Season 2

9 :02x01 - Korea

Cullen Thomas, author of "Brother One Cell" recalls how he smuggled two kilos of hashish from the Philippines to South Korea after being lured by big money. He was sentenced to three and a half years in a Korean prison in 1994.

10 :02x02 - Uganda

The recollection of an American safari guide, Mark Ross, who was kidnapped by Rwandan Interahamwe rebels in a raid in Uganda's Bwindi Forest which left eight tourists murdered in March 1999.

11 :02x03 - Philipines

Missionary Gracia Burnham recalls being abducted and held hostage in western Philippines, for more than a year by an extreme Islamic group Abu Sayyaf.

12 :02x04 - Bangladesh

A young Texan was arrested in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for trying to smuggle seven pounds of heroine out of the Zia International Airport.

13 :02x05 - Kuwait

A man who was arrested on a drug charge in the 1980's talks about the prison system in Kuwait, and how he escaped when Iraq invaded in the 1990's.

14 :02x06 - Chechnya

The recollection by humanitarians Camilla Carr and Jon James who were kidnapped on April 1997 in war torn Chechnya by rebels and held 14 months in captivity until their release was helped by Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky, in September 1998.

15 :02x07 - India

A British backpacker becomes a hostage in India by radical Islamists fighting to liberate Kashmir. Omar Sheikh, one of the captors, was later arrested in 2002 for his role in the death of U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan.

16 :02x08 - Pakistan

Amardeep Bassey, a British journalist recalls being imprisoned for 28 days in Pakistan after being accused of being an Indian spy while reporting on the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

17 :02x09 - Lima

A 20 year old American is asked by his girlfriend to accompany on a cocaine trip to Peru, but finds himself alone after she disappears.

18 :02x10 - Malaysia

The story of a vacationing South African couple who were kidnapped by Muslim militants in Malaysia, and how they spent four months in the Philippines on an island.

19 :02x11 - Taiwan

A former South African military attache, McGill Alexander was taken hostage by one of Taiwan's most notorious criminals, Chen Chin-hsing, on November 18, 1997.

20 :02x12 - Ecuador

An American who was arrested taking cocaine from the country talks about his stay at a one of the notorious prisons in Ecuador.