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Everyone is after Superman. Lex Luthor wants to know how strong and fast he is. He designs various tests for Superman, including having people jump off buildings. Lois is infatuated with the man in tights and is determine to find out as much as she can about him. After having had a story stolen from him, Clark decides to get even with her by sending Lois out on a wild goose chase for Superman's spaceship.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x4
Production Number: 455301
Airdate: Sunday October 03rd, 1993

Director: Gene Reynolds
Writer: Daniel Levine

Guest Stars
Elizabeth BarondesElizabeth Barondes
As Lucy Lane
Tony JayTony Jay
As Nigel St. John
Larry LinvilleLarry Linville
As Grover Cleveland
Brent JenningsBrent Jennings
As Inspector Henderson

Co-Guest Stars
Shaun ToubShaun Toub
As Asabi
Wil AlbertWil Albert
As Businessman
Yolanda GaskinsYolanda Gaskins
As Linda Montoya
Mary CrosbyMary Crosby
As Monique
Lou CutellLou Cutell
As Maurice
Rosa LiRosa Li
As Japanese Woman #1
Saemi NakamuraSaemi Nakamura
As Japanese Woman #2
Louise RapportLouise Rapport
As Grandmother
Main Cast
Dean CainDean Cain
As Clark Kent/Superman
Episode Notes
Lex keeps a hunting bird (a falcon or a hawk) trained to kill pigeons in his apartment, and enjoys watching the animal take prey.

Clark rents a new apartment. It starts out a disaster that needs a lot of work. Fortunately, Clark is fast enough for the job...

Episode Quotes
Lois: Clark is the before, Superman is the after. (She looks at Clark.) Make that the way, way after!

Lex: What do we know about Superman?
Jules Johnson: We know he can jump pretty far... for a while man...
Lex: Yes, but how far? How high? Is he, for example, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?
Nigel St. John: Well, of course, he... he is immensely powerful.
Lex: Yes, but how powerful? I mean, more powerful than an avalanche? More powerful than... a locomotive?

Clark: While she was sedated she kept mumbling something about a test...
Lois: A test?

Lex: Superman! Come in...
Superman: You want to know how strong I am, Luthor? (He seizes a large and heavy sword and twists it into a pretzel shape.) You want to know how fast I am? (He takes a pistol from Lex’s desk and points it at Lex. Lex’s eyes widen. Superman fires the gun – and intercepts the bullet, handing the still hot slug to Lex.)
Lex: Does that conclude your demonstration?
Superman: The tests stop... NOW!
Lex: Well, that’d be nice, but... what if they don’t?

Cultural References
Perry orders Lois and Clark to “the Carlin building, corner of Third and Ordway.” Mike Carlin is an executive editor for DC comics, the owner of the Superman character and publisher of his comic books. Gerry Ordway wrote various Superman titles off and on over the years since about 1987. The use of creator names for places, streets and suchlike is a common homage seen in adaptations of comic book properties.

The episode includes several references to the classic Superman catchphrase, faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The catchphrase appears less frequently in modern times than it did during the character’s early years. Superman explicitly demonstrates his speed by outracing a bullet in Lex’s office, and Lex himself utters the “locomotive” and “tall buildings” phrases while speculating on the parameters of Superman’s power.

Episode References
This is the first and only time an African-American actor has played Inspector Henderson (Brent Jennings) in the Superman universe.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJerry Siegel  |  Joe Shuster
DeveloperDeborah Joy LeVine
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