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Annabelle - Recap

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As the residents of Walnut Grove get ready for a traveling circus to come to town, Nels is in for a surprise when he discovers that his sister Annabelle is the circus’ fat lady. At first Nels does his best to avoid going to the big top so he won’t have to see or talk to her, but eventually runs into her when he makes a delivery to blind school.

Things come to a head the night before the circus’ big show for Nels when Harriett, Willie, and Nellie continually make fun about Annabelle’s weight and he angrily tells them to stop making fun of his sister. After rushing out of the house, Nels makes his way to the big top, where he runs into his sister. It is at this time, when they start talking to one another when Nels starts to realize the part he played in his sister running away to the circus when they where younger. Not accepting his apology, Annabelle politely asks Nels to go back to his family while she stays with hers.

The next day, when Nels works as the ringmaster, he sees how much Annabelle enjoys what she does as the circus goes on. After the show ends, Nels thanks London for bringing his circus to Walnut Grove and commends his sister Annabelle for making the residents of Walnut Grove smile so much.

Meanwhile, after Laura learns that Almanzo will be taking Christie to the circus instead of going with her, she starts looking for a way to sabotage their date.