Homecoming Crashed - Recap

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The scene opens Ryan and Kelly talking and Ryan mentions the fact that Kelly couldn’t get laid while on vacation and Kelly tells him to stop talking about her sex life and Ryan tells her to stop talking about his marriage. They take a break and Cate asks Ryan how Baze’s place is. He tells that it is fine. Ryan tells that Baze owed him 100 times to allow him to stay. She tells that the reason why they are separated is because of the fact that Ryan only married Cate because his ex-girlfriend said no to him. Ryan tells that Cate still doesn’t have an answer to why she married him and walks away. At school, Lux walks up to Tasha and tells that it is good that she found a good way to graffiti the school. Tasha is not pleased and Lux apologizes and thanks her for allowing Eric and Lux to use her apartment. Tasha tells that Cate told that she can’t go to Homecoming with Jones and Lux tells that she will talk to Cate about it.

Later, Lux meets with the new tutor and Eric and they talk about Lux’s disorder in front of Baze and Cate. They tell that Lux has Disgrafia, an inability to express thoughts in writing. She tells that Lux was good until the 7th grade. Eric offers for Lux to get an MRI to see if Lux has any neurological damage from it. They agree on it. After they leave, Lux talks to Eric and he tells that if Lux goes to the MRI, they will make a Homecoming of their very own. Afterwards, Baze gets to work and walks into Emma’s office, only to find Sam. Emma walks in and Baze tells that he has tickets to a Charity Ball for Candy Carter, a woman who has more money then God. Emma tells them to trash them because she already tried to sign Candy and she refused. Baze tells that he has to pay for Lux’s new treatments and the bonus will be split if Emma goes with him on it. He tells that he will get something for Sam to do to remain preoccupied.

Lux, Baze and Cate meet with the MRI specialist and she tells that Lux suffered a stroke at the time where the change of the reading and writing happened. Lux tells that nothing happened. Lux tells that she was living in Sunnyvale at that time and fights to avoid the conversation. In the waiting room, Cate tells that something is going on and Baze tells her to forget about it and they will deal with it. Baze tells that he is paying for Lux’s MRI and tells that she is her dad and will pay. Later, Tasha is doing Lux’s hair and Lux tells that she looks horrible. Lux gets a text and it is a picture of what Eric is doing. She thanks Tasha again. Cate comes in and tells that she can’t find any medical records when Lux lived in Sunnyvale. Tasha lets it slip that Lux wasn’t living in Sunnyvale and switches and tells that she was talking about herself. Lux runs downstairs to get the door. Cate asks Tasha what is going on and Tasha gives the address to where Lux was staying at.

Lux answers the door and it is Baze and Emma. Baze tells that Sam, Emma’s son, needs a date to Homecoming since Lux was going alone. She is shocked and reluctantly agrees. Baze and Emma leave and Lux and Sam agree to make the best of it. At the Homecoming dance, Jones and Tasha and Lux and Sam enter and Sam asks Jones if he has any drugs and Jones tells that he doesn’t do drugs and Sam calls him lame. Lux tells that she needs to make a call and Sam tells that he will hang back with her. She tells that she doesn’t have to. Meanwhile at the party, Baze gets introduced to Candy and Baze compliments her piano saying that she had a lot of fun on it. She takes a little offense to that and Baze corrects himself and tells that fun by playing it. She tells that she doesn’t play. Baze tells that he plays and tells that his style of music is not classy. She tells that she likes “not classy”. Baze gets on the piano and they sing “Ice Ice Baby”. Back at the dance, Sam walks up to Lux who is leaving a message for Eric telling that she is stuck at the dance. She asks if Sam is stalking her and he sits down next to her and shows that he got a joint. Eric calls and Sam asks who Minnesota is and then puts it together that Lux was going to sneek off. He offers the joint and she takes it and tells him no, but is caught by her tutor.

Cate goes to the house that Tasha gave the address to and it is Valerie’s home. She invites her in and tells that she loved Lux was good. She tells that Lux and Tasha spray painted her house and that is why Tasha got kicked out. Back at the party, Candy is flirting with Baze and he brings up the contract that they could have. She tells that she doesn’t like Emma and Baze tells that she will be working with him as well. She tells that she will be over on Monday. Emma comes over and throws Baze’s coat at him and tells that they need to go. She tells that Baze’s flirting is not a good way to parent Lux to be able to pay for her MRI. Baze throws it back in her face that he is not the one that threw his kid into Boarding School rather then keep him. At Valerie’s she tells that there was a violent moment and that it was Lux who was violent and hitting people. She tells that Lux hit her husband and that she was always wanted to keep Lux. Cate gets a call and leaves. She gets to the school where Lux and Sam are there. Lux rats out Sam and Cate gives Sam the keys and tells him to wait in the car.

Cate tells Lux that she visited Valerie’s house and tells that Valerie loved her. Lux tells that is only her side of the story. She storms out. Tasha and Jones made it into Homecoming Court and Lux walks off. She tells that Tasha told Cate about Valerie and Tasha tells that Lux is hiding something. Lux tells Sam to get out of the car and Sam tells that is fine. Tasha gets in the car and Lux takes Cate’s car. Lux drives to Valerie’s and yells at Valerie about her telling Cate that she was the violent one. Lux tells that Valerie’s husband pushed her down the stairs and punched her in the chest. Her husband grabs Lux by the hair and tells her to stay away. Tasha hits him in the head with a shovel and they take off. Sam tells Lux to let him out of the car and tries to get out Lux drives the car into a ditch. She calls Ryan and tells where she is. He tells that he is on his way. Lux tells Tasha that no one should know about what happened. At Cate and Ryan’s, Cate gets off the phone and tells that Lux crashed the car and Emma tells that she is not the only one that doesn’t know her own kid.

Lux, Sam and Ryan enter and Cate asks where Tasha is. Ryan tells that he took her home. Lux tries to go to her room and Cate stops her. She asks what is going on and Lux lashes out and tells that Cate is struggling to find out what is going on with Ryan and her that she is putting all of that on Lux. Cate tells that Lux is becoming someone she doesn’t know and Lux tells that she was already like that. Sam takes the blame for crashing and stealing the car. The next day, Cate thanks Ryan and he tells that he is willing to figure out what is going on with them after Cate admits that she married Ryan so that she wouldn’t be alone taking care of Lux.

At the office, Baze patches things up with Emma and Emma admits that she was jealous of Baze because of the fact that he has it easy because he can get things when he wants them. They hug. Meanwhile at school, Lux talks to Eric and he gives her a mini disco ball. She lies to him and tells that she is fine. Sam comes up to her and tells that his mom enrolled him at the school and will be going there for now on. He gives her a newspaper clipping of a man being hospitalized for a shovel to the head. Eric tells that he is from Minnesota and Sam puts it together that Eric was the one calling Lux and tells that he is going to like it at Westmont High.