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Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens with a man yelling about a scam that involved John and he tells Bobby, his son, to get his briefcase. Bobby helps him out of a window and gives the keys and allows him to escape. The show jumps forward twenty years later with Bob Allen packing up a suitcase. Bob's girlfriend Lindsay, a tall blonde haired woman, is there and he says that he will be back in four days. As he leaves, she gives him a memento. A plastic gorilla key chain. Bob meets with several people and cons them into investing in Natural Gas Extraction and he arrives in Houston. He stores his cell phone in with the briefcase and gets out another cell phone. He walks into a mansion where his wife, Cat, is in the house. He says that she needs to cancel everything before going to the bedroom with her together.

Cat and Bob get a call from Cat’s father, Clint Thatcher, who invites them to a brunch with Drew and Trammell, Cat’s brothers. Clint tells Bob that he is impressed with his sales success and says that he wants to promote Bob to a huge and more profitable position. He tells that he is going to have to think about it. Bob goes to see his father, John, and he is happy that he gained Clint’s favor. This is only because the con-man in John wants to rob the company of all their money. Bob tells that he is not going to do that because he is in love with Cat. John tries to tell that Cat is only a “mark” and that Bob needs to visit a man who wants to see what he has invested his money in. Back at the house, Bob tells Cat that he’ll take the job and then goes to an oil rig. Bob pretends to be a film location scout, Bob gives the foreman of the rig money to turn his head while John brings an investor out to see the rig. The investor arrives and likes what he sees. Bob shows that he can get out of the whole deal for a suitcase full of money, but this only strengthens his resolve and triples the investment. John is happy that his son was able to do that.

Bob goes to a hotel lobby and a woman is more than flirty with him. He tells that he can’t and she walks off. After going to a jewelry store, Bob goes to Lindsay’s house in Midland, Texas to go to a family barbeque. Back in Houston, Trammell is very mad that Bob got a promotion and he didn’t. He tells that he is going to undermine him and Drew goes along with it as well. Lindsay’s parents have arrived at the barbeque and thanks Bob for the money that they have invested with him. Travis, Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend shows up at the barbeque and gloats that he has been “intimate” with Lindsay while Bob is away. Bob hits him in the face. Later that evening, Bob goes outside to get the jewelry that he got for Lindsay and John shows up. He tells that another investor’s attorney would like to see the deed to the oil rig. John suggests that Bob get out of Midland before everyone realizes that Bob is pulling a con. Bob tells that he doesn’t want to leave. In the morning, Bob tells Lindsay that he has to leave to go to the oil wells and that he’ll be gone for a while. She is alright with it.

Bob drives up to a gas station and watches as the clerk’s father steals things from the store. Bob gives money to him to be able to cover the stolen merchandise and tells the clerk that he knows what it’s like. He walks back to his car and hits the steering wheel. He then throws his cell phone away and the jewelry that was intended for Lindsay. Bob arrives in Houston and Clint takes him and shows his new office to him. Clint tells that Drew was working on a Wind Farm proposal and says that he was shut down. Bob calls Drew in and tells that he had a great idea and tells that he would like to see him to lead a team with this and get it done. Drew is happy to be part of it all. Later, Bob meets with John in a Diner and tells that he doesn’t want to be in the scamming business anymore and wants something real in his life. Bob offers John millions of dollars and tells that the fake job will pay off. John tells that he can play it strait.

In the evening, Trammell tries to trap Bob in the posh hotel rooms that he stays at in front of oil businessmen and that he only faked to stay at the hotels to save the company’s money. Clint tells that he has never been scammed and tells that he is sorrowful over his brother Roy’s death, but it is clear that he is not. He tells that if Bob is in any trouble, then He will be the first to know. He asks for Bob’s keys with the plastic gorilla attached and tells that the new key to his office is the just the start to opening even more doors. After the party, Bob talks to Cat and tells that he is not sure that he will be able to do the job and gets emotional over it. Cat consoles him and tells that she is sure that he will do great because of the fact that he has made his own luck and she loves that in him and that is why she married him.

In the morning, Bob goes to the jewelry store and then circles a tract of land on the map of Midland, Texas. Bob tells Drew that it would be the best place to start the first Wind Farm. He tells John that the Midland Wind Farm will give him cover. John asks why he would steal from his real job to pay off debts from his fake one. Bob claims that he is in love. John argues and asks which one in particular. Bob replies that he is in love with both. John asks if Bob is planning to marry Lindsay as well and the next scene shows Bob watching Lindsay getting a wedding dress and next to her is a wedding ring.