Thanks Ungiven - Recap

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The scene opens with Baze and Emma flirting while Emma tries to tell that Thanksgiving is always a busy time for her. Jack comes in and Baze tells that he was just going over the numbers with Emma. Jack asks if Baze still doesn’t want to join them for Thanksgiving in Aruba. Baze tells that he will pass because it is Lux’s real Thanksgiving. Jack tells that he’ll bring back Lux a souvenir. Emma tells that was close. Baze tells Emma to come over his place for Thanksgiving and tells that Jack is not going to be there to catch them. She agrees to go. Meanwhile at school, Tasha is scared that Trey, the man she hit with a shovel, is going to press charges. Lux reassures that he only spent a night in the hospital. Lux bumps into Sam and he jokes about the shovel incident. Eric calls Lux over and Sam whispers that her boyfriend is calling her. Eric tells that Math invited him to Thanksgiving and he tells that he likes the excuse to be with her. Sam watches from a distance.

Cate is putting groceries away when Baze comes in. He tells that he is cooking a big turkey and wants to swap times with her. Cate tells that she is already gotten her sister and mother coming over and Baze offers for them to come over to his place and have Thanksgiving together. Cate tells that Ryan is going to be having Thanksgiving with him mother and Baze tells that it will be fun spending Thanksgiving together with Cate. He tries to hug her and she doesn’t want anything to do with it. At school, Sam and Lux are walking around and Sam tells that he will keep his mouth shut of the relationship between Eric and Lux, if she will get Eric to give him a passing grade without doing the work. Meanwhile back at the house, Cate is talking to a company about their pregnancy tests and asks if they are accurate. She has taken six of them and all say that she is pregnant.

Later, Cate’s sister and mother are there and they are drinking already. Cate pulls out stuffing casserole and tells that she wanted to bring something nice with them to Baze’s. They ask about Ryan and she tells that he will be at his mother’s house. Abby offers Cate alcohol and she declines. Immediately Abby asks if Cate is pregnant. She denies it, but after their glares, she admits it. She tells that she is not going to tell Ryan until she is 100% sure that she is. At Baze’s, everyone is cooking something and Baze is cleaning up. He finds Paige’s bra in the couch and tells Math to do something with it. Emma comes in with Sam. Lux is nervous and Sam says hello to Eric and tells Lux that it is not surprising. Cate and her mother and sister arrive and she tells that they are not going to be allowed to tell Ryan anything and no one else either. However, Ryan walks up with beer. He tells that Paige canceled on dinner and Ryan didn’t want to deal with their drama.

Sam and Lux are in the other room and he asks if she has spoken with Eric about the extra homework and she tells that she has not. Eric comes up and asks Sam how the extra credit is coming and Sam tells that Lux is helping him with it. Baze and Emma are basting the turkey when Jack comes in with his wife and surprises Baze. He asks why Emma is there and she tells that she was dropping off files. Jack tells that they were going to Aruba, but then realized since it is Lux’s first Thanksgiving, it is only right to be there too. In Lux’s room, Sam is looking around and tells that she needs to get on the ball and ask. He tells that the police would love to hear about her and Eric. He asks why she likes Eric and not a guy like himself. She laughs. Baze comes in and tells that they have a lot of mashed potatoes and need them to go to the store and get some real food. He also tells that he is going to tell his dad that Lux invited Sam and Emma over because she and Sam are dating.

Cate tries to call the therapist and leaves a message. Cate runs up to Abby and she is trying to spill that Cate is pregnant. Ryan asks what is going on and she tells that it is nothing. Lux and Sam talk and Sam tells that he will forget about Eric and her if she will kiss him. She tells that he is crazy and he shows that he has a picture of Lux and Eric together. She kisses him with a closed-mouthed kiss and he runs off and tells that it wasn’t good enough for the picture. Cate yells at Abby about her not keeping her mouth shut and she tells that Cate sabotages every man in her life. She storms off and Baze’s mom and dad come up behind and she tells that Cate is still upset that she slept with Baze. She lets it slip that Baze is having sex with Emma. Jack takes Baze outside and tells him to end it with Emma or he will be fired. Baze tries to defend himself and tells that he is happy with Emma.

Sam and Lux are still fighting over the picture and Eric comes in. Lux tells Eric that Sam is trying to blackmail her to get him a better grade. Eric is upset that Lux allowed it to happen. Eric tells that he should go and Math enters and tells that it is dinner time. Baze is upset cutting the turkey and Baze asks if his dad wants to dictate what kind of turkey they are allowed to have. Tasha asks for some bread and Abby tells that Cate has some “buns in the oven”. Cate tells her to be quiet. Baze asks for the stuffing and denies Cate’s stuffing. Cate gets frustrated with her sister and picks up the wine and drinks. Abby alerts Cate and she spits it all over the turkey. She tells everyone that she is pregnant. On the patio, Ryan and her talk and Cate is upset that she ruined Thanksgiving. Ryan tells that he is moving back home and she tells that nothing has changed between them. Ryan tells that having a baby means everything. She tells that she doesn’t want him back if they are going to fight and only if he wants her and not the baby.

Emma goes outside with Baze and asks if Jack knows. He tells that he is going to fire him if he doesn’t break it up. She tells that she knows and tells that they can’t be together because it is going to put everything at risk. Lux tells Tasha that Sam is going to spoil everything and tells that she is going to talk to Cate about the truth of her and Eric. Tasha tells that what is going to stop Sam from blabbing about the incident with the shovel and she tells that it is Tasha’s life that she is going to hurt too. Cate’s mother sits down with Cate and tells that she should give Ryan a chance and to work on their marriage now together. She tells that no one tried her stuffing and tells that she wants Ryan to come back, but not for just the baby.

Baze goes upstairs and tells that Jack needs to leave. He tells that if he has to choose between Jack or Emma, he is going to choose Emma. They hug. Ryan is outside and Cate comes up and tells that she has a doctor’s appointment and tells that they can go together from home. Lux comes up to Cate and tells that she needs to talk to her. Math walks up and tells that the police are there. They walk inside and the police tell that they have a warrant for an arrest. Lux starts to explain and the police officer tells that it is for Tasha. Cate and Ryan glare at Tasha and Sam tells that he didn’t call. The episode ends.