Series 2

7 :02x01 - Series 2, Episode 1

Cat and Sam arrive back in Glasgow with a colossal bump following a holiday away in South Africa. Having run away from her relationship with Frankie, Cat realises that she must now face the music. Things dont go to plan when Tess starts a new job. Frankie and Tess are finding it hard to pay the rent on their new flat and look for a new flatmate to help.

8 :02x02 - Series 2, Episode 2

Cat’s celebrating her birthday and Sam has the perfect day ornaised. Cat feels like a total fraud though as against her better judgement, she’s sleeping with Frankie behind an unsuspecting Sam’s back and even has a secret meeting with her arranged. Tess tries to help new flatmate Lexy move in and gets to know her better. Frankie’s career prospects improve after she manages to get herself a job photographing a boutique hotel in the Scottish Highlands for Scottish magazine Minus 21. In an attempt to sort things out with Sadie, Frankie offers to split the fee if Sadie gives her a lift. Frankie’s pleased to see Cat and they share a passionate afternoon together which ends up causing a dramatic events and unexpected consequences.

9 :02x03 - Series 2, Episode 3

Sam isn’t coping very well and she finds it hard to deal with everybody fussing around about her. Sadie manages to get herself an interview with trendy arts and culture magazine Minus 21, to be a writer. Tess attempts to connect Frankie, who is shutting her out. Tess has to endure a sleepless night listening to the loud sexual conquests of her flatmates. Tess wants Ed's help with Nora, but is unprepared for the consequences of this meeting.

11 :02x05 - Series 2, Episode 5

After Sam makes an unexpected visit to the flat to confront Tess about her discovery, Sam becomes distanced from her friends. Lexy shows up and defends a bewildered Tess, which makes Sam think whether she was part of the cover-up as well. Sam’s unpredictable behavior at work ends up seeing her being sent home. Sadie’s excitement about her new job at Jo’s art gallery is short-lived after Lauren ignores her text messages. Tess ends up being involved in a compromising position after Hugh embroils her in his disastrous love life. The situation with Lexy’s stalker increases, with some unforeseen consequences.

12 :02x06 - Series 2, Episode 6

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