Season 9

Look Back to Yesterday

Charles returns to Walnut Grove to find out that Albert has blood disease that almost always results in death.
Guest Stars: Jack Lilley as Townsman #1 | Sherri Stoner as Rachel Brown Oleson | Robert Casper as Sherwood Montague | James T. Callahan as Doctor Houser | Cooper Huckabee as Vance Reed | Melora Hardin as Michele Pierson | Henry Brandon as Otis Wagner | Charles Cyphers as Zack Taylor | Matthew Laborteaux as Albert Ingalls | Victor Izay as Thomas Hall | Erik Holland as Gunnar Lindstrom | Shonda Whipple as Amy Bryant | Lois Hall as Secretary | Robert Balderson as Doctor | Robert Miles (2) as Townsman #2
Director: Victor French

The Last Farewell

The Ingalls find out that Walnut Grove is being bought by a miner. They decide to blow up the town since they are being forced to leave.
Guest Stars: Jack Lilley as Stagecoach Driver | Alex Sharp as Henchman | Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster | Sherri Stoner as Rachel Brown Oleson | Robert Casper as Sherwood Montague | James Karen as Nathan Lassiter | Roger Torrey as Colonel Arthur Forbes | Dennis Robertson as Drew Coleson | Karen Grassle as Caroline Ingalls | Rod Colbin as Davis | Alvy Moore as 1st Mayor | Bill McLennan as 2nd Mayor | Ron Meszaros as Customer | Steve Rumph as Arnie | Gary Pagett as Turner | Diane Kennerly as Girl
Director: Victor French
Writer: Chris Abbott

Bless All the Dear Children

Rose is kidnapped by a woman who wants a child of her own.
Guest Stars: Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster | Jack Lilley as Stagecoach Driver | Robert Casper as Sherwood Montague | Patricia Pearcy as Elsa Norris | Robin Clarke (1) as Patrick Clark | Harvey Vernon as Mr. Baker | J.S. "Joe" Young as Beggar | Colin Hamilton as Mr. Dodsworthy | Stephen Roberts as Dr. Langley | Kate Williamson as Nurse | Hank Kendrick as Sheriff #1 | Joel Graves as Sam | Robert L. Lee as Ticket Agent | Richard Armstrong (1) as Sheriff #2 | Jack Dunlap as Sheriff #3 | Garin Bougié as Butcher Boy |
Uncredited: Ike Eisenmann as Erich Schiller
Director: Michael Landon

186 :09x01 - Times are Changing (1)

The Ingalls sell their home and leave Walnut Grove, and Laura quits teaching to stay home with Rose.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Pryor as Royal Wilder | Richard Lilley as Man #1
Director: Maury Dexter

187 :09x02 - Times are Changing (2)

Royal, Almanzo's brother, wants his brother and Laura to take care of his daughter, Jenny, because he is dying. Jenny tries to kill herself, upset by her father's death.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Pryor as Royal Wilder
Director: Maury Dexter

188 :09x03 - Welcome To Olesonville

After Harriet finds a Walnut Grove bearer bond while cleaning Lars Hanson’s home, she demands that if the town doesn’t change its ways to suit her family; then they will have to pay her over $14,000. However, Harriet gets a surprise when one of the town founders comes into Walnut Grove during the town’s first mayoral election with the intent of having his bond being paid off before hers.
Guest Stars: Noni White as Elsie Moffet | Lew Ayres as Lem McCary | Sam Edwards as Mr. Anderson | Elmore Vincent as Floyd | Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster | Carl Pitti as Dance Caller | Charles Lane as Jess Moffet | Norma Ransom as Maddy Sutherland | Thomas Murphy as Farmer #2 | Clyde Harper as Pig Farmer | Doc Livingston as Farmer #1
Director: Maury Dexter

189 :09x04 - Rage

Mr. Stark tries to kill his wife and daughter after going bankrupt. He somehow gets in the Wilder house, and mistakes Laura and Jenny for his wife and daughter.
Guest Stars: Tammy Lauren as Elizabeth Stark | Ronnie Scribner as Randall Page | Robert Loggia as Thomas Stark | Michele Marsh as Constance Stark | J. Edward McKinley as Phillips | Kurt Smildsin as Tracy
Director: Maury Dexter

190 :09x05 - Little Lou

Mrs. Oleson tries to keep Lou Bates, a little person who has recently lost his wife in childbirth, from getting a job.
Guest Stars: Patty Maloney as Alice Bates | Sam Edwards as Mr. Anderson | Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster | Billy Barty as Lou Bates | Susan French as Mrs. Bates | Steve M. De France as Customer

191 :09x06 - The Wild Boy (1)

The people of Walnut Grove try to rescue a boy who cannot speak when they see him apart of a carnival show.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Hall Kovacs as Matthew Rogers | Anthony Zerbe as Doctor Joshua McQueen | David Hooks as Luther | Steve M. De France as Farmer Tom | Angel Cook as Farmer #1
Director: Michael Landon

192 :09x07 - The Wild Boy (2)

Mr. Edwards is hiding the boy, but is ordered by a judge to put him in a mental hospital.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Hall Kovacs as Matthew Rogers | Anthony Zerbe as Doctor Joshua McQueen | Walter Brooke as Judge Simpson | David Hooks as Luther
Director: Michael Landon

193 :09x08 - The Return of Nellie

Nellie comes back to Walnut Grove, making Nancy run away.
Guest Stars: Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster | Alison Arngrim as Nellie Oleson
Director: Maury Dexter
Writer: Don Balluck

194 :09x09 - The Empire Builders

A company come into build a new railroad through walnut grove. They need the Carter's land to do it.
The community come together to stop the building of the rail road
Guest Stars: James O'Sullivan as Stewart Hobson | Dan McBride as 1st Man | Stephen Elliott (1) as Hollingsworth | Taylor Lacher as Harlem Wilkins | Ross Elliott as Lawyer | Hugh Warden as Ticket Agent | Leroy Sweet as Collins | Chuck Hicks as Big Arnie | R.L. Tolbert as Hank | Bob Terhune as Herb | David Wiley as Business Man | Charles W. Young as 1st Thug | Robert Balderson as Lester | Rod McGaughy as 2nd Man | Steve Jesse Starr as Express Manager | James L. Kelly as Foreman
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Larry Jensen

195 :09x10 - Love

When a former student from Walnut Grove’s Blind School returns to town, she and Mr. Edwards soon hit it off. After learning that Jane will be undergoing a surgery to restore her sight, Mr. Edwards starts to worry that she won’t want to be with him after she discovers the difference in their ages.
Guest Stars: Elmore Vincent as Floyd | Jill Schoelen as Jane Canfield | Walker Edmiston as Dr. Vanderan | Lorrie Blower as Nurse | M.E. Loree as Woman | Justin Bayly as Boy | Frederic Downs as Storekeeper
Director: Victor Lobl

196 :09x11 - Alden's Dilemma

When a new minister comes to town, Mr. Edwards believes that he is out to get Reverend Alden's job and to turn the heads of the married women in town, especially those of Laura and Sara. Meanwhile, John and Almonzo run into some bad luck while going to a Grange meeting in San Francisco.
Guest Stars: David Huffman as Reverand Addison Hale | Margaret Wheeler as Old Woman | Professor Toru Tanaka as Japanese Sumo | Rodney Kageyama as Agishi | Ken Scott as Guard | Richard Kennedy as Policeman | Thomas Murphy as Customer | Kellye Nakahara as Japanese Woman | Saachiko as 2nd Japanese Girl | R.L. Tolbert as Stage Driver | Tom Spratley as Hotel Clerk | Chikae Ishikawa as 1st Japanese Girl
Director: Maury Dexter
Writer: Don Balluck

197 :09x12 - Marvin's Garden

Jenny almost drowns in a swimming accident. Dr Marvin helps Jenny with her recovery and in returns she helps him too.
Guest Stars: Ralph Bellamy as Dr. Marvin Haynes | Helen Kleeb as Miss Conley | Jon Lormer as Mr. Thoms | Victor Izay as Dr. Jenkins

198 :09x13 - Sins of the Fathers

Sara Carter's father turns up in walnut grove after the death of his wife. He wants Sara and her family to go back west with him. Mrs Oleson writes a story in the local newspaper which has dire consequences to a local resident.
Guest Stars: Sheila Larken as Linda McAndrews | John McLiam as Elliot Reed | R.L. Tolbert as Stage Driver
Director: Victor French

199 :09x14 - The Older Brothers

The older brothers get out of Jail, and are looking for an easy way to make money. Mr Edwards is caught up with them.
Guest Stars: Robert Donner as Bart Younger | Carl Pitti as Stage Driver | Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster | Sunshine Parker as Sheriff | Owen Bush as Hotel Manager | Raymond Guth as Stage Guard | Ross Sherman as Man | Geoffrey Lewis as Cole Younger | Timothy Scott as Lonnie Younger | Harry Middlebrooks as Frank James
Director: Victor French

200 :09x15 - Once Upon a Time

Laura goes to Minnesota with her book, in the hope that it will be published.
Guest Stars: Ralph Manza as Hugo | William Prince as Mr. Broxton | Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster | Shawna Landon as Girl in the Library | John Bennett Perry as Russel Matthews | Kay Howell as Secretary | Ron Doyle as Bellman | Patrick Waddell as Holmes | Casey Erickson as Young Man | Albert Lord as Waiter
Director: Maury Dexter
Writer: Don Balluck

201 :09x16 - Home Again (1)

Charles is working in the city, he is having to work late nights to make ends meet, a policeman comes to the shop to inform him that Albert has been caught stealing from a shop again. After a chat with the owner of the shop he is willing to let Albert away with it if Charles gets him help.
Guest Stars: Matthew Laborteaux as Albert Ingalls | Claude Earl Jones as Mr. Gibson | Charles Tyner as Mr. Janes | Georgia Schmidt as Abel Colie | Hugo Stanger as Zeb Colie | Jonathan Hall Kovacs as Matthew | Gavin Mooney as Officer Coogan | Michael Griswold as Sergeant Bates | Colin Drake as Mr. Hawkins | Jon M. Benson as Officer | Shonda Whipple as Tami | Jason Tucker as Stuart Bayless
Director: Michael Landon

202 :09x17 - Home Again (2)

Charles confronts Albert over his problem and wants to help himt. Albert runs away after a confrontation at the school and Charles, Mr Edwards and Doc Baker go looking for him.

203 :09x18 - A Child With No Name

After Laura and Almonzo's son dies, a grieving Laura blames Doc Baker, causing the rest of the town to turn their backs on him. However, when Rose comes down with small pox, Laura reluctantly lets the doctor treat the baby.
Guest Stars: Elmore Vincent as Floyd | R.L. Tolbert as Stage Driver
Director: Victor French
Writer: Don Balluck

204 :09x19 - The Last Summer

A former visitor returns to Walnut Grove for her final summer. She strikes a bond with young Jason Carter whilst he helps get her summer house back to livable conditions.
Guest Stars: Eric Christmas as Dewey | Vera Miles as Ruthy Leland
Director: Maury Dexter

205 :09x20 - For The Love of Blanche

Mr. Edwards is on a trip home when he meets Buffalo Bill. Shortly after meeting Buffalo Bill dies and asks Mr Edwards to look after his 3 year old girl Blanche who soon causes trouble. Mrs Oleson and Nancy take a disliking to Blanche.
Guest Stars: Strawberry The Ape as Blanche | Eddie Quillan as Buffalo Bill | Elmore Vincent as Old Man | Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster | Don Collier as Sheriff | Don Michaelson as Mr. Paine
Director: Michael Landon

206 :09x21 - May I Have This Dance?

As he gets ready to graduate, Willie surprises his parents by telling them that he has no intention of going to college. Instead, he wants to stay in Walnut Grove, run the restaurant, and marry his sweetheart Rachel Brown.
Guest Stars: Barbara Townsend as Mrs. Flannery (Mae) | Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster | Sherri Stoner as Rachel Brown | Jack Ging as Mr. Brown
Director: Victor French
Writer: Chris Abbott

207 :09x22 - Hello and Goodbye

After an old friend passes away, Laura and Almonzo are surprised to learn that she willed them her home. Not wanting the large house to go to waste, Laura decides to turn it into a boarding house and soon discovers that a world famous author would like to rent a room. Meanwhile, Mr. Edwards is thrown for a loop when Matthew’s father arrives in Walnut Grove, looking to be apart of his son’s life.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Hall Kovacs as Matthew Rogers | Jack Lilley as Stage Driver | Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster | Sherri Stoner as Rachel Brown | Jim Lau as Proprietor | Peter Kwong as Employee | Bob Ulrich as Customer | Robert Casper as Sherwood Montague | Robert Darnell as Philip Rogers
Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Don Balluck