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Ocean Uncharted - Recap

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The scene opens with Nate “Baze” Bazile and his father playing basketball. Cate gets back from Ryan and her honeymoon with each other and Lux and she screams that she is now Cate Cassidy. Cate and Ryan get in and Lux tells that she is going out to go see Bug. She thanks them as she leaves. Cate tells Ryan that she is very happy with him and that they are going to have a nice honeymoon just the two of them later. Kate and Ryan see that they have the house to themselves and take off their shirts and go to the bedroom, but before they can get into it, Cate’s phone rings. They go to the station and the manager of the station tells that Alice took a leave because of her mother falling back into relapse and she tells that it is a good thing because they have someone that is going to help. Cate and Ryan are introduced to Kelly Campbell. Cate asks if she is replacing Alice and the studio manager tells that she is Cate and Ryan’s new co-host.

Lux meets with Bug and he tells that he has something for her. He tells that he is not going anywhere and Bug asks her to marry him. He tells that the diamond is real and she tells him that she doesn’t know what to say. Bug tells that they know that they want to be together forever and she says eventually says yes. Back at the station, the manager tells that Alice ruined the show and that Kelly is going to give it the new edge that they are looking for. Cate tries to defend the show and says that it is co-host and that means two people only. But Ryan tells that it means “with” and that Kelly is going to be with Ryan and Cate. She is not happy with the choice at all.

Ryan and Cate get home and she tells that a fake therapist is going to take over their show. Ryan tells that she is not trying to take over their show. Baze walks up to them and tells that he really needs to talk to Cate privately. She tells that she will meet him in the park. Lux goes up to Jamie at Baze’s bar and he tells that he has missed her around there. She asks if Baze is around and Jamie tells that he will be back later. She tells that she will hang around. A boy walks in and tells that he needs a drink. She tells that they are closed and he makes a sly comment about the locals. Lux feels bad for him and asks for ID. She looks at it and says that she will “pretend” it is a real ID and he introduces himself as Eric. Meanwhile, Cate meets with Baze and he tells that he loves her and wants to fix things with her but she tells that they’re always going to be broken. She tells that he should work on Lux. Baze tells that Lux was supportive about his thought of getting back together with Cate and she says that it was Lux who told her to marry Ryan. She tells that she is not going to deal with it and walks away. Baze looks shocked.

Back at the bar, Lux is with Eric and they are laughing and playing darts. He sees her engagement ring on her finger and asks if she is married. She tells that she is engaged and that she doesn’t know what she should do. He tells that she needs to go with him to the ocean when she tells that she has never seen it. She tells it is pretty creepy to get into a car with a perfect stranger. He tells that it is not as dumb as marrying the wrong guy. Later, Baze walks into the bar and Jamie tells that Lux was there earlier and left a note. It says that she went back to Cate’s. Jamie introduces Baze to their new bartender Paige and already she is picking up the tips. Meanwhile, Lux and Eric are in the car and his truck runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Ryan tells that they are going to be able to get someone’s attention. A car pulls over and she tells that she is not getting in a car with a perfect stranger again. He tells that he is going to give money to the guy to get them gas. She tells that it won’t work and Eric tells that people might surprise her if she allowed it.

Cate and Ryan are home enjoying a margarita and Cate is yelling about Kelly’s fake book. She tells that she hates her and Ryan tells that he will go over things with Lux later and she tells that Lux is over at Baze’s for the evening. She asks if Ryan cares that Kelly is a fake. Ryan changes the subject and starts to unwrap the gifts. They find a picture of Ryan and Cate in the wedding from Alice and an expensive vase from Julia. Cate asks who she is and Ryan tells that she is a family friend. He tells that he will handle that one. She is happy that both of them wear the pants in their marriage. Baze is drunk and a passed out Math is beside him. Paige lights up a cigarette and Baze tells that she can’t smoke in the bar. She tells that where she is from, it is normal to see someone smoke holding three babies. Baze tells Paige that she is a little crazy and she tells him to “find out”. They kiss.

Lux and Eric are in the back of his truck and she tells him to admit that the car is not coming back with the gas. He admits it and Lux tells that it is probably a sign that she needs to stay with Bug. Eric tells that maybe she is looking at the wrong direction and points to a billboard that has a beach scene. They climb up and he tells that she is at the beach and now can make up her mind. She tells that she didn’t really need the beach and they kiss. She breaks away and says that she shouldn’t do this. They see that the car returned with their gas and the adventure is on again. The next morning Paige wakes up next to Baze, who is still passed out. She calls up someone and tells that she is back in town and that she is planning to stay a while but needs a place to crash. She flicks her cigarette in the trash can. Eric drops off Lux and give her his number to call if she ever wants to go somewhere else. He kisses her again and she walks off.

Kate and Ryan start up their show and tell their listeners that they have a new co-host. Kelly tells it is nice to be there with Ryan. She mentions Cate after a short pause. Baze wakes up to the smoke alarm going off and smells smoke. Math and Jamie wake up too and smell it as well. They rush into the bar and see that it is on fire. Baze tries to get the fire extinguishers and Math and Jamie tell that it is too late. Ryan and Cate are still on the air during this and Kelly is criticizing Cate and her ability to have it all. The husband, the job, the kid and tells that it is all impossible to have it all. Ryan tells that Kelly should have named her book, “You can’t have it all at ONE time”. Cate gets a call and it is Baze. She ignores it. Suddenly the call comes from Math and she runs out of the station to take the call. Baze grabs the phone and tells her to answer his call next time. She asks where Lux is and he tells that she is with Cate, but she tells that Lux told her that she was going to stay the night in the bar. Baze runs in the bar to find Lux.

Later at the hospital, Cate, Math and Jamie are waiting to hear about Baze’s condition and Cate tells Ryan that they are still waiting. Lux enters and tells that she was staying with Bug all night and tells that her phone died. Cate tells that Baze ran in thinking that Lux was inside and Lux feels horrible. The doctor comes out and tells that Baze is going to be sore but alright. Cate asks if they could see him and he tells that only one person can. Cate enters the hospital room and Baze wakes up. Kate tells that Lux is fine and that she felt happy when Baze told that he was going to save Lux from the fire. He tells that he didn’t mean to make Cate upset and asks if it would have made any difference if he would have been on time to stop the wedding. She tells Baze to get some rest. Lux goes out of the hospital and Bug arrives there. She tells that she was stupid for saying yes to him and that she is not ready to be married but wants everything that he can give her and not be tied down. She tells him that she went to the beach and realized there is so much that she hasn’t seen and people she has not met. He tells that he doesn’t want to meet other people and gets upset that she does. He ride off after Lux gives him the ring back.

Kate gets back to the radio station and hugs Ryan she tells that everyone is fine. The station manager walks in and tells that they’re letting Cate go. Ryan will be on the air with Kelly from now on. Cate says that she guess she can’t have it all like Kelly’s book says. At the remains of the inside of the bar, Baze is grateful that only the inside is busted and his dad tells that it was caused from a cigarette. Baze knows who started the fire and tells she is now an ex-bartender. He vows that he is going to put the bar back together and start to repair the things in his life. Lux walks out with Cate and tells that she could volunteer at her school instead of staying at home. She tells that she will be fine. Baze is there and Cate tells that she needs to talk to him. She goes up to him and he tells that he saw Bug before he left. She hugs him and he forgives her.

Julia calls Ryan and he tells that they got the vase and tells Julia that the wedding happened and Cate doesn’t even know what happened. Kate listens to the show and Ryan tells the rest of the people on the air that he has been lucky to have her for three years and is even luckier to have her as a partner. Paige knocks on the door and Cate tells that her brother, Ryan, is still at the station. She walks in and tells that they scored on the gifts. At Westmonte High School, Lux walks in for her first day back at school and runs into Eric. She tells that she knew that his ID wasn’t real. Math walks up to them and tells that Eric is actually the new teacher filling in for another teacher temporarily. They both look at each other in shock.