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Teacher Schooled - Recap

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The scene opens with Cate waking Ryan and Lux up for breakfast and says that it would be could since Lux is going back to school that they have a nice family breakfast. Meanwhile, Baze wakes up with Emma and tells her that he is thinking of getting into a house and says that he would love her to move in with him as well. She is unsure of it, but shows that she is excited. Lux is trying to text Eric, but he has not returned her texts. She comes down for breakfast and Ryan tells that it is pregnancy cravings. Cate tells that Lux will have someone with her everywhere she goes and Lux tells that she doesn’t need a babysitter. Cate reminds her that Trey is out on bail and that she needs to be protected. Baze gets there and Lux teases about Cate needing to know where she is at all times. Ryan tells Cate to back off a little with Lux and says that she is going to be fine.

Baze drives to a house and shows Lux where he is thinking of having Emma move in with him. Lux asks if she can talk to Emma first and he gets out. Lux asks Emma when she is going to tell Baze about the affair she had with his father, Jack. She tells that the topic is hard to come up. She tells that the truth will come out sooner or later. Lux gets to school and goes in to see Eric. She asks why he never returned the texts and Eric tells that his family’s place has bad reception. Eric tells that he has been thinking and it is kind of messed up. Lux tells that Baze is buying a house and she would be in a different district and wouldn’t go to the school. She tells that he should go to Tasha’s apartment and tells that she wants to be together with him. She tells that she will take care of everything else and he just needs to show up. He agrees and says that it is a date.

Baze gets to work with Emma and he tells that the owner of the house is willing to sell him the house cheaper then before and that means that he will be able to move in it sooner. She is hesitant and Baze asks what is wrong. She is about to tell him about the affair, but sees Sam and changes the problem as Sam. She tells that she doesn’t know how Sam would take all the moving. Lux comes into Baze’s work and sees Sam lying on the couch. He teases her about Eric and tells that it is wrong what she is doing. Baze comes up and tells Sam that they are going to go out and hang out with each other. Sam tells that he will go if Lux goes, but Lux tells that she has plans with Cate tonight. Baze leaves and Sam tells that she needs to rethink the relationship that she is having with Eric. Lux tells that Emma is about to move in with Baze. Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan are at the book store checking out baby books and Cate sees Eric there. She tells that she is thankful that Eric was there at the trial and that he was the strong adult in Lux’s life at that moment in time. He tells that he will see her around and leaves.

Lux is home and gets a text from Eric saying that he can’t make it because he has too much work. Ryan tries to get into a drawer, but Cate has put the child locks on it already. Lux tells that she is going to go help Baze with the bar and Cate tells that she will drive her. However, she fights back and tells that she doesn’t need to be treated like a baby. Ryan steps in and tells that Lux can walk to Baze’s without a problem. Lux tells that she has dealt with the past and tells Cate that she needs too as well. Meanwhile, Baze and Sam get to the bar and makes small talk with Sam. He asks him to help him move a table and Sam tells that he knows that he is trying to move in with his mom. He tells that his mom doesn’t care with what Sam wants and she doesn’t want him. He tells that his dad doesn’t want him either. He tells that he can get his own kid to help him clean up. Eric gets home to find Lux there. He tells that he can’t do this anymore and Lux thinks that he is thinking of the thing that Trey did. However, Eric tells that is not it and she tells that she shouldn’t have testified. Eric tells her that he will be at Tasha’s apartment later.

Baze takes Sam to the house and tells that he is not kicking Sam out. He tells that he could pick any room he wants and tells that he is moving in with Emma, but Sam is coming with. Cate comes in and asks where Lux is. Baze tells that he thought that she was with Cate. Sam tells that they need to go to Tasha’s apartment. Meanwhile, Lux is making the apartment romantic and Eric is walking outside. He knocks on a door and Math answers. At the same time Lux opens the apartment door and finds Cate and Baze there. They ask where Eric is and Lux lies and says that there is nothing going on with her and Eric. Meanwhile, Eric comes clean with Math about his and Lux’s relationship. Lux, Baze, Cate and Sam go to Baze’s and Lux is still denying Eric and her relationship. However, Eric walks in and tells that he told Math. Baze lunges at Eric and Lux tells that Baze needs to know about his own relationship and tells that Emma had an affair with Jack before Baze. Cate asks why she is lying and Lux tells that she isn’t lying about it. Baze walks out.

Cate tells Lux that it is over with Eric and Eric tells that he told Math because he doesn’t want to do this anymore. Cate tells that the affair with her teacher is not alright, but Lux tells that Cate wasn’t there when she needed her and Cate apologizes that she wasn’t there for her. Cate tells that she is never seeing him again and she tells that she can’t stop her. However, she tells that she can because she is her mother. Later, Emma walks in on Baze and Sam having a beer together and Baze asks Sam to give his mom and him a second. Sam thanks Baze for the basement. Baze asks how long the affair lasted. She tells that it was 4 years, but now it is over. He asks if she was ever going to tell him and she tells that she wasn’t because she knew that she would lose Baze. He tells that she has lost him.

Back at Cate and Ryan’s, Cate is trying to open the cabinet and forgets about the child lock. Ryan apologizes that he told Cate to back off. She tells that she wants to protect Lux. Later, Baze and Cate go to Eric’s apartment and tell him to resign and move out of town. If he does that, they won’t call the police. Eric tells that he loves Lux and says that he understands that they don’t want her to see him and gives them a gift to give to Lux. The next day, Lux goes upstairs to find the present on her bed. It is a compass with a note that tells her that it is “To help you find your way” Love Eric. She smiles and cries. The episode ends.