Stand Taken - Recap

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The scene opens with Lux, Baze, Cate and Ryan in the interview room of the police station. They get Tasha’s statement and Lux tells Cate that it was her that stole the car and not Sam. Cate is upset that Lux lied to her. Lux tells that Tasha only hit the man because he grabbed her hair and wouldn’t let go. They hear that Tasha hit the man with a shovel and are shocked. Ryan tells that they need a lawyer. Tasha gets released with Fern’s help and tells that Trey is giving his statement. Back at the house, Cate and Ryan talk about Lux and Ryan is nice to Cate. He tells that he is not a saint, but Cate’s husband. He tells that they will figure things out. Lux and Tasha talk and Tasha tells that she told the cops everything and Lux asks about Trey hitting her in the past. Tasha asks if Lux will testify if it comes down to it. Eric calls Lux and she ignores the call. Tasha tells that she is going to have to tell him what is going on sooner or later.

Lux goes to Tasha’s apartment and meets Eric. He tells that he thought the police were going to arrest him. He asks why Tasha was arrested and Lux lies and tells that she doesn’t know and Lux tells that she doesn’t want to talk and they kiss. Lux gets back inside and Cate tells that she was trying to call Lux. Fern is there with Tasha and tells that the State is pressing charges and that Tasha could be facing 6-8 years in prison because of the charge. Baze tells that they will get a private lawyer on Tasha’s case. Tasha asks for help from Lux and Lux tells that she knows something that will help Tasha. She tells that Trey hit her and shoved her down the stairs. Baze tells that they need to do something and Lux tells them that they need to only help Tasha. Baze has a lawyer come over with the help of Emma. He thanks him for coming on short notice. Jack comes to the door and asks what is going on. Baze is not happy to see him and tells that he has Emma helping out and tells him to leave. The lawyer tells that they need to make sure that Trey deserved the hit. He tells that Lux needs to get everything everything out on the table if he testifies.

Lux goes to Trey’s work and tells that if he testifies at the hearing or the things in the past are going to come out. If he doesn’t, he is going to make sure it doesn’t. At the house, Ryan and Cate have their appointment on Monday and Lux tells that she needs to talk to her. She tells that she lied about Trey hitting her. She tells that she was the violent one. However, Cate doesn’t believe her and Lux tries to tell that Cate doesn’t know her and walks away. At the doctor’s appointment, Ryan thinks that Lux is lying because she changed the story because Trey got to her and they talked. Cate calls Baze and tells that Ryan has a theory. Baze is upset and Jack tells that he has a friend who is a circuit judge and Baze tells that he doesn’t want to talk and wants to talk to Trey and beat his head in. Jack tells that more violence is not going to help Lux or Tasha.

Later that night, Tasha is looking at dresses and Cate tells that Trey is not testifying and Lux isn’t either. Meanwhile, Eric and Lux are watching an old movie and Tasha walks in. She tells that she needs to talk to her now. Lux tells that her and Tasha need to talk and tells that everything is fine to Eric. Tasha tells that Lux is supposed to be her best friend. She tells that she got Trey not to testify and Tasha tells that she still needs her testimony. She figures that Lux is trying to protect herself from Eric finding out. The next day at court, Lux testifies and tells that she went to the house because Valerie said that Lux was a liar. Eric comes in and Lux freezes. The prosecutor wraps her words and she tells that Trey hit her before. The prosecutor tells that Lux is a liar because she changed her story already once before.

Lux goes out the courtroom and Eric walks up to her and tells that he wants her to tell it all to protect Tasha. She tells that she is scared that he will leave her after finding out what happened. He tells that he loves her and doesn’t care. She is happy that Eric told her that he loved her and has a new confidence. Back in the courtroom, Lux tells that Trey hit her and she hit him because she was afraid that he was going to force her to have sex with him. Prosecutor tries to dismiss it, but the judge allows Lux to continue. Lux tells that Trey would force her to kiss him and threatened to send her back to Sunnyvale if she said anything. She took a lamp and smashed it over his head, and Trey threw her down the stairs. She tells that she told Valerie about it, but she told her that she was lying. Trey tells that she is a liar and Baze gets up and Jack is the one that reaches him first and punches him.

Outside, Jack gets off with a warning and Jack asks if Baze is alright. Jack tells that parents can’t always fix things and tells that he will give support to him even if he is dating Emma. Inside, Lux tells Cate that Valerie believed what she wanted to believe and tells that she had promised that she would be her mom forever and it really hurt her. Cate tells that she will always be there for Lux and Lux tells that she never wants to lose Cate. Valerie walks off and Cate tells her that Valerie needs to believe Lux and be a mother to her like she was. Cate gets in the courtroom and Valerie is not there. The judge, lawyers, and Valerie walk back in and the judge tells that Valerie testified and corroborated with Lux’s story and dismisses the higher charge. He tells that she will have to serve two months in juvenile offender facility. After which she can return to independent living. Fern tells that the District Attorney is pressing charges on Trey and will face jail time. Fern apologizes to Lux. Eric and Lux talk and he tells that nothing has changed with them.

They go out of the courtroom and Lux sees Valerie and tells that she is thankful hat Valerie wasn’t a good mother because she would have never found her real mother and father. She is dumbfounded when Lux walks away. Ryan, Cate and Lux go to the doctor’s appointment and look at their little blueberry of a baby. They get to Baze’s and Tasha tells that it is her last night of freedom. Lux thanks her and they make up their friendship. Baze toast to Lux for her help with Tasha and that she is who she is. Downstairs Jack is getting the champagne out and Emma tells for him to hurry. Jack tells that he is surprised that Emma is not jealous of Cate and Baze’s relationship. Jack tells that he is questioning her motives for going with Baze and Emma tells that it was Jack who cheated with her on his wife and that he promised things that never came true. Behind the fridge, Lux drops the soda and stands there is shock. The episode ends.