Depraved Heart - Recap

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The scene opens with an Indian woman riding her bike on a bridge. She climbs on the edge and rides off into the water backwards. At the same moment, Lightman is with Emily when he sees police officers and starts asking questions about the reason why they have a police line up. An old friend, who is now a U.S. Attorney, is there and tells Lightman that a suicide has happened. She tells Lightman that her sister jumped off a bridge three days ago. Emily sees that Lightman is interested in this and tells that Lightman studied suicides and Lightman says that he still does. Later, the two victims’ brother comes in and confirms that they are his sisters and that they came to America two years ago to work and send money back home. At the office, Lightman watches a movie of a woman who says that she is happy when Torres comes in and says that there is footage of the Ashraf sisters. Lightman picks up on the shame on their faces and says that it is not normal.

Lightman goes to Personick, an Immigration Officer. He says that he renewed the visas and Lightman picks up that Personick is guilty of something. He says that he saw them stripping at the Naked Veil. He says that they are filmed and the footage is sent to India. Lightman brings the new information to the brother, who tells that he saw it in India. He says that he confronted them about it and they quit. Lightman goes to the club and the owner confirms the brother’s story and Torres shows Lightman a report of another Indian woman named Rajal Lamba who just committed suicide by jumping in front of a subway. Lightman goes to Foster and Loker and they’re in the middle of talking to Joseph Hollin, a finance mogul who is currently under investigation by the SEC. Hollin says that he will admit to carrying the failures of the business, but says that he never stole anything. Loker points out that Hollin changes verb tenses. Foster says that he is trying to protect his daughter and her inheritance. However, they can’t seem to find the money.

Torres comes into Loker and asks why Lightman keeps watching an old movie with a woman in it. Loker explains that the woman is Louise Mason. She was a patient of Lightman’s old professors. After receiving a weekend pass, Louise killed herself. With Lightman studying the film in slow motion, he learned how to discover miro-expressions. Meanwhile, Foster talks to Hollin’s daughter, Carolyn. She shows that she has a guilty conscience because she is using all negative emotion words. Loker says that this confirms that Hollin is lying about something. Torres decides to go to Foster with more questions about the movie. She says that she can’t believe the story of an old professor’s patient that Loker told her and Foster tells her to drop it and not to bring it up again. Lightman examines the faces of the women who committed suicide and sees that they share a skin discoloration. He sees that the women were pregnant recently. The coroner says that the women gave birth recently. Lightman asks where the babies are. Meanwhile, Foster and Loker interview Hollin again and he says that he will return the money and serve time in jail just as long as Carolyn is not prosecuted at all. Foster says that she wants the teachers and the pension funds to get the money back. Loker says that he wants Hollin punished for his crimes.

Later, Torres finds some Medicaid bills and finds out that one of the babies is still in the hospital with a condition. She says that the mother and father are white because Rajal was a surrogate. She says that Rajal was found through an online registry. Meanwhile, Foster goes to the SEC and tells them that Hollin is willing to make a deal. However, Carolyn has already been charged with securities fraud. Foster asks Loker to call her and Hollin says that Foster will never see the money. Lightman and the police burst into a facility full of Indian women. They show the picture of the women who committed suicide and they find that they had babies there. They are told that they were given $5,000, but with the charge of food and rent, they were thrown into the streets. They also find out that the manager of the entire thing is Immigration Officer Personick.

Lightman talks to Personick and he says that the women were on visas and Lightman says that he is guilty of “depraved heart” murder and has no respect for human life which ended up in murder. However, the U.S. Attorney that Lightman knows needs to be able to prove that he knew the intent of the two sisters. Lightman tells that he saw that Personick’s eyebrows went up when he denies knowing their intent. This is an indication that he did know. Torres says that Personick was called by Rajal five minutes before she jumped in front of the subway. Lightman has a member of Rajal’s family come so that he can question Personick with them. Foster says that Loker blew off the deal and Loker says that he didn’t. She points out that Loker is deflecting and tells him to get back to work. Later, Loker tells Torres that he did tell on Carolyn and took a sedative to relax his face to be able to trick Foster. Torres says that Lightman is going to find out.

Meanwhile, Lighman has Rajal’s father come into the meeting with Personick. He says that Rajal called Personick before jumping. He says that Personick tried to threaten to kill her. Personick says that he did nothing like that. Lightman says that Personick created the circumstances that lead to the suicide in the first place and is charged with Second-Degree murder. Lightman thanks Rajal’s father, who is really an old friend of Lightman’s too. Lightman talks to Torres later and asks if she saw the woman’s expression in the old film. He says that it was agony and Torres admits that she saw it. Lightman says that she doesn’t have to be sorry for what she sees. Torres asks about the woman and he says nothing. Lightman watches the movie again and turns it off. Later that night, Emily sees the film. She asks if it is Lightman’s mother. He says that it is and says that there is something that he wants to tell her. The episode ends.