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Season 5

91 :05x01 - As Long As We're Together (1)

The Ingalls move to Winoka because of recent struggles in Walnut Grove, and it gets the family closer to Mary. Laura meets Albert, an orphan who Charles seems to like.
Guest Stars: Leon Charles as Standish | Richard Fullerton as Glover | F. William Parker as Sheriff | Frederic Downs as Mr. Thomas | Jodean Lawrence (1) as Josie | Anne Ramsey as Mrs. Schiller | Cletus Young as Harlan | Michelle Downey as Susan | Donald Elson as Fred | David Hooks as Mr. Ames
Director: Michael Landon

92 :05x02 - As Long As We're Together (2)

Charles sells his fiddle to get Mary a gift for her birthday.
Guest Stars: Richard Fullerton as Glover | Charles Alvin Bell as Mr. Davis | John Joseph Thomas as Spence | Adam Gunn as Jeb Standish | Jodean Lawrence (1) as Josie | Cletus Young as Harlan | Michelle Downey as Susan | Donald Elson as Fred | David Hooks as Mr. Ames | Leon Charles as Standish
Director: Michael Landon

93 :05x03 - The Winoka Warriors

Tom Carlin is a student at the school for the blind where Mary works. Mary gets him to play football to help him gain confidence.
Guest Stars: Adam Gunn as Jeb Standish | John Joseph Thomas as Spence | Ivan Wideman as Thomas | J. Andrew Kenny as Luke | Glenn Robards as Snyder | Peter Canon as Mr. Hoskins | Brad Wilkin as Tom Carlin | John Ireland as Frank Carlin | Michelle Downey as Susan | Leon Charles as Standish

94 :05x04 - The Man Inside

John Bevins is a heavy man who is made fun of a lot. He finally gets away from the ridicule by accepting a job at the school where Mary works, where no one can see him.
Guest Stars: Walker Edmiston as Dr. Moore | Hap Lawrence as Smitty | Ivan Wideman as Thomas | David Murdock as Apple Vendor | Katherine Woodville as Bess Bevins | Cliff Emmich as John Bevins | Michelle Downey as Susan | Sam Edwards as Postman | David Hooks as Mr. Ames | Julie Anne Haddock as Amelia
Director: Michael Landon

95 :05x05 - There's No Place Like Home (1)

Toby Noe buys the kids a bunch of fireworks with the $5,000 he wins in a lottery. The Ingalls, Olesons, and Garveys all return to Walnut Grove, with Albert coming along with the Ingalls.
Guest Stars: Frank D'annibale as Man #1 | Harlan Green as Fire Captain | John Joseph Thomas as Spence | Adam Gunn as Jeb Standish | Herb Armstrong as Harold | Jodean Lawrence (1) as Josie | Ray Bolger as Toby Noe | Donald Elson as Fred | Leon Charles as Standish
Director: Michael Landon

96 :05x06 - There's No Place Like Home (2)

When the Ingalls, Olesons, and Garveys get back to Walnut Grove, they find out that it has took a turn for the worse, so everybody tries to help rebuild the town.
Guest Stars: Angel Cook as Caulder | Ivan Wideman as Thomas | Karl Swenson as Mr. Hanson | Michelle Downey as Susan

97 :05x07 - Fagin

Laura feels left out with Albert in the family. When Charles and Caroline are discussing her feelings, Albert overhears, and runs away.
Guest Stars: Kraig Metzinger as Denzil | Hal Riddle as Judge | Jim Mendenhall as Fair Official
Director: Michael Landon

98 :05x08 - Harriet's Happenings

Mrs. Oleson's cousin starts a newspaper, and she gets a job in it as a gossip columnist. But she starts too many rumors, so Charles tries to settle it.
Guest Stars: Laurie Beach as Jenny Crawford | Stacey O'Brien as Sarah Fuller | Lisa Pera as Maria Schiller | John Hillerman as Sterling Murdock | Ike Eisenmann as Erich Schiller | King Moody as Otto Schiller | Carl Pitti as Customer | Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster

99 :05x09 - The Wedding

Mary accepts when Adam asks her to marry him, but she questions her choice when she isn't sure if she could take care of kids. But she, along with Adam, rescues a blind kid lost in a dust storm.
Guest Stars: Michael P. Alan (1) as Peter | Christopher Bowman as George | Gina Mari as Elizabeth | Ivan Wideman as Thomas | Lou Fant as Reverend Corliss | Michelle Downey as Susan | David Hooks as Mr. Ames | Robert Ackerman as Manager
Director: Michael Landon

100 :05x10 - Men Will Be Boys

Albert and Andy take a trip to Sleepy Eye. Charles and Jonathan follow behind to watch them.
Guest Stars: Charles Cooper as Constable | Gus Peters as Cooper | Dorothy Konrad as Mrs. Channing | Angel Cook as Caulder | Jack Perkins as Lundstrum | Will Hunt as Postmaster | Patrick Cranshaw as Spokes
Writer: Don Balluck

101 :05x11 - The Cheaters

Nellie begins tutoring Andy, but Nellie's advice to get good grades is by cheating.

102 :05x12 - Blind Journey (1)

Joe Kagan joins the congregation in town, and Mrs. Oleson does not like this. The school for the blind is closed, and Charles and Joe take them to the new school Walnut Grove opened.
Guest Stars: Ivan Wideman as Thomas | Michelle Downey as Susan | Donald Elson as Fred | David Hooks as Mr. Ames | Don 'Red' Barry as Larrabee | Leon Charles as Standish | Moses Gunn as Joe Kagan

103 :05x13 - Blind Journey (2)

Mrs. Oleson meets Hester-Sue and is disappointed to find out that she is African-American. Hester-Sue and her group of students join the group of the blind to go to Walnut Grove.
Guest Stars: Ivan Wideman as Thomas | Marcus Chong as Samson | Michelle Downey as Susan | Don 'Red' Barry as Larrabee | Moses Gunn as Joe Kagan | Ketty Lester as Hester-Sue | Bill Quinn (1) as Conductor

104 :05x14 - The Godsister

Carrie misses Charles when he is away on a job, so she creates an imaginary friend.
Guest Stars: William Wintersole as Henderson | Burke Byrnes as Watkins | George D. Wallace as Perkins | Patrick Sullivan Burke as Head Angel | E.J. Andre as St. Peter | Carl Pitti as Len | Dolph Sweet as Swaggart |
Uncredited: Lindsay Greenbush as Alyssa
Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Don Balluck

105 :05x15 - The Craftsman

Albert is ridiculed by classmates when he becomes an apprentice for an old Jewish man.
Guest Stars: Christian Berrigan as Lem | Alvin Kupperman as Aaron Singerman | Tony Becker as Zeke | John Bleifer as Isaac Singerman | Don 'Red' Barry as Larrabee | Frank DeKova as Brower
Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Paul Wolff

106 :05x16 - Blind Man's Bluff

A boy pretends to go blind when his parents are about to be divorced.
Guest Stars: Ronnie Scribner as Jordan | Wesley Grant as Mr. Herzog | Maureen Lee as Mrs. Herzog | Vince Tortell as Thomas | Lisa Scribner as Hannah | Kathryn Leigh Scott as Belle | Bert Kramer as Timothy | Michelle Downey as Susan | Ketty Lester as Hester-Sue

107 :05x17 - Dance With Me

There's gonna be a town dance, and Toby Noe comes to town. Laura and Albert try to be matchmakers.
Special Guest Stars: Ray Bolger as Toby Noe | Eileen Heckart as Amanda |
Guest Stars: Al Eisenmann as Ned | Ketty Lester as Hester-Sue | Ysabel MacCloskey as Widow Mumford | Dan Priest as Dispatcher | Sean Frye as Jason
Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Paul Wolff

108 :05x18 - The Sound of Children

Mary is pregnant, and Adam's father hears about the news. He invites the couple to come live with him, but Mary later loses the baby.
Guest Stars: Naomi White as Miss Bennett | Christopher Bowman as Benjamin | Vince Tortell as Thomas | Martha Nix as Holly | Philip Abbott as Giles Kendall | Ellen Regan as Miss Elliott | Dain Turner as Eli | Michelle Downey as Susan | Ketty Lester as Hester-Sue

109 :05x19 - The Lake Kezia Monster

Aunt Kezia doesn't pay her taxes, so Mrs. Oleson buys the property. Mrs. Oleson offers to let her stay as their servant, while Laura and Albert make up a story about a nearby monster.
Special Guest Stars: Hermione Baddeley as Kezia |
Guest Stars: John Miranda as Flint
Director: Michael Landon

110 :05x20 - Barn Burner

Larrabee is the only farmer in town who won't change his prices, so Jonathan embarrasses him in front of his family. But Larrabee retaliates, and gets himself into trouble.
Guest Stars: Larry Golden as Matt | Tony Becker as Zeke | Christian Berrigan as Lem | Brett Ericson as Tod | Ruth Foster (1) as Woman #1 | James O'Connell as Bates | Joan Tompkins as Adele Larrabee | Jeff Corey as Judge Parker | Carl Pitti as Carl | Ketty Lester as Hester-Sue | Don 'Red' Barry as Larrabee | Moses Gunn as Joe Kagan
Director: Michael Landon
Writer: Don Balluck

111 :05x21 - The Enchanted Cottage

Mary thinks that she may be regaining her sight, and Albert and Laura try to work on a cottage for Mary and Adam.
Guest Stars: Nathan Adler as Dr. Fromm | Ruth Foster (1) as Woman #1 | Vince Tortell as Thomas | Michelle Downey as Susan | Ketty Lester as Hester-Sue
Writer: Don Balluck

112 :05x22 - Someone Please Love Me

Charles is planning on buying a horse from Brett Harper. While there, Brett's two children ask Charles to help prevent their parents from splitting up.
Guest Stars: Kyle Richards as Samantha Harper | Edwin Owens as Sandy | Jenny Sullivan as Leslie | Bobby Rolofson as Thomas | Bill McLean as Clerk | Eddie Quillan as Gargan | Charles Cioffi as Harper

113 :05x23 - Mortal Mission

Two men sell mutton to the people of Walnut Grove, but the mutton contains anthrax. Charles and Jonathan go on a journey to get medical supplies, and are held up by a man. Laura, who is sick, goes blind.
Guest Stars: David Rode as Ethan | Richard Lockmiller as Rawlings | Vince Tortell as Thomas | Bradley Greene as Nate Berwick | Carolyn Conwell as Bess | Peter Kilman as Garth Fenton | Charles Parks as Virgil Fenton | Ketty Lester as Hester-Sue | Dan Priest as Stationmaster | Ruth Foster (1) as Mrs. Foster | Matt Clark as Seth Berwick | Jerry Hardin as Slade

114 :05x24 - The Odyssey

Laura and Albert try to help their friend Dylan see the Pacific Ocean before he dies from leukemia.
Guest Stars: Ken O'brien as Ferret | Maurice Hill as Editor | John Steadman as Jasper | Bill Ewing as Hearst | James Driskill (1) as Snake | J.S. "Joe" Young as Zacc McCabe | Melinda Cordell as Gwen | Steve Shaw as Dylan | Bill Quinn (1) as Conductor | Gavin Mooney as Stationmaster
Director: Michael Landon
Warning: Little House on the Prairie (1974) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 11, 1974
Ended: March 21, 1983
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