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Lois and Clark cover a meeting at EPRAD. Following the meeting, Professor Daitch asks Clark to contact Superman; when Superman visits EPRAD to meet the professor, he also meets General Zeitlin and Secretary Cosgrove. They tell him the news: an asteroid code named “Nightfall” nineteen miles across is hurtling towards Earth and only Superman can stop it. Unsure whether this will push his powers past their limit, Superman flies up to smash the asteroid. And he does – but when he crashes back to Earth, his memory is gone. And a large piece of Nightfall remains intact and on a collision course with Earth...

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x13
Production Number: 455312
Airdate: Sunday January 02nd, 1994

Guest Stars
Richard BelzerRichard Belzer
As Inspector Henderson
J.A. PrestonJ.A. Preston
As General Robert Zeitlin
Richard RoatRichard Roat
As Professor Stephen Daitch
David SageDavid Sage
As Secretary John Cosgrove
Matt ClarkMatt Clark
As Homeless Man
Jenifer LewisJenifer Lewis
As Psychic

Co-Guest Stars
Shaun ToubShaun Toub
As Asabi
Suanne SpokeSuanne Spoke
As Dr. Jerri McCorkle
Rick FittsRick Fitts
As Frank Madison
Lee MagnusonLee Magnuson
As Ground Controller
Main Cast
Dean CainDean Cain
As Clark Kent/Superman
Episode Quotes
Clark: What happened?
Lois: The sun just blacked out. But why?
Clark: Good question...
Lois: Yeah... but it will make an even better story! C’mon – this could be our lucky day.

Lois: Kill, or be killed.
Clark: You’re talking about war. This is journalism.
Lois: See, your problem is, you think there’s a difference.

Perry White: Jimmy! I’m in a give orders mode, not in a discuss mode. What kind of mode are you in?

Professor Daitch: Nightfall is approximately seventeen miles across, traveling at close to thirty thousand miles an hour.
Superman: You told Kent and the other reporters that much at the news conference. Why am I here?
Professor Daitch: If my calculations are correct, in a little more than four days it’s going to hit the Earth. The sky, literally, is falling.

Superman: I guess we’re about to find out what my limits really are.

Lois: How do you feel?
Superman: This... will work.
Lois: Why are you so sure?
Superman: Because it has to.

Ground Controller: This is EPRAD Control. We have lost transmission with Superman.

(Cat Grant wastes no time taking advantage of Clark’s amnesia.)
Cat Grant: Honey, it’s me! Cat! How could you not remember what we’ve meant to each other?
Clark: I guess... we’ve worked together? Right?
Cat Grant: We... do a lot more than that.
Clark: We do?
Cat Grant: We kept it a secret. You were so worried about what people would think.

Professor Daitch: A rather large portion, about three miles across, remains on a collision course with Earth.

Clark: We’re... friends, right?
Lois: Sure we’re friends.
Clark: Are we... more than friends?

(Jimmy and Clark visit a psychic to learn where the vanished Superman might be.)
Jimmy Olsen: We believe this was Superman’s. We’ve had it analyzed; it’s emitting very weak cosmic rays, which means it’s been in space.
Psychic: I have been feeling Superman’s presence strongly.
Jimmy Olsen: Oh, so he’s alive?
Psychic: I don’t know. I feel his confusion. Often the recently dead are quite rattled by the experience.

(Lex shows Lois his underground bunker, in which he proposes to stay during the impact of the Nightfall asteroid.)
Lex: I’m offering you a chance, Lois. To become a passenger on this ark. To be my special guest on mankind’s next great adventure.

Lois: If what that asteroid does is destroy the world as we know it, then I have to be there to see what takes its place.

Jonathan Kent: (To Martha, as he picks up a ball bat.) He needs proof. (To Clark) This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, believe me. (He swings the bat at Clark as hard as he can. The bat shatters against Clark’s stomach; Jonathan winces.)

Perry White: (about Clark) Maybe he’s the lucky one in all of this. If he can’t remember how it was... how’s he going to miss it?

Lois: (about Superman) The thing you notice most about him is how much you can count on him.

Ground Controller: Mission trackers reporting an anomaly. Switching to backup computers for corroboration... Roger, confirmation, asteroid velocity is decreasing... The asteroid appears to be reversing course... we are stopping the countdown clock at this time...

Episode Goofs
When Superman flies through space, his cape flutters as it would in a strong wind. But since there is no air in space, there is no wind to flutter the cape.

Cultural References
Anyone who has visited Griffith Park Observatory will immediately recognize the EPRAD command center as that structure. The observatory frequently appears in films and television shows thanks to its unique external appearance and its location in the Hollywood hills.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJerry Siegel  |  Joe Shuster
DeveloperDeborah Joy LeVine
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