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Lost: Dave

Libby lends Hurley support when he begins to think the island is having a strange effect on him, and Locke’s sense of purpose is shaken when the prisoner provides new information about the hatch.

A Hurley-centric episode.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x18
Production Number: 218
Airdate: Wednesday April 05th, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Net 5) Jun 09, 2006
France Sep 09, 2006
Italy Nov 13, 2006
DE (Pro7) Jan 08, 2007


Guest Stars
Bruce DavisonBruce Davison
As Dr. Brooks
Michael EmersonMichael Emerson
As Henry Gale

Co-Guest Stars
Grisel ToledoGrisel Toledo
As Susie Lazenby
Ron BottittaRon Bottitta
As Leonard
Main Cast
Matthew FoxMatthew Fox
As Dr. Jack Shephard
Terry OTerry O'Quinn
As John Locke
Josh HollowayJosh Holloway
As James 'Sawyer' Ford
Evangeline LillyEvangeline Lilly
As Katherine 'Kate' Austen
Naveen AndrewsNaveen Andrews
As Sayid Jarrah
Jorge GarciaJorge Garcia
As Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes
Yunjin KimYunjin Kim
As Sun Hwa Kwon
Daniel Dae KimDaniel Dae Kim
As Jin Soo Kwon
Dominic MonaghanDominic Monaghan
As Charlie Pace
Cynthia WatrosCynthia Watros
As Libby Smith
Michelle Rodriguez (1)Michelle Rodriguez (1)
As Ana Lucia Cortez
Episode Notes
When Hurley is talking to Dr. Brooks, there is a picture of an island on the wall that looks similar to the island the survivors crashed on.

It is revealed that 23 people were on a deck that was built to hold 8. Hurley walked onto this deck and everyone died.

Episode Quotes
Hurley: Did either of you see a guy run through here? In a bathrobe... with a coconut?
Charlie: No. Saw a polar bear on rollerblades with a mango.

Charlie: Shouldn't we let someone a little bit more trustworthy take care of this?
Sawyer: Like you, babynapper?!

Libby: I'm sure everyone can manage to just take what they need.
Sawyer: Great plan, Moonbeam! After that we can sing Kumbaya and do trust falls!

Dave: (during the basketball game) Dude! Dude! I'm open! Dude! Dude! It's called dribbling, not drooling! Dribbling!

Locke: Jack? Jack? Jack?
Jack: I've got it covered, John!

Henry Gale: (after his life was saved) Thank you!
Ana Lucia: Shut up!

Charlie: (trying to figure out what Eko is making) Is it a Starbucks?

Sawyer: What can I do ya for, Deep Dish?
Hurley: I'm kinda lookin' for something.
Sawyer: Forget it, I'm done tradin'. I got enough food now to open a chain of mini marts! Hey, you think Sayid needs a job?

Sawyer: What stuff ya seein'?
Hurley: I dunno... maybe like a bald guy in a bathrobe.
Sawyer: (looking over Hurley's shoulder) You mean like that guy there?
(Hurley spins around to look)
Sawyer: (chuckling to himself) Got ya!

Sawyer: You're crazy!
Hurley: I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy.

Hurley: You can't be here.
Dave: Sorry, dude. I am here.

Hurley: (to Dave) You just want me to stay fat. You don't want me to get better, you... you wouldn't care if I eat myself to death.

Hurley: I changed.
Dave: Changed? What are you kiddin' me? Take a look at yourself. You been on a deserted island for over two months and you haven't dropped ten pounds - how is that even possible, man?!

Dave: (to Hurley) Oh, right, right, Libby. The mega cute blonde chick who magically appeared from the other side of the island. Oh, oh, oh, yeah and just happens to have the hots for you!

Locke: I wanna talk to him.
Ana Lucia: I don't think that's on today's programme.
Locke: Well, all due respect, Ana Lucia, but I don't care what you think.

Henry Gale: I never entered the numbers. I never pressed the button.
Locke: You're lying.
Henry Gale: No, I'm done lying.

Libby: (to Hurley) And don't tell me you made me up. It's insulting.

Libby: (after kissing Hurley) And that... was real.
Hurley: Maybe you should do it one more time... just to be sure.

Episode Goofs
At the end of the episode, when it's showing what really happened as Dr. Brooks is taking a photo of Hurley and his imaginary friend, part of Dave can be seen in the shot.

Cultural References
Charlie: Anyone o' you guys see a plane last night?
Sawyer: Yeah, I saw it, Tattoo. Just decided not to tell.

Tattoo was a character in the Fantasy Island television series who would announce the arrival of new guests by shouting, "The plane! The plane!"

Kate: You look like you got your ass kicked!
Sawyer: Don't you got an adventure to get to? I think Timmy fell down a well over that way.

Timmy fell down a well and was saved by Lassie, a fictional dog, in the television series.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJ.J. Abrams  |  Damon Lindelof  |  Jeffrey Lieber
Executive ProducerJ.J. Abrams
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