Loker tells that he wants to sleep with Torres. Lightman tells that Loker always tells the truth that he called Radical Honesty. She asks how Loker is in bed to which he says that he is fair. Torres smiles at him.

They visit James’s house and the Father shows signs of hatred at the mention of the teacher and they ask about the book that was denied for James to read. Once again the father shows hatred. Lightman asks if the father would do anything to stop the teacher and the father tells them to get out and shows the sign of extreme hatred. At the Lightman Group Foster tells the mother was using distancing language when talking about Ms. McCartney and that they feel that James was trying to stop his father from murdering Ms. McCartney. Loker enters and tells that Jaquelin is pregnant and that is why the emotional response to questioning. Lightman tells that he needs to get home because Emily has a date with her boyfriend Roger. In Emily’s room, she tells Lightman that he can’t use any scientific things to find out what they are doing. He obliges and answers the door. He asks Roger if he is going to have sex with Emily tonight. Roger is shocked and Lighman smiles. Foster is in the Lightman Group and is questioning Congressman Weil about the night of the allegations and he tells what seems to be rehearsed. Foster tells to recap the night backwards. He struggles through it. Torres tells that he is lying and everyone agrees. At the mention of sexual relationship, he shows deep shame. Lightman pulls up James’s interview video and he shows the same sign.

Lightman and Foster go to James’s house again and question the parents. Lightman has had enough of them lying and yells at the father, but Foster takes a kinder approach to the mother and Mrs. Cole shows photographs that James took of Ms. McCartney. Lightman talks with James again and he cries at the fact that he didn’t know that she was dead when he saw her. He tells that he ran because he was scared. After the interview, James is being escorted back to his cell and he is screaming that he didn’t do it. Hutchinson walks in and says despite Lightman and Fosters findings, James is going to be prosecuted because of the evidence that is against him. He tells Lightman that he knows about the downfall with the Pentagon and that Lightman needs to leave this one alone.

Foster and her husband go out and Torres picked up that Foster’s husband lied to Foster about being tied up at the office. Lightman ignores it and asks about the Congressmen Weil case. She tells that she is going to the club to talk to Melissa, the girl that Weil is accused of having sex with. At the club, Torres talks with Melissa and tells that she is excited at the mention of one of her clients for Friday evenings. Back at the Lightman Group, Torres tells Foster of her findings and Loker tells them to turn on the television. It is a news report about the sex scandal and the fact that Weil has spent $82,000 on prostitution. Meanwhile, Lightman is looking at the photos and notices that Ms. McCartney is showing tension to a driver in a car. They go to the principle again and he tells that he doesn’t know anything. But Lightman knows that he is lying. Back at the Lightman group, Loker tells that the car is not registered to the principle and not his wife either. Lightman and Foster know that the principle knows whose car it is. Torres enters and shows Foster a file and she knows what Melissa and Weil were doing in the time of their visits.

Torres and Foster walk up to Congressmen Weil and say that they know that he wasn’t having sex with Melissa because she is his daughter. He tells that he had a relationship when he was a junior in college and that the adoption of the baby was closed. He was told to let it go but he couldn’t. Melissa doesn’t know that he is her father. They can tell the press and get the reputation of the Congressmen back. But he doesn’t want that to happen. Foster gets a call from Loker and he tells that the car is registered to Jaquelin Mathis. In the interviewing room, Lightman asks Jaquelin about her argument with Ms. McCartney and she can’t tell. Foster enters with note and Lightman tells Jaquelin that James hung himself. Jaquelin is distraught and Lightman picks up that she is having a relationship with Principal Castel and that she is pregnant with his baby. Lightman gets Jaquelin to talk the the argument was about how Ms. McCartney was going to turn the principal in. Jaquelin told Castel about the argument and he said that he’d go “talk” to Ms. McCartney. Police cars pull up to the school and arrest the principle. James’s Parents are crying and then a healthy James comes out. They leave in happy tears.

Later in Lightman’s office, Foster comes in and wants the note from Lightman that she gave him. The note only said, “Bring this to me in 5 minutes and look grim”. He told Foster to give him the note while interviewing Jaquelin. Lightman is leaving and Torres tells that Chairman Baldridge is on the phone and what is she suppose to tell him. Lightman tells her to tell nothing. Torres is upset that he is lying to the clients and to Foster and asks what to believe from Lightman. He tells her to believe what she wants because everyone else does and leaves. As Lightman walks out, he sees a slew of people lying and at the last one he stops and gets her attention.