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Season 4

53 :04x01 - Two Kisses, One Party

Marti is turning eight and wants to have a party with all her friends, but it's almost canceled when Nora has to go to Toronto to visit her aunt who just broke her hip. Sally volunteers herself and Derek to plan and host the part.y. Derek and Sally get in a fight when he refuses to help her.

Meanwhile Casey is finding it hard to get over Max and thinks they should get back together.
Guest Stars: Shadia Simmons as Emily | Robbie Amell as Max Miller | Kate Todd as Sally | Nicole Samantha Huff as Yvette | Loren Amaral as Little Girl
Director: Craig Pryce

54 :04x02 - Open Mic Plight

Derek convinces his boss to have an "Open Mic Night" at Smelly Nelly's with D-Rock playing and Sally as the MC. Sally tells Derek how she feels about him and is disappointed that he doesn't tell her anything back. Derek has trouble saying how he feels so she tells him to write a song about them, much to his dislike. Now he must turn to Casey to help him write a song.

Meanwhile Edwin decides to sign up for
Open Mic Night" telling jokes but realizes that none of his jokes are actually funny.
Guest Stars: Max Vendrig as Poetry Girl | Kit Weyman as Sam | Shane Kippel as Ralph | Kate Todd as Sally
Director: Michael Mabbott

55 :04x03 - Just Friends

Derek is upset that Sally continues to hang out with her ex-boyfriend Patrick. Derek believes that guys and girls cannot be friends, it always leads to something more. So in attempt to make her jealous he calls Kendra and asks to hang out with her on Saturday. Casey thinks Derek is being ridiculous to believe that guys and girls cannot be friends so she starts hanging out with Noel, who in turn thinks that she likes him back.

Meanwhile George has a new friend at work named Terry who just so happens to be a girl. Edwin is worried that Terry has other motives for being George's friend and wants to break up his marriage.
Guest Stars: Shadia Simmons as Emily | Kate Todd as Sally | Lauren Collins as Kendra | Adam Butcher as Noel | Robert Clark (1) as Patrick | Natalie Lisinska as Terry

56 :04x04 - March Break

It's March Break and George wants to go on a family road trip twelve hours away from home. Derek and Casey don't want to waste their vacation with the family and decide to stay at home, which leads to an all out war.
Guest Stars: Kit Weyman as Sam | Shane Kippel as Ralph | Shadia Simmons as Emily
Director: Michael Mabbott
Writer: Alex Pugsley
Songs: Say When -- Whoa

57 :04x05 - 6 1/2

There's a new guy at school who decides to rate all the girls. Casey finds out that he only rated her a 6 1/2 out of 10 and is upset. Kendra decides to use the ratings the new guy gave the girls to select models for a fashion show.
Guest Stars: Shadia Simmons as Emily | Arnold Pinnock as Paul | Joe Dinicol as Truman | Kate Todd as Sally | Lauren Collins as Kendra
Director: Craig Pryce

58 :04x06 - Derek Denies Denial

After breaking up with Sally when she tells him she is going to an out-of-province university, Derek denies that he is upset about the break-up.
Guest Stars: Camden Angelis as Clara | Kate Todd as Sally | Arnold Pinnock as Paul | Kit Weyman as Sam

59 :04x07 - Happy New School Year

The new school year is about to start and there's chaos in the Venturi-McDonald house. Casey wants to find a new identity and redo her room, Edwin is heartbroken after Michelle breaks up with him, Lizzie is sick of her clothes, Marti refuses to leave her tent in the hallway and Derek wants to drop out of school to live near Sally in Vancouver.
Guest Stars: Kate Todd as Sally

60 :04x08 - No Secrets

Truman keeps asking Casey out and every time she says no, as a result she has been having dreams about him. Meanwhile Edwin starts snooping on the McDonad's and Casey's dream diary goes missing.
Guest Stars: Joe Dinicol as Truman | Shadia Simmons as Emily | Arnold Pinnock as Paul

61 :04x09 - Take a Stepkid to Work

It's "Take Your Child to Work Day" but the Venturi-McDonald house is doing it a bit differently. Instead it's called "Take Your Stepkid to Work Day" and Casey will go to work with George while Derek goes to work with Nora. Meanwhile Edwin fakes sick to stay home with Lizzie and Marti who are actually sick.
Guest Stars: Heidi Von Palleske as Mrs. Marchesano | Shane Kippel as Ralph | Kit Weyman as Sam
Director: Craig Pryce

61 :04x09 - Rude Awakenings

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Guest Stars: Jonathan Wilson as Mr. Angelino | Kit Weyman as Sam | Arnold Pinnock as Paul

62 :04x10 - No More Games

Casey is stuck with Truman as her fencing partner in PE. Meanwhile, George buys a ping pong table and it puts Edwin and Derek to be in competition with each other.
Guest Stars: Joe Dinicol as Truman | Jordan Smith as Evan | Patrick Garrow as Fergus
Director: Craig Pryce

63 :04x11 - How I Met Your Stepbrother

It's George and Nora's two year wedding anniversary and George has thrown the family a Mexican fiesta. Nora decides that its time the family learns about Operation Disengagement, Derek and Casey's plan to break up George and Nora.
Guest Stars: Shane Kippel as Ralph
Director: Moze Mossanen

64 :04x12 - Casey & Ralph?!

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Guest Stars: Shane Kippel as Ralph
Director: Paul Fox (2)

65 :04x13 - Tuesday Afternoon Fever

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Guest Stars: Nicole Samantha Huff as Yvette | Loren Amaral as Little Girl | Debra McCabe as Cindy | Romina D'Ugo as Sadia | Shane Kippel as Ralph
Director: Paul Fox (2)

67 :04x15 - Teddy's Back

Casey agrees to go out with Truman but things don't go exactly as planned. Meanwhile, Edwin's friend Teddy returns and won't leave the Venturi-McDonald family alone. While everyone else wants him to leave, Derek decides to take him under his wing and George is away on a business trip.
Guest Stars: Cameron Ansell as Teddy | Joe Dinicol as Truman
Writer: Alex Pugsley

68 :04x16 - Truman's Last Chance

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Guest Stars: Alan Catlin as Ron | Landon Norris as Marvin | Raymond Ablack as Kevin | Nicole Dicker as Courtney | Paula Brancati as Vicky | Joe Dinicol as Truman

69 :04x17 - Surprise!

As Prom approaches the Venturi household is full of surprises Derek announces a new love, Casey gets back with an old love, and Nora and George announces the biggest surprise of them all to the family.
Guest Stars: Shane Kippel as Ralph | Kit Weyman as Sam | Joe Dinicol as Truman | Lauren Collins as Kendra | Jessica Levy (2) as Amanda

70 :04x18 - Futuritis

As graduation day approaches, a worried Casey is having difficulty writing her valedictorian speech, which she blames on her fear of Derek pulling a prank and ruining it until Derek points out that she's actually afraid of what the future holds. Meanwhile, Edwin is concerned that he won't be able to live up to Derek's reputation at J.S. Thompson High when he goes there in the fall. The family celebrates Casey and Derek's high school graduation and the two make a very awkward announcement: that they are going to the same university.
Guest Stars: Kit Weyman as Sam | Shane Kippel as Ralph | Arnold Pinnock as Paul | Joe Dinicol as Truman | John Nelles as Mr. Lassiter
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 05:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 18, 2005
Ended: March 25, 2009
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