Series 5

33 :05x01 - Series 5, Episode 1

A couple are looking for the child they gave up for adoption as childhood sweethearts whilst a father is looking for the daughter he was separated from when she was still a baby.

34 :05x02 - Series 5, Episode 2

The show features a couple of stories of missed opportunities. A mother who gave up her daughter for fostering, had the chance to have her back again, but chose for her daughter’s sake to give her up for a second time and now wants to be reunited with her. A man is looking for the father who has missed out on over 40 years of his son’s life.

35 :05x03 - Series 5, Episode 3

Peter Gunn lives in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire and has struggled his whole life with the decision his birth mother made to give him up for adoption as a baby. He is now looking for her, hoping that she will be able to help him put his demons to rest. Ron Williams lives with his wife Janet in Mold, North Wales and is looking for his beloved sister who vanished from his life when they were only children, around sixty years ago.

36 :05x04 - Series 5, Episode 4

Christine Chesham from Stockport was adopted as a baby and raised in an affluent suburb of Liverpool during the 1960s. Her childhood was both happy and secure and when she was fifteen she first found out anything about her background. Christine discovered that she was the product of an affair and when she began looking for her birth mother she found out she had passed away. She is now searching for her sister sister Pamela Moore. Also featured is Vicki Haskell who is searching for her birth mother, Ann Meisel.

37 :05x05 - Series 5, Episode 5

Elizabeth and her daughter Janice live together in a village in Somerset and Fifty-five years ago Elizabeth make the difficult decision to keep Janice whilst giving up her son, Janice’s brother, for adoption. They are both now hoping to be reunited with him. Tracey Collins is also looking for her brother called Christian Hilton.

38 :05x06 - Series 5, Episode 6

Alley Lofthouse is a devoted mother and wife who was raised by a loving adoptive family. She feels a profound need though to resolve the mystery of her own birth as she is a ‘foundling’. Jade Hartley is searching for her father Tony King who she has never seen.