Camp Grounded - Recap

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The scene opens with Cate coming down from upstairs and Ryan and Cate argue about the fact that he slept with his ex when they were broken up and the fact that Cate told Baze that a part of her still loves him the night before Ryan and Cate’s wedding day. Meanwhile, Baze gives Emma doughnuts and tells that she will hopefully get breakfast in bed from him one day. Emma tells that they have to be discrete if they are going to date. Baze tells that he will see when her schedule is free. At school, Math gives the students the camping itinerary and Jones tells that it is going to be fun. Tasha and Lux talk and Lux tells that she is happy that she is with her on this. Tasha tells that Mr. Daniels is going to chaperon and Lux runs up to him and tells that he needs to get out of it.

Cate sits down with the marriage counselor and she tells about Ryan’s faults. Her counselor tells that she is focusing too much on Ryan and not herself. Cate tells that she feels that the marriage counselor already is on Ryan’s side. At basketball practice, Tasha asks if Lux is going to get them beer when they are on the camping trip and she tells that Cate never travels without wine and she will steal some of hers. Baze goes up to Math and asks where he should take Emma out to dinner and Math reminds him that he is chaperoning the camping trip. Eric comes up and tells that something came up and he can’t go camping. Math tells that everyone is going because he needs 8 chaperons. Lux overhears this and is not happy. After school, Cate and Lux get to Baze’s and Cate tells that they are all set for supplies. She tells that Ryan is not coming and Baze asks if Math knows that Ryan isn’t going and then gets an idea to call Emma and invite her along to go camping as well. She agrees to go.

The day of the camping trip arrives and Baze waits for Emma to get there. Cate walks up with a lot of things and tells that she is prepared. Emma arrives and Cate is not really happy that she is there too. They get piled in and Lux is forced to sit next to Eric. At the last moment, Ryan comes on the bus and asks Lux to scoot over. Thinking he came for her, Cate rubs his arm. Ryan tells that he came for Lux. They arrive at the campsite and Math gives them an activity on team building. The prize is shared with everyone, but Eric tells that the winning team gets a week off English homework. Ryan and Cate are put on the same team, but Ryan switches with Baze and tells that he doesn’t want to be with Cate. The teams get started and Lux and her team are a little lost until they hear Baze’s team. They swing across a mud pit and Lux is apprehensive when Eric is there catching on the other side. Tasha goes before her and Eric walks off. When it is Cate’s turn, Ryan tries to help her out, but she slips in the mud and is covered.

They run ahead and Baze finds Eric finds the blue team’s cooler. Ryan tells that they are taking it to the camp and Cate grabs the other side and tells that they are going to help them find theirs. The cooler flies after an unsuccessful tug-o-war and the hot dogs that were in the cooler fall into the lake. Everyone is upset. When the red team finds their cooler, it is marshmallows. They see the camp across the lake and Lux tells that she will take the long way around. One of the girls makes fun of her because she can’t swim. Tasha offers to go with her, but Cate tells that she will go. Later that night, Lux and Cate get back to camp and Tasha tells that they were disqualified because they didn’t cross as a team. One of the girls tells that they are playing Truth or Dare and Lux declines and tells that she is not 10 years old. Jones tells that he’ll go and the girl dares him to kiss a girl at the bonfire. He walks over to Tasha and kisses her. She asks Lux again and Lux says dare. She dares her to tell Eric that he is hot. She switches it to truth and she asks who the last person she kissed was. Lux tells that she doesn’t remember. Tasha tells that it was Bug. The food gets there and Tasha tells her to forget about it. Lux offers to go to Cate’s tent and sneak some wine. Tasha tells that she wants to play it normal this time.

Baze walks up to Emma and asks how she is doing. Emma tells that she is sleeping with Cate because boys and girls can’t sleep together. She tells that she didn’t want to be the last thing on Baze’s mind. He reassures that she isn’t by taking her in the bus and showing that he decorated the bus with lights and set a table with some champagne. Eric walks up to Lux at the lake and tells that she shouldn’t have to worry about not swimming. He tells that she is hanging around kids and that he keeps telling himself to stay away and he tells that he doesn’t want to. He asks if she wants to learn how to swim and she tells that she does. Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan are arguing and Cate tells that Ryan is as much at fault as her in this and he tells that she blames people for her faults. They argue and then start kissing. On the bus, Baze and Emma start kissing too. One thing leads to another and they start getting “busy”. In the lake, Eric is teaching Lux to swim and then kisses her. They hear a snap of a twig and as person runs off.

They get out of the water quickly and they rush back to camp. Ryan and Cate are in the shed and Ryan tells that it was good break-up sex. Cate asks if he is still thinking of leaving and he tells that he doesn’t know. She tells that he knew who she was when he married her and that he needs to recognize himself if he is going to like himself. Emma and Baze get done and are snuggling when Cate comes on the bus. She sees them and tells that she sorry and then leaves. Emma tells Baze to go and talk to her and tells that she wants a complicated boyfriend and not a simple one. Baze goes to talk to her and she tells that Baze has moved on and she doesn’t know if Ryan wants to be married to her anymore. Lux gets into the tent and Tasha tells that she saw her and Eric. She asks if she knows what she is doing and tells that they have been best friends for a while and tells that they have a shot of being regular teens together. She tells that she needs to stop what is going on.

The next day, Baze and Ryan wake up spooning with each other and are disgusted. Baze tells that Ryan should tell Cate what she wants him to say. Ryan tells that it is hard to admit that he is the fault. He tells that he feels that it is his job to fix Cate. He tells that Baze could have been married to her if Baze would have said “I love you”. He tells that Cate loves Ryan and he should fight for Cate. On the beach, Emma walks up to Lux and Lux asks why she stays with Baze even though she is older and his boss. She tells that there are not many Baze’s around and you don’t lose something you have. Eric comes up and Lux tells that Tasha was the one who saw them and she tells that she needs to be able to walk away despite what he says. On the bus, Baze apologizes for the bad date and she tells that it was fun. Ryan asks when therapy is again and tells that he’ll be there. Tasha saved Lux as seat, but she sits next to Eric. He tells that he won’t let her go and then grabs her hand and holds it. She smiles and the bus drives off back to the school.