Season 1

1 :01x01 - Peru

The true story of two American women who were caught trafficking cocaine from Peru and sentenced to six years in a Peruvian prison.

2 :01x02 - Venezuela

Two men recall the four-and-a-half years they spent in a violent Venezuelan prison after they got caught up in an international drug-smuggling ring.

3 :01x03 - Nepal

The true story of a Briton who was caught smuggling gold from Hong Kong to Nepal. He was sentenced to four years in jail, but was pardoned eventually and released early.

4 :01x04 - Colombia

Colombia, the kidnapping capital of the world, is where Glen Heggstad was taken captive by the National Liberation Army. After five weeks of torture, beatings and marches, Glen was released and sits down to tell his story.

5 :01x05 - Mexico

The true account of a British couple who were sentenced to 10 years in a Mexican prison after having been caught trafficking drugs from Costa Rica to Amsterdam.

6 :01x06 - Sydney

An international drug deal gone wrong ends up sending a young couple to prison in Sydney for smuggling of cocaine.

7 :01x07 - Margarita Island

Three American citizens who were held in a Venezuelan prison for six years after smuggling cocaine, discuss their experiences and the conditions they endured.

8 :01x08 - Thailand

A young British woman in Thailand agrees to smuggle an addicts personal stash of heroine to Tokyo to raise money for her trip home.

Season 2

9 :02x01 - Korea

Cullen Thomas, author of "Brother One Cell" recalls how he smuggled two kilos of hashish from the Philippines to South Korea after being lured by big money. He was sentenced to three and a half years in a Korean prison in 1994.

10 :02x02 - Uganda

The recollection of an American safari guide, Mark Ross, who was kidnapped by Rwandan Interahamwe rebels in a raid in Uganda's Bwindi Forest which left eight tourists murdered in March 1999.

11 :02x03 - Philipines

Missionary Gracia Burnham recalls being abducted and held hostage in western Philippines, for more than a year by an extreme Islamic group Abu Sayyaf.

12 :02x04 - Bangladesh

A young Texan was arrested in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for trying to smuggle seven pounds of heroine out of the Zia International Airport.

13 :02x05 - Kuwait

A man who was arrested on a drug charge in the 1980's talks about the prison system in Kuwait, and how he escaped when Iraq invaded in the 1990's.

14 :02x06 - Chechnya

The recollection by humanitarians Camilla Carr and Jon James who were kidnapped on April 1997 in war torn Chechnya by rebels and held 14 months in captivity until their release was helped by Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky, in September 1998.

15 :02x07 - India

A British backpacker becomes a hostage in India by radical Islamists fighting to liberate Kashmir. Omar Sheikh, one of the captors, was later arrested in 2002 for his role in the death of U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan.

16 :02x08 - Pakistan

Amardeep Bassey, a British journalist recalls being imprisoned for 28 days in Pakistan after being accused of being an Indian spy while reporting on the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

17 :02x09 - Lima

A 20 year old American is asked by his girlfriend to accompany on a cocaine trip to Peru, but finds himself alone after she disappears.

18 :02x10 - Malaysia

The story of a vacationing South African couple who were kidnapped by Muslim militants in Malaysia, and how they spent four months in the Philippines on an island.

19 :02x11 - Taiwan

A former South African military attache, McGill Alexander was taken hostage by one of Taiwan's most notorious criminals, Chen Chin-hsing, on November 18, 1997.

20 :02x12 - Ecuador

An American who was arrested taking cocaine from the country talks about his stay at a one of the notorious prisons in Ecuador.

Season 3

21 :03x01 - Cuzco

Season 3 begins an innocent man winds up in a Peruvian prison after being duped into traveling with a female cocaine smuggler.

22 :03x02 - Caracas

A struggling musician from Atlanta has been asked to smuggle cocaine from Venezuela to Europe for $5000, but is apprehended at the Caracas airport.

23 :03x03 - Kidnapped in the Philippines

A christian missionary, Greg Williams, was kidnapped by a militant Islamic group Abu Sayyaf and was tortured for 13 days in the Southern Philippines.

24 :03x04 - Puerto Vallarta

A young Texan decided to fund a trip to Mexico by selling marijuana to the tourists during the 1970's, that is until a drug bust went horribly wrong.

25 :03x05 - Brazil

A nightclub promoter wants to earn some extra cash and agrees to smuggle cocaine from Brazil to Hungary, but never makes it out of South America.

26 :03x06 - Indonesia

An Australian man claims to be innocent after being sentenced for 20 years in an Indonesian prison.

27 :03x07 - Busted in Mexico

A Texas teen who attempted to smuggle 33 pounds of marijuana into the U.S. is imprisoned in Mexico.

28 :03x08 - Cuba

An American woman spent six years in a Cuban prison after being forced into being a drug mule, when she was caught at an airport with 18 pounds of cocaine.

29 :03x09 - Iraq

Scott Taylor, a Canadian war correspondent, recalls being kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents as he covered the Iraq War.

30 :03x10 - Barbados

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31 :03x11 - Betrayed in Ecuador

A freelance journalist is duped into carrying on her friend's bag onto a plane which was full of cocaine, causing her to be apprehended in an Ecuadorian airport.

32 :03x12 - Sierra Leone

Major Phil Ashby tells his story of being in the war-torn Sierra Leone as a UN Peacekeeper, and being ambushed by rebel forces. He under went four days of physical and psychological abuse, before making a daring escape through the jungle.

33 :03x13 - Jamaica

A couple agreed to accept $5,000 and a free vacation if they would smuggle marijuana from Jamaica, but wind up in an overcrowded Kingston jail after being caught in the airport.

34 :03x14 - Delhi

A woman from London is sent to India's Tihar Jail, one of the world's largest prison, after she sends hashish to Europe to earn some fast money.

Season 4

34 :04x01 - The Real Midnight Express

The Oscar-winning 1978 film "Midnight Express" told the story of 23-year-old college student Billy Hayes - his imprisonment for drug smuggling and his escape from a prison in Istanbul, Turkey. But for legal reasons, neither the film nor the book, authored by Hayes, was completely accurate. Now, Billy tells the full story of being sent to the infamous Turkish Sagmalcilar prison and eventually escaping.

Source: National Geographic Channel

35 :04x02 - Saddam's Iraq

When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, Tom Lynch and his fellow contractors decided to get out of Iraq while they still could. On their perilous journey across the desert they finally spotted signs of what they believed was Syrian habitation. But joy soon turned sour as Iraqi military vehicles tore toward them. They were taken to a notorious prison in Baghdad and listened to fellow inmates being tortured to death. But their two-month-long nightmare was far from over.

Source: National Geographic Channel

36 :04x03 - Tokyo

After Jackie Nichols' fianc dies in a car accident, she flees to Japan to restart her life. Once there, she meets a charming drug mule and agrees to smuggle hashish with him. After four drug-smuggling trips together, their friendship fizzles and Jackie decides to go back home to America ... but not before smuggling one last time alone. That's when she gets caught and is sentenced to several years in a country known for having one of the world's strictest prison systems.

Source: National Geographic Channel

37 :04x04 - Bangkok

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38 :04x05 - Spain

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39 :04x06 - Panama

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Season 5

40 :05x01 - Saudi Bootlegger

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41 :05x02 - The Real Goodfella

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42 :05x03 - Forbidden Love

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43 :05x04 - Mexico Money Machine

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44 :05x05 - Heroin Sting

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45 :05x06 - Daredevil Drug Runner

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46 :05x07 - The Cocaine Trap

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47 :05x08 - Drug Dealer Revenge

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48 :05x09 - Teenage Drug Smuggler

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49 :05x10 - Backstabbed in Thailand

Faced with an impending manslaughter trial, military veteran Kim Hood needs a break from life. When her girlfriends cousin, Lisa Taylor, invites her to Thailand on a business trip to procure nail products for her new business, Kim jumps at the opportunit

Source: National Geographic Channel

Season 6

50 :06x01 - From Hollywood to Hell

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51 :06x02 - The Juggler Smuggler

Life in a Nepalese prison is detailed by a professional magician who got caught trying to smuggle hashish out of the country.

Source: National Geographic Channel

52 :06x03 - Escape from Argentina

A British nursing student gets caught smuggling cocaine from Argentina. Facing 16 to 25 years in prison, she jumps bail and attempts to flee across the border to Brazil.

Source: National Geographic Channel

53 :06x04 - Highway to Hell

Thomas Hamill, an American truck driver taken hostage by Iraqi insurgents on April 9, 2004, recounts the ordeal.

Source: National Geographic Channel

54 :06x05 - Black Palace of Horrors

Dwight Worker details his daring 1975 escape from the notorious Mexican penitentiary Palacio de Lecumberri, where he was serving a six-year sentence for attempting to smuggle 780 grams of cocaine out of Mexico City.

Source: National Geographic Channel

55 :06x06 - Cocaine Mule Mom

A desperate mother turns to drug trafficking in an effort to make ends meet, but she gets caught smuggling cocaine out of Peru and finds herself locked up in a tough South American prison. While there, she's diagnosed with incurable cancer and decides to flee the country in hopes of reuniting with her family before she dies.

Source: National Geographic Channel

56 :06x07 - Dangerous Liaisons

The story of a British male nurse who was arrested for being gay in Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality is considered a capital offense.

Source: National Geographic Channel

57 :06x08 - Colombian Kidnap

A group of European backpackers are kidnapped by guerrillas during a trek in northern Colombia and held hostage for more than three months.

Source: National Geographic Channel

58 :06x09 - Caribbean Nightmare

A married couple are forced at gunpoint to smuggle liquid cocaine from Guadeloupe to England. They successfully make it through two customs points before getting caught. They then endure almost two years in a harsh Caribbean prison.

Source: National Geographic Channel

59 :06x10 - Son of Saddam

Iraqi soldier Latif Yahia describes how he was summoned to Saddam Hussein's palace and forced to become the body double of the dictator's eldest and most notorious son, Uday.

Source: National Geographic Channel

60 :06x11 - My Dad the Smuggler

A young man travels to Pakistan and sets off on a once-in-a-lifetime journey with his estranged dad along the historic Silk Road, unaware that his dad is a veteran cannabis smuggler with plans to bring 20 kilos of the drug into China.

Source: National Geographic Channel

61 :06x12 - I Am Not a Terrorist

The lure of easy money leads an out-of-work father to smuggle cocaine from Nicaragua into the U.S. After several successful trips, he gets caught by customs agents and is sent to a hostile Nicaraguan prison.

Source: National Geographic Channel

62 :06x13 - Hasidic King of Coke

An Orthodox Jew from London becomes a key player in an international cocaine-smuggling ring based in São Paulo, Brazil. After exporting hundreds of kilos of the drug, his luck runs out and he lands in the notorious Carandiru Penitentiary.

Source: National Geographic Channel

63 :06x14 - Not Without My Baby

An American woman's attempt to adopt a child from Egypt goes terribly wrong. She's charged with fraud after trying to acquire a birth certificate and a passport for her adopted son.

Source: National Geographic Channel

64 :06x15 - Chilean Prison Break

A California man is arrested during a drug deal in Chile and sentenced to five years in prison. He and a fellow prisoner decide to escape and flee the country on foot, which requires a dangerous journey through the desert.

Source: National Geographic Channel

65 :06x16 - The Orchid Hunters

Two British backpackers attempt to cross from Panama to Colombia via the notoriously dangerous Darién Gap, but are captured and held hostage by Colombian guerrillas.

Source: National Geographic Channel

66 :06x17 - Venezuela Hustle

Life inside Venezuela's notorious Los Teques Prison is detailed by an Irish man who was arrested at the Caracas airport for trying to smuggle cocaine back to Dublin.

Source: National Geographic Channel

67 :06x18 - Nightmare in Somalia

Freelance journalists Nigel Brennan and Amanda Lindhout describe how they were kidnapped by a criminal gang while covering the war in Somalia in July 2008, and the subsequent 15 months they were held captive.

Source: National Geographic Channel

68 :06x19 - Busted in Bangkok

Life in a notorious Bangkok prison is detailed by a woman who received a life sentence for attempting to smuggle heroin out of Thailand.

Source: National Geographic Channel

69 :06x20 - Escape from the Gulag

In 1976, at the height of the Cold War, an American is caught smuggling heroin from Kuala Lumpur to Russia. He details his incarceration in a Soviet prison camp and his eventual escape during a power outage.

Source: National Geographic Channel

Season 7

Prison Nightmares

Experience some of the worst prison stays, with travelers who found themselves on the wrong side of the law far from home.

Source: National Geographic Channel

70 :07x01 - Vietnam POWs: McCain & Brace

The seventh season opens with a profile of two American soldiers who were kept as POWs during the Vietnam War: Ernie Brace, who was held captive for almost eight years; and John McCain, whose plane was shot down over Hanoi.

Source: National Geographic Channel

71 :07x02 - Snakes on a Plane

A reptile smuggler who illegally sold crocodiles, snakes and other animals around the world is imprisoned in Belize while trying to escape from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Source: National Geographic Channel

72 :07x03 - Raving Arizona

A British man who moved to Arizona to become a stockbroker becomes involved with drug dealing and the Mafia.

Source: National Geographic Channel

73 :07x04 - Buried Alive

A chronicle of the ordeal suffered by Roy Hallums, an American contractor working in Iraq who was kidnapped on Nov. 1, 2004, by 20 armed attackers in Baghdad and held hostage for 10 months before being rescued.

Source: National Geographic Channel

74 :07x05 - The Real Argo

The true story behind the 2012 film "Argo" is explored via archival news footage and first-person accounts from former CIA officer Antonio Mendez and rescued hostages Mark Lijek and Cora Amburn-Lijek.

Source: National Geographic Channel

75 :07x06 - Mexican Prison Escape

Recalling the 1972 lockup of five young Americans who were caught smuggling 2000 pounds of marijuana out of Mexico.

Source: National Geographic Channel

76 :07x07 - Hippie Mafia

Eddie Padilla is living the “high life” in Maui, surfing, partying and drug smuggling to support his cocaine addiction. But a run-in with the Peruvian police on a smuggling trip lands him and two friends in a prison called “The House of the Devil.” The guards say they expect them to try to escape, but if they don't make it … they are killed. Even so, they decide to do whatever it takes to get out. Eddie shares his story of being Locked Up Abroad and the terrifying events that led to his freedom.

Source: National Geographic Channel

77 :07x08 - Vegas Mobster

A Chicago mobster heads to Las Vegas, where he's caught by the FBI. He then testifies against his mob and enters the witness-protection program.

Source: National Geographic Channel

78 :07x09 - Fast, Furious and Busted

A street racer gets involved with car thieves.

Source: National Geographic Channel

79 :07x10 - Hunting Mr. Nice

When British schoolteacher Howard Marks agrees to help an old friend finish off a drug deal, he has no idea that it will be the start of a new career. Attracted by the easy money and the thrill of being a smuggler, he is soon running a huge transatlantic operation. But when one of his loads is busted, Howard becomes a wanted man and goes on the run. Concealing his identity using a string of aliases, he continues to smuggle over the next 6 years.

Source: National Geographic Channel