One In Every Family - Recap

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The scene opens and Bob is at the airport with his fake bride Lindsay, when a man called Greg is able to spot him. Greg is livid because Bob has robbed him of $25,000. Scared, Bob starts running. Greg pushes him down on the floor, when Bob says get off Greg. The cops try to restrain Greg, and Bob puts out his ID. However, Greg knows him as Frank, and the cops believe in Bob’s fake ID. Lindsay cannot believe it, but Bob easily cajoles her towards their journey. They are visiting Lindsay’s parents after marrying. They are upset about not being invited by their own daughter. Lindsay is embarrassed, but they cannot get over it that she did not care to remember her own parents, no matter how hastily or how far they might have had the ceremony.
Later in the night, Bob and Lindsay are talking on the bed. She describes how her new life feels.

Bob says that sounds like describing drowning. She gets mushy with him when he describes his love for perfection in their newly married life. He wants to set it up all over again, whatever he did with Cat Thatcher. After some time, it becomes clear to him that Lindsay is not ready to suspect him. Later Bob is with his dad, and wants him to like his theft of a million dollars from Thatcher. He insists he has invested that money without Clint’s knowledge, but refuses to accept that he has stolen it. Bob tries to coax his dad into a deal concerning wind farms. However, John is reluctant to accept this no-exit approach as opposed to a quick fix.

Bob keeps trying, and manages to get his dad’s approval after some sentimental talking. Clint wants Bob in his office the next day at work. Clint is unable to understand how Bob could take Clint’s money, and invest it without knowing anyone. He is furious, but is speaking with a low tone. Bob insists that he is someone who moves fast, and may be does not belong in the company if his style does not match. Bob manages to temporarily convince Trammell, who also knows Bob has the unapproved million dollars, that he is trustworthy. Later, John sits with clients, and hoaxes them real estate deals. After they leave him with an attractive amount of money, John gets back on his business with the Thatcher file presentation. He finds it foolproof, and calls Bob for the things he will need if he is going to make this work. Bob says everything is already rolling.

Later in the night, before sleeping with Bob, Cat thinks he might be having problems with her dad, Clint. However, Bob assures her that she need suspect nothing of kind. A while later, the phone rings. Bob has been reported to the police station, and he is sitting on a bench with Drew – Clint’s younger son. He is nonchalant, but Bob wants to know if he is with him on this. Drew who is unaware of Bob’s con man reality is optimistic about release. His sister, Cat, who is also Bob’s real wife, is talking it out with the station chief. She reveals her father’s friendship with top cops, and manages to make the department overlook allegations against Bob. She is livid when Bob wants her company for a drink, and is pissed for trading her self-respect for him.
At Lindsay’s home, her mother finds it strange that none of Robert’s (Bob) acquaintances can be listed. After all, he has hidden most of his life from Lindsay. Lindsay’s mom exclaims that they appear to know less about the man she was marrying, than she knows about her cousin living in Iowa. However, her mother’s words do ring a bell, and Lindsay goes through Bob’s school book. He claims to have been in Greenfield High, where Lindsay calls to inquire when she cannot find ‘Robert Allen’ in the index.

Drew is enthusiastic about meeting Bob for the wind farm deal. However, Trammell thinks it is the wrong move. Drew thinks his elder brother is reining him away from a major success, and walks off to see Bob. Clint arrives with Trammell at the wind farm. John is waiting outside while Drew and Bob are inside a cottage about to cut a deal. Clint outsmarts John, who is posing as Technical Advisor Gardener, and later, they find Bob and Drew coming out. He rebukes Bob for taking things too far, but Bob tells him about the way Clint might be influencing against better growth. Clint asks if John, posing as the technical advisor, can describe the figures of the wind farm. It turns out one hell of a productive investment opportunity. Trammell interrupts as Clint is about to approve, but after saying that he will expect results, gives a sort of green light.

A while later, the real owner of the wind farm is driving down. Pretending upbeat about the investor, John decides something clever. He manages to keep enough distance from Bob and the rest, and tells the real owner they were there to just have a look at one of these wonderful places.
Next day, Bob introduces John to a new place at the Thatcher office. John sinks a little when he notices that most of the arrangements he had asked in order to look real, are just not there. However, Bob promises to make things up very shortly. Clint wants to catch a meeting with Bob, but he has a flight to catch. Clint offers him a lift, and if they still get late, he can take his personal aircraft. Bob is leaving for Lindsay’s place, where he manages to get on time, but ends up finding Lindsay’s sister Grechen in the shower. She is vivacious and does not shy although both see each other naked. Lindsay learns about what happened, but is later upset with Grechen – says she might spoil things. Back at Thatcher office, John is having a tough time leaving his counterfeit face up.

He can barely use the desk telephone, and finds his desk stuff very mediocre. Meanwhile, Bob is out on a date with Grechen, and tells her she should be careful about Lindsay’s fear of her stealing Bob. That seems to drive a wedge between the sisters. Grechen sheds a few tears, visibly disheartened about complains Lindsay usually makes against her. John gets brashly treated at office for not being able to pick up any of the calls Trammell made for John’s signatures. Trammell lays into him a few words enough to make him hate what Bob has given him. When Bob is back, he finds one of his two cell phones missing. Meanwhile, John and Clint meet in the elevator, where Clint talks about Bob being a dynamic young kid. He is afraid about his moves, only because he lacks a role model. Red faced, John cannot but ask why, wasn’t Bob’s father. Clint tells him what knows – Trash – abandoned him and his mother when he was very little. Bob gets into the office thinking he has lost his cell phone in the flight. He finds no Mr Gardener to be seen. Meanwhile Lindsay wants Grechen to be her maid of honor. Grechen cannot believe it, but has to when Lindsay really means it. Later Bob goes home to meet John, where John lays into him for talking ill about his dad. He cannot stand it, but after a hot argument, Bob fails to understand why it matters to him.

Back at Lindsay’s place, Grechen steps out of the door to smoke. When she gets to the car dashboard, she finds a cell phone. She can make out that Robert must have left it behind. She decides to call back on the last dialed number, John’s out of curiosity. The answer comes back ‘What do you want, son?’ Grechen puts two and two together to at least get a feeling that Bob has been lying. His parents are not both dead. When later he gets to Lindsay’s place, he finds a voice message from Greenfield High, but smartly deletes it. Grechen scares him when coming in. She wants to know who John Gardener is, and Bob lies saying he is a business partner. A Texan – everyone calls someone ‘Son’. Grechen does not want to believe it, but tells Bob she does. Later Bob smartly tells Lindsay about the message. She is a little embarrassed because she had called probingly. Bob explains his name has no record because he studied in that school only for a couple of years or more. Lindsay’s suspicions fail to exist. Back at Bob’s home, John is planning to head in a direction on his own. The episode ends.