Affair Remembered - Recap

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The scene opens with Ryan telling Cate that they have to go or they will be late. Cate tells that having no caffine is the worst thing about having the baby. Lux says that she is not feeling good, but Cate doesn’t believe her. Cate says that Lux was the one who was hiding the fact that she was having inappropriate relationship with her teacher. Lux backfires with things that Cate has done wrong in her life when Ryan tells Cate that she wants to hear this. They go to the office and Ryan and Cate are told that Kelly is fired because they wanted to have more listeners and the public felt that she was not good for Ryan. The station offers Ryan his own show and Ryan tries to fight for him and Cate to get back together on the air, but it is no deal on the station’s part. Meanwhile, Baze takes Lux to school and Baze asks why she is mad at her and says that it wasn’t good to throw the fact that Emma had an affair in his face. She gets out of the car and Baze calls his father to meet him at the bar.

Jack arrives at the bar and Baze says that he knows about him and Emma and asks if his mother knows. Jack doesn’t answer. He tells that Emma loved him and he loved her. Baze tells that he quits working for him and he says that he is done with him. At the doctor’s appointment, Ryan and Cate find out that Cate has a miscarriage. Ryan tells Cate to relax, but Cate tells that she has a job to do to get Ryan’s show going. Ryan says that she should take it easy. Baze gets a call from his mother saying that everything is a mess and asks if she can use Baze’s bar for Jack’s Birthday Party. He says that he is not happy with Jack right now and his mother tells that he needs to be nice for this day only. At school, Jones comes up to Lux and asks if she is alright. She says that she hates being away from Tasha. Jones suggests that they ditch school and go see her. She agrees and they run off. Alice comes over to Cate and Alice tells that she has had a rough week and when Cate tells that she had a miscarriage, Alice is sad for her. Cate gets a call from the doctor and tells Alice that she can’t have kids ever again. She says that the baby was the only thing putting them together.

Jones and Lux ditch school and Jones talks to Lux about the shovel and the trial and asks if she wants to talk about. She says that is not what she is upset and opens up and says that she was dating someone and Baze and Cate made them break up. Jones jokes that she isn’t dating her teacher and says that everyone is talking about a girl. Lux gets upset and Jones realizes that she is the girl. At work, Ryan asks why she is there and Cate tells Ryan that she can’t get pregnant again. Ryan’s producer tells that Corporate wants to talk to him and Cate tells that nothing is going to change things. That night at Jack’s party, Baze is taking shots and Emma comes in. Baze asks why she is doing there and Math tells that his mother has invited everyone. Jack tells Baze to take it easy and Baze talks to him and asks why he didn’t tell him and Jack says that the only reason Emma was with him, was because she couldn’t be with him. Baze gets up and gives a toast and almost spills the news that Jack was sleeping with Emma, but tells everyone that he doesn’t have to be like his father and ends the toast nicely. Everyone cheers.

At the Juvinile Detention Center, Lux tries to see Tasha, but her visiting privlages have been suspended. Lux walks out and goes home. Cate asks where she was and asks if Eric came back. Lux and Cate argue and Lux asks what stress she could be under and Cate tells that she doesn’t have to fight with her and tells that she just wants her to talk to her. Cate tells that she doesn’t have to talk to her, but says that she has to talk to someone. Back at the party, Emma comes in the back room where Baze is and he tells that he was just some constalation prize. She tells that she got involved with Baze in spite of Jack. She wishes that he could see himself the way she sees him. They kiss and start to get “busy”. However, Baze stops and tells her that it is over. She leaves and says that she loves him. He says that if she loves him, she will go. Lux meets Jones at a basketball court and tells that she is a screwed up girl that dated her teacher, but Jones tells her that he liked her from the beginning. She says that she never knew that she could be a girl good enough to date him. However, he says that he is not normal because his mother has bi-polar and is afraid that he might be the same way someday. They have fun playing basketball.

Later, Ryan comes home and tells her that he wants to be with her and says that he and her are partners and that is why he was on the phone with Corporate and they have their show back. Cate says that she really wanted the baby and Ryan says that he did too. Baze goes up to his father and tells that he wants to buy the bar. Lux gets home to find Cate in her bed. She tells that she wants to be able to know what she is feeling and opens up to her and tells her that she lost the baby. Lux says that she is sorry to hear that and they agree to talk to each other when they have a problem. She tells that she wants to know about her and Eric and how he made her feel. The next day, Cate and Ryan are back on the air and have a fun time with their old game Sex, Marry, Kill and Cate says that the only person she wants to have sex with is him. Later, Ryan comes in the bar and tells that Lux passed her driver’s test. Baze tells her that he is proud of her and says that he could lose anyone in the world, besides her.

Cate goes to her doctor’s appointment and tells that she is not coming back. She looks over at another patient and sees that it is Julia, Ryan’s ex-girlfriend. Back at the bar, Ryan, Baze and Ryan are having a paint fight when Cate comes in and tells that they need to talk. Two years later and Lux is graduating. Tasha is in the class as well and Ryan is with Julia, Baze and Cate are back together and Math is expecting a little one of his own with a girl. Lux tells that Cate and Baze were her constants in her life. Lux is with Jones now and the group is happy and Baze and Cate kiss and tell that they made it. The episode ends with them getting their picture taken as a group and all have happy faces.