Series 24

238 :24x01 - Series 24, Episode 1

Kirstie and Phil are in Yorkshire where they help a couple of nervous first time buyers and a house hunter who's looking for a new work and life balance.

239 :24x02 - Series 24, Episode 2

Kirstie attempts to help good friends Sam and Michael who are desperate to own their first home in east London. Phil's with Nishita whose long term plan involves leaving the rat race for a more holistic lifestyle teaching yoga. She wants to make a sound investment that will help with her dreams for the future become a reality.

240 :24x03 - Series 24, Episode 3

Kirstie and Phil are in Kent, looking in Maidstone and around the beautiful Kent countryside. Kirstie attempts to help Savannah and John, who want to find their first home to buy in Maidstone. Phil helps Matt and Tricia, who are looking for a home in the Kent countryside with a budget of £1.5 million.

241 :24x04 - Series 24, Episode 4

Kirstie and Phil are in the East Midlands where Kirstie attempts to help architect Sam and Becky, who have a £100,000 budget and are looking for a house in Nottingham. Phil's with Nigel and Jane who sold their beloved Australian home and moved back to Britain to be closer to family after Nigel was diagnosed with dementia.

242 :24x05 - Series 24, Episode 5

Phil catches up with some first time buyers who couldn't be more different. Carl and Liz had left their London lifestyle behind and were looking for a home in St Albans, whilst Jamie and Mike were pooling their resources to purchase a property in London's East End.

243 :24x06 - Series 24, Episode 6

Phil revisits a house hunter who was finding it hard to make headway in Hertfordshire and a couple who were feeling under pressure by the manic London property market.

244 :24x07 - Series 24, Episode 7

Kirstie catches up with Wendy and Simon, who wanted to buy a home where they could achieve the perfect work and life balance. She also catches up with Nadine and Toby, who bought and renovated their first home at the age of 26 and were looking for the next project to get their teeth into.