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Lost: Two for the Road

Jack and Kate bring an exhausted Michael back to the camp, and with him, news about "The Others." Meanwhile, Ana Lucia attempts to get the prisoner to confess, and Hurley plans a surprise date for Libby.

An Ana Lucia-centric episode.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x20
Production Number: 220
Airdate: Wednesday May 03rd, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Net 5) Jun 23, 2006
Italy Nov 20, 2006
DE (Pro7) Jan 22, 2007


Guest Stars
Gabrielle FitzpatrickGabrielle Fitzpatrick
As Lindsey
John TerryJohn Terry
As Christian Shephard
Michael EmersonMichael Emerson
As Henry Gale
Rachel TicotinRachel Ticotin
As Captain Teresa Cortez
Main Cast
Matthew FoxMatthew Fox
As Dr. Jack Shephard
Terry OTerry O'Quinn
As John Locke
Josh HollowayJosh Holloway
As James 'Sawyer' Ford
Evangeline LillyEvangeline Lilly
As Katherine 'Kate' Austen
Naveen AndrewsNaveen Andrews
As Sayid Jarrah
Jorge GarciaJorge Garcia
As Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes
Daniel Dae KimDaniel Dae Kim
As Jin Soo Kwon
Harold Perrineau, Jr.Harold Perrineau, Jr.
As Michael Dawson
Cynthia WatrosCynthia Watros
As Libby Smith
Michelle Rodriguez (1)Michelle Rodriguez (1)
As Ana Lucia Cortez
Episode Notes
When Ana Lucia parks her police car, the numbers 15, 16, 23 and 42 can be seen on the roofs of the parked police cars.

Ana Lucia met Jack's father, Christian Shephard, a second time at the airport bar. The first meeting took place at security where Ana Lucia wanded him.

Ana Lucia crossed paths with Sawyer in Australia when Christian opens the car door and accidentally slams it into Sawyer. This sets up a flashback from an earlier episode with Sawyer and Christian at the bar.

In the US airing of this episode on May 3, a clue for the 'Lost Experience' was revealed in the form of an advert for the Hanso Foundation. The freephone number displayed was: 1-877-HANSORG.

The UK clue aired during the double bill of Man Of Science, Man Of Faith and Adrift on May 2.

This episode marks the death of Ana Lucia Cortez.

When Christian turns on the radio in the car, it's tuned to frequency 99.9MHz. 99 + 9 adds up to 108, which is also the sum of the number sequence.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Kasey ChambersThe Hard Way 
Patsy ClineWalking After Midnight 

Episode Quotes
Captain Teresa Cortez: No prints, no witnesses. He was executed.
Ana Lucia: Any idea who did it?
Captain Teresa Cortez: Yeah, Ana. You did.

Captain Teresa Cortez: You don't want my help, you're gonna have to get it from somewhere else. You're a police officer, Ana. If you don't respect me, at least respect that.
Ana Lucia: Then I quit.

Ana Lucia: I've been around a lot of killers in my life. You know what surprises me the most about 'em? How much they looove to talk. But, you're different, Henry. Hmm? Quiet.

Henry Gale: You're the killer, Ana Lucia.

Locke: (to Ana Lucia regarding Henry) I guess he decided to start talking, huh?

Christian Shephard: So, how does one get into wanding?
Ana Lucia: One stops being a cop.
Christian Shephard: What a coincidence, I just stopped being a doctor.

Ana: I don't believe that parents and their kids should work together. Too many issues.
Christian Shephard: I'll drink to that.

Libby: (after seeing the gash on Ana Lucia's forehead) What happened?
Ana Lucia: I cut myself shaving.

Libby: You okay?
Ana Lucia: I'm fine. But he won't be.
Libby: Hey, Ana?
Ana Lucia: What?
Libby: Don't do anything stupid.

Henry Gale: (to Locke) If you've come to apologise, I forgive you for hitting me with your crutch. I'm so glad my head didn't break it.

Locke: You could've crushed my skull but you didn't do a thing. Why didn't you?
Henry Gale: Because you're one of the good ones, John.

Henry Gale: Because the man in charge... he's a great man, John. A brilliant man. But he is not a forgiving man. He'll kill me because I failed, John. I failed my mission.
Locke: What mission?
Henry Gale: When that woman caught me in her trap... I was on my way here, John. I was coming for you.

Sawyer: Hey, I been knockin' those things down for twenty minutes, get your hands off my damned mango.
Ana Lucia: I didn't figure you for the fruit-picking type.

Sawyer: Oh, that's right, he's still traipsing around the jungle with Kate!
Ana Lucia: If you've got a problem 'cause he's making time with your girlfriend... don't take it out on me, man.

Ana Lucia: After four days of drinking and doing nothing, now, in the middle of the night, you're ready to go?
Christian Shephard: That's exactly right. It's time, come on. Fate's calling, Sarah.

Ana Lucia: This is what you needed protection for? The suburbs?
Christian Shephard: Stay in the car.
Ana Lucia: Shall I keep the meter running?

Hurley: (surveying the hole that Sayid is digging) Dude, nice hole.

Jack: (to Locke) What? They just let Michael go, hoping that we would keep up our end of the bargain? You think they're on the honours system?

Sawyer: (to Ana Lucia) Well, well, well. What've we got here? Is Little Red Riding Hood gonna follow the Big Bad Wolf back to his stash o' guns?

Christian Shephard: She is a very long story, Sarah.
Ana Lucia: It's Ana Lucia.
Christian Shephard: Well, I'm still Tom.
Ana Lucia: You're pathetic, that's what you are.
Christian Shephard: You bet your sweet ass I am.
Ana Lucia: Why are you here?
Christian Shephard: I'm here because I can't apologise to my son. He tried to help me so I thanked him by cutting him off, I thanked him by hating him. You came here for the same reason I did, kiddo. You ran away.

Christian Shephard: (to Ana Lucia) Come on, let's go have a drink or ten and be pathetic together, whaddya say?

Sawyer: (after getting hit by the car door) Hey, I'm walkin' here!

Sawyer: Don't you want my phone number?
Ana Lucia: You tell anyone about this... and I'll kill you.
Sawyer: I guess that takes cuddling off the table.

Hurley: (getting caught stuffing food in a bag) This isn't what it looks like.
Libby: And... what does it look like?
Hurley: It looks like something... that... it's not. Oh, man. I'm so busted.

Michael: I couldn't save him... so I came back to tell you. Tell you that we can take them. As soon as I get my strength back, I will take us back there and we are gonna get my boy back.

Jack: You were right.
Locke: Right about what?
Jack: About Henry. What you and Sayid did to him when you first found him, you were... you were right. I don't like how you did it but... I shouldn't have got in your way.
Locke: Well, you did what you thought was right at the time you thought it, Jack.

Libby: Hurley, it's okay if you're lost.
Hurley: Dude, I'm not lost, will you trust me?

Hurley: (leading Libby to the 'secret' beach) ...SURPRISE!
Libby: Uhh, Hurley, this is our beach. There's Jin.

Hurley: (to Libby) Oh! Wine! Ha! Groovy! Hey? Maybe if I get drunk enough I'll remember where I know you from!

Kate: Just take us there, Sawyer, alright? Quit playin' around.
Sawyer: Why'd you bring her along for, a sympathy vote? She ain't in my head, Doc! So, why don't you two just go play in the jungle, huh?

Henry Gale: He kept saying you were misunderstood.
Ana Lucia: What are you talking about?
Henry Gale: Goodwin. Yes, he told us all about you, Ana. How he thought you were worthy and that he could change you. But, he was wrong. And it cost him his life.
Ana Lucia: He was gonna kill me.
Henry Gale: Was he?

Henry Gale: So, this is it, huh?
Ana Lucia: Yes, Henry. This is it.

Michael: They're animals. I seen these people and they are... animals! They took my son right out of my hands, they took my son and...

Michael: I'm sorry.
Ana Lucia: For what?

Cultural References
Sayid: And why would you hold a static-generating radio over your head?
Hurley: They didn't have Say Anything in Baghdad?

Say Anything is a 1989 movie starring John Cusack as an underachieving student who attempts to woo a girl beyond his social circle. In one scene, he tries to win her back by holding up a boombox and playing a song outside of her bedroom window.

Libby: You ever watch The Flintstones?

The Flintstones is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon set in the Stone Age and revolves around the Flintstone family and their neighbours, Barney and Betty Rubble.

Sawyer: It's not a book, it's a manuscript. I'm about to be the first and only guy to find out whodunnit!

The manuscript Sawyer is referring to is Bad Twin by Gary Troup, who is also a fictional character. His website can be found here and details are given as to where Bad Twin can be purchased.

Locke: Where are they, James?
Sawyer: You, too, Brutus?

Brutus was a trusted relative of Gaius Julius Caesar who conspired and assassinated Caesar along with his fellow conspirators.

Sawyer: Hey, I'm walkin' here!

This line is first spoken by Enrico "Ratso" Rizzo in the 1969 movie "Midnight Cowboy". Ironically, the famous line was an improvisation on the part of Dustin Hoffman, who played Rizzo, while filming as he was nearly struck by a car.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJ.J. Abrams  |  Damon Lindelof  |  Jeffrey Lieber
Executive ProducerJ.J. Abrams
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