Everybody Loves Hugo - Recap

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Hugo is welcomed in front of a large gathering as "man of the year", as he prepares to open a wing at the national history museum. His restaurant chain, "Mr Clucks" is revealed to be very successful is this other life. As Hugo leaves the place, his mother tells him that he has a date tomorrow and that he needs a woman.

On the island Hugo visits Libby's grave wishing she would come back to talk to him. As Hugo stands up to leave the grave he is confronted by Michael who tells him not to blow up the plane. He says if he blows up the plane then lots of people will die. Jack asks who he was talking to and Hurley says no one.

Hugo waits at a restaurant for his date who is running late. A blonde woman(Libby) approaches him. She says that she wasn't supposed to be his date and that she just saw him from across the road. She says that she remembers him and that they're connected. A doctor comes to pull Libby away from the conversation and she leaves in a van marked "Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute".

Hugo, Jack and the others prepare to leave with dynamite to blow up the plane. Although not all of them are in agreement about their course of action. The dynamite blows up on Ilana, killing her in the process.

Sawyer and Kate approach Locke regarding Jin's capture. Locke says that he is waiting. Locke tells them that they all have to leave the island together and that he is waiting for their friends(the other candidates). Sayid returns with Desmond who is tied to a tree.

Within the other group on the island, Richard suggests finding more dynamite to blow up the plane. Hurley agrees with Richard that they should gather more dynamite. The group head back towards the Black Rock boat.

Hugo enters one of his Mr Clucks restaurants and asks for a family sized bucket. Desmond enters and sits with Hurley mentioning that they were on the same flight. Hurley talks with him about why he is depressed. Hurley speaks about Libby, saying that she said she already knew him. Desmond suggests that Hugo meet Libby again.

On the island, Locke questions Desmond. He asks why he was brought back to the island and Desmond says that he doesn't know. Desmond says he was blasted with a large amount of electromagnetism and Locke asks how he knows that. Desmond says that it is due to experience. John asks if Desmond knows who he is and Desmond says "of course, you're John Locke". Locke asks Sayid to leave so Desmond and him can take a walk.

Richard and the others arrive at the Black Rock. Hurley appears missing. The group see Hurley running away from the Black Rock screaming. The Black Rock and all the dynamite blows up. Hurley says he blew up the dynamite because Michael told him to.

Hurley visits the mental institute to see Libby. They talk about what she said before although Hurley says that he does not remember. Libby gives more detail saying she had a flash of another life, where they knew and liked each other. Libby says that she is at the mental institute voluntarily. Hurley asks her out on a date and they both agree to it.

Desmond speaks with John Locke about his experience in the hatch although they are distracted by the appearance of a boy. John Locke tells Desmond to ignore the boy.

Richard and the group speak about their next course of action. Richard suggests getting explosives from the dharma barracks. Hurley says that Jacob is telling them to go speak to Locke. Richard accuses Hurley of not being able to see Jacob. The group separate into two groups. Richard, Ben and Miles leave to gather explosives while the rest prepare to go speak to Locke.

Jack speaks with Hurley while walking through the forest. Hurley tells Jack that he didn't really see Jacob. Jack says that he knows. Jack says that he finds it hard to sit back and let people tell him what he should do. He says maybe that is what he is supposed to do. Jack says that he trusts Hurley. The group are distracted by strange whispers from the forest. Hurley says he thinks he knows what they are. Hurley starts calling out to Michael who then appears. Michael says that he is stuck on the island and the whispers are the people that can't move on like him. Michael directs Hurley to Locke. Michael tells Hurley that if he sees Libby again to say that he is sorry for killing her.

Hurley and Libby meet on the beach for their date, where they set up a picnic. Libby says that being with Hurley feels familiar. Hurley and Libby kiss and Hurley has a flash of their life on the island. Hurley says that he thinks he is remembering. Desmond looks out at them from his car and then drives away.

Desmond and Locke arrive at a well. Locke says that a long time ago the well was dug because people's compasses span when they stood above it, so they dug as deep as they could. Desmond asks if they ever found out why and Locke says no. Locke says that Widmore is not interested in answers like that, he says he is only interested in power. Desmond ask rhetorically "and that's why you wanted me to see this?". Locke asks why Desmond isn't afraid being with him alone there. Desmond says that he doesn't think there is any point in being afraid. Locke throws Desmond down the well. Locke returns to the encampment and Sayid asks about Desmond. Locke says "we don't have to worry about him anymore". Jack, Hurley and the others arrive at the encampment. Hurley enters first requesting that they do not fight. He asks to talk and Locke agrees. The rest of the group enter.

Desmond waits outside of the school that John Locke works at. Ben Linus approaches his car window asking why he is there. Desmond says he is looking for a school where his son can attend. Ben says the school is wonderful although Desmond is more focussed on John Locke leaving in his wheelchair. Ben Linus walks away and Desmond starts his car. Desmond runs down John Locke in his car...