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Lost: ?

Mr. Eko enlists Locke to help find a secret location he believes houses answers to the island's mysteries. Meanwhile, Jack and the other survivors struggle to cope with the horrific situation in the hatch.

An Eko-centric episode.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x21
Production Number: 221
Airdate: Wednesday May 10th, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Net 5) Jun 30, 2006
Italy Nov 27, 2006
DE (Pro7) Jan 29, 2007


Guest Stars
Adetokumboh MAdetokumboh M'Cormack
As Yemi
Nick JamesonNick Jameson
As Richard Malkin
Oliver MuirheadOliver Muirhead
As Monsignor

Co-Guest Stars
François ChaoFrançois Chao
As Dr. Mark Whitman
Brooke Anderson (1)Brooke Anderson (1)
As Charlotte Malkin
Felix WilliamsonFelix Williamson
As Dr. Ian McVay
Peter Lavin (1)Peter Lavin (1)
As Caldwell
Main Cast
Matthew FoxMatthew Fox
As Dr. Jack Shephard
Terry OTerry O'Quinn
As John Locke
Josh HollowayJosh Holloway
As James 'Sawyer' Ford
Evangeline LillyEvangeline Lilly
As Katherine 'Kate' Austen
Jorge GarciaJorge Garcia
As Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes
Dominic MonaghanDominic Monaghan
As Charlie Pace
Harold Perrineau, Jr.Harold Perrineau, Jr.
As Michael Dawson
Cynthia WatrosCynthia Watros
As Libby Smith
Michelle Rodriguez (1)Michelle Rodriguez (1)
As Ana Lucia Cortez
Episode Notes
The episode title is taken from the giant question mark in the middle of the blacklight map. The episode is not called "Question Mark", simply just the symbol "?".

Ana Lucia returns in a dream sequence.

Eko's fake passport no. is 223652. His date of birth is 23 August 68. The passport issue date is shown as 16 April 04 and the expiry date is shown as 15 April 14.

In Locke's dream, he walks with a limp (as Eko) just as he would do currently with his injured leg.

Richard Malkin, the father of Charlotte Malkin, is the same 'psychic' that Claire went to see in Raised By Another back in season one.

Station 5 is called The Pearl. Dr. Marvin Candle from The Swan orientation video appears in The Pearl orientation video but states his name as Dr. Mark Whitman.

As Eko talks to Charlotte Malkin at the airport and he becomes increasingly angry, Libby passes by and asks if everything is alright.

This episode marks the death of Libby.

Episode Quotes
Eko: I'm building a church.
Ana Lucia: Now why the hell would you wanna do that?
Eko: 'Cause I was told to.
Ana Lucia: Told to by who?
Eko: I was just told. I think it was in a dream.
Ana Lucia: A dream like this one?

Yemi: Hello, brother.
Eko: Yemi! Forgive me, I should have listened to you, you were right...
Yemi: Shhh shhhh shhhh shhhh. The work being done in this place is important, Eko. It is more important than anything. And it is in danger. You must help John. He has lost his way. You must make him take you to the question mark.

Yemi: And Eko... bring the axe.

Caldwell: I've got some friends in Los Angeles. I could get you on with them.
Eko: Doing what?
Caldwell: You know... stuff.

Eko: Monsignor, with all due respect, I cannot do what you have asked.
Monsignor: Why not?
Eko: Because I do not believe what this woman says.
Monsignor: Why do you think I chose you?

Locke: What the hell are you following?
Eko: Where is the question mark?
Locke: The what?
Eko: The question mark, John. Where is it?
Locke: You know what? You keep chasing after your own shadow, I'm going back.
Eko: I know you do not want to show me... but you must.
Locke: No, I don't have to show you anything.
Eko: Then I'm sorry...

Locke: You hit me? Why did you...
Eko: Because you were being difficult.
Locke: Are you insane?!

Eko: She wants us to go here, John, together. She said this in my dream.
Locke: Oh, of course. A dream.
Eko: Tell me, John. Haven't you ever followed a dream?

Locke: You're lost already?
Eko: Your map is inexact.
Locke: No kidding?
Eko: These landmarks... is this a river?
Locke: No, it's a wavy line.

Eko: And what made it fall?
Locke: Boone. Boone made it fall. Then he died. A sacrifice that the island demanded.
Eko: Excuse me?
Locke: Nothing.

Kate: Why would he need me to go with him?
Sawyer: Jacko here knows his heroin's in my stash with the guns. So, I can either show you where it's at or let poor Libby suffer. That pretty much it, Doc?
Jack: Yeah. That's pretty much it.

Kate: I thought you were taking me to your stash?!
Sawyer: Do you have to make everything so damn difficult?!

Hurley: (to Michael) I'm glad you're okay, man.

Eko: And I believe the work you have been doing is more important now than ever.
Locke: What... work?
Eko: Pushing the button.
Locke: That's not work. That's a, that's a... a joke! Rats in-in a maze... with no cheese.
Eko: It is work, John. We are being tested.

Locke: (to Eko) I was never meant to do ANYTHING! Every single second of my pathetic little life is as useless as that button! You think it's important, you think it's necessary? It's nothing, it's nothing. It's meaningless. And who are you to tell me that it's not?

Charlotte Malkin: He says you were a good priest.
Eko: Who says that?
Charlotte Malkin: Yemi.
Eko: Speaking about my brother is not a joke so you should be very careful what you say next.
Charlotte Malkin: I saw him when I was... between places. He said that you would come and see me, he said that even though you were pretending, you were a good man.
Eko: Who put you up to this? Did you father tell you to do this?
Charlotte Malkin: He wants you to know that he will see you soon. He said that even though you don't have faith in yourself, he has faith in you.

Charlotte Malkin: (to Eko) He has faith in you. One day, you'll believe me.

Eko: I believe the work being done in the hatch is more important than anything. If you will not continue to push the button, John... I will.

Hurley: (to Libby) Hey. It's Hurley... Hugo. (bursting into tears) I'm sorry I forgot the blankets. I'm sorry I forgot the blankets.

Libby: (struggling to speak) Michael...
Jack: Michael? He's okay. He made it, Libby, it's okay, it's alright.

Cultural References
Sawyer: (to Jack) Who's gonna take care o' Libby while you're off playing Daniel Boone?

Daniel Boone was an American frontiersman who fought Indians and blazed a trail from Fort Chiswell to Cumberland Gap - this trail is known as Wilderness Road.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJ.J. Abrams  |  Damon Lindelof  |  Jeffrey Lieber
Executive ProducerJ.J. Abrams
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