The Last Recruit - Recap

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At Locke's encampment, John asks to speak with Jack. John reveals that Locke needed to be dead for him to take his place. Jack asks if John also appeared as his father. Locke says "yes, that was me", claiming that he was trying to help Jack. Locke says that even before Jack arrived, he was already trapped on the island; because he was chosen by Jacob. Locke tells Jack that they can now leave, but it must be together.

In another life, John is transported in an ambulance with Ben Linus ( after being run down by Desmond). Sun is entered into the hospital at the same time expressing shock at the sight of John.

While Jack and John are walking through the woods alone; they discover Claire following them. She says she is following them because Jack is her brother. Locke leaves, and Claire and Jack begin talking. They mention Locke pretending to be their father. Claire says that it is good to see Jack. Claire says that Jack decided to go with Locke the moment he let Locke speak to him.

Sawyer talks with Hurley about using the submarine to get away from the island. Meanwhile Kate informs Sun of the same thing. Sawyer says that Claire and Sayid will not be going with them.

Detective James Ford (in the other life), speaks with Kate who he has recently arrested. He reads through her charges and she denies the murder. Kate asks why he didn't arrest her at the airport. She theorises that he didn't want people to know he was there. Miles talks to Sawyer about Sayid, who he says is responsible for murder.

Back on the island, Zoey enters Locke's camp. She asks Locke to return what they took ( Desmond). Zoey threatens Locke's group by calling a small air strike behind them. She then says that they have until nightfall to return what they took. Zoey gives Locke a communicator. Zoey tells Locke to contact her when they are ready for Desmond to be collected. Zoey walks away and Locke destroys it.

In the other life, Desmond meets Claire who is visiting an adoption agency. Desmond offers her legal representation for her adoption contracts, free of charge. She agrees to meet the lawyer. The lawyer, Ilana, enters. She says she has been looking for Claire.

John Locke plans to go to the other island to get on the plane. John asks Sawyer to take an alternative route to get a boat; so they can use it to collectively sail to the hydra island. Sawyer schemes a way to escape on the boat, with those he spoke to earlier. Locke asks Sayid to kill Desmond who is still down the well.

Sayid approaches the well with a gun. Desmond is trapped at the bottom. He asks what they offered Sayid. He says they offered his wife. Desmond asks Sayid what he will say he did to get her back, if she returns.

In the other life, Sayid prepares to leave after the killing. The doorbell rings and Sayid attempts to leave via the back exit. His wife tries to stall Miles at the door. Sayid is held at gunpoint by Detective Ford, as he leaves through the back exit.

Sawyer and Kate arrive at the boat which Locke told them to go to. Sawyer explains to Kate that Claire will not be coming. Locke's large group travel to the rendezvous point ( intending to encounter Sawyer, Kate and the boat). Jack speaks with Claire. She says that she trusts Locke because he never abandoned her. Locke mentions that Sayid was supposed to catch up to them a while back. Locke leaves to make sure no-one got left behind. Jack, Sun, Hurley and the pilot take the opportunity of Locke's departure to separate from the group. Claire sees them. Locke finds Sayid then asks why he took he so long. Sayid ensures Locke that Desmond is dead and says "go and check if you like".

Jack's group meet Sawyer and Kate on the boat. They plan to travel to the submarine. Claire finds and confronts them with a gun. Kate tries to persuade Claire to come with them. Kate says "she's coming or I'm not". She promises to reunite Claire with her son. Claire lowers her gun and gets on the boat.

In the other life, Jack enters a building with his son. He plans to visit a lawyer regarding his fathers will. He meets Ilana who introduces him to Claire. Jack asks why Claire was in his fathers will. Claire reveals that they have the same father. Jack appears shocked. Jack is interrupted by a phone call regarding an emergency at the hospital. He says that they will need to reschedule.

Sawyer and the others sale on the boat to hydra island. Sawyer speaks to Jack alone. Jack says that leaving the island doesn't feel right; whilst he remembers how he felt the last time he left the island. Jack says that they were brought to the island to do something. He says that if Locke wants them to leave then maybe he is afraid of what happens if they stay. Sawyer says that if he isn't with them, then to get off the boat. Jack says "the island isn't done with us yet". Jack says that he is sorry that he got Juliet killed. Jack jumps off the side of the boat.

In the other life, Sun wakes up in hospital with Jin next to her. Jin says her and the baby are going to be fine. Jack walks through the hospital with his son, on his way to treat the emergency patient. The patient is revealed to be John Locke. Jack says "I think I know this guy".

On the island, Jack washes up back on shore. He is confronted by John Locke who does not appear angry at him. John asks if Sawyer took his boat and Jack says yes. Meanwhile Sawyer's group arrive on hydra island. Sawyer's groups are confronted by Widmore's group, who hold them at gunpoint. Jin and Sun are reunited and Sun's voice returns. Sawyer says that they had a deal and Zoey says "deal's off". Zoey speaks over the communicator she has saying, "fire when ready" ( referring to striking Locke's group, not Sawyer's).

John's group, including Jack, are hit by an explosive strike. John rushes over to Jack to get him away from the dangerous area. Jack is hit but not seriously injured. John says "don't worry, its going to be ok. You're with me now".