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Lost: A Tale of Two Cities

Jack, Kate and Sawyer begin to discover what they are up against as prisoners of The Others.

A Jack-centric episode.

Episode Info

Episode number: 3x1
Production Number: 301
Airdate: Wednesday October 04th, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Net 5) Mar 02, 2007
France Jul 02, 2007
FI (MTV3) Aug 16, 2007
Italy Oct 01, 2007
DE (Pro7) Oct 15, 2007


Guest Stars
Blake BashoffBlake Bashoff
As Karl
Brett CullenBrett Cullen
As Goodwin
John TerryJohn Terry
As Dr. Christian Shephard
Julie BowenJulie Bowen
As Sarah
M.C. GaineyM.C. Gainey
As Mr. Friendly
William MapotherWilliam Mapother
As Ethan Rom
Julie AdamsJulie Adams
As Amelia

Co-Guest Stars
Julie OwJulie Ow
As Nurse
Sally DavisSally Davis
As Teacher
Alexandra MorganAlexandra Morgan
As Moderator
Isabelle CherwinIsabelle Cherwin
As Little Girl
Sonya SengSonya Seng
As Receptionist
Main Cast
Matthew FoxMatthew Fox
As Dr. Jack Shephard
Josh HollowayJosh Holloway
As James 'Sawyer' Ford
Evangeline LillyEvangeline Lilly
As Katherine 'Kate' Austen
Michael EmersonMichael Emerson
As Ben Linus
Elizabeth MitchellElizabeth Mitchell
As Juliet Burke


As with previous seasons, the opening scene contains an eye shot---this time the eye belongs to a woman who seems to be trying to relieve a month's worth of tension by drowning it in Petula Clark. Nonetheless, she begins to tidy up her house and leaps at the sound of something burning, and before she realizes it, she’s burned her hands on the scorching pan of muffins. The woman doesn’t have time to reflect on this, though---there’s a knock on the door, and before long her book club has convened. During the discussion, the woman gets into an angry argument about the choice of book with one of the other members---he thinks it’s “popcorn,” she thinks it’s a great book…in fact, it’s her favorite book. ..

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Episode Notes
Henry Ian Cusick and Michael Emerson join the main cast after their guest star stints during season 2. Other new additions to the main cast are Elizabeth Mitchell, Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro.

Only five of the main cast feature in this episode: Michael Emerson (Henry Gale / Ben), Matthew Fox (Jack), Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Evangeline Lilly (Kate) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet).

When Jack checks his pager, the time is 7:15:23 AM.

The Dharma station that Jack is being held in is called the Hydra.

Jack graduated medical school a year faster than anyone else.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Petula ClarkDowntown 

Episode Quotes
Ben: Goodwin. You see where the tail land?
Goodwin: Yeah, probably in the water.
Ben: You run and you can make that shore in an hour. Ethan, get up there to that fuselage, there may actually be survivors. You're one of 'em. A passenger, you're in shock. Come up with an adequate story if they ask. Stay quiet if they don't. Listen, learn, don't get involved. I want lists in three days. Go.

Mr. Friendly: Rise and shine, Kate!
Kate: Where am I?
Mr. Friendly: You don't really think I'm going to answer that, do you?

Sawyer: (to the prisoner nearby) Hey! Where are we? Who the hell are you? Oh, you ain't gonna talk to me? What? Ya got more important things to do?

Karl: I wouldn't do that.
Sawyer: I want your advice, I'll ask for it! (pushes the button and gets thrown across his cage) Son of a bitch!
Karl: Told you.

Jack: (to Sarah) Just tell me what his name is! I wanna know... who he is. Look, you can have everything - the cars, the house - I don't care, I just... I just want to know... the name of the man that is with my wife.

Juliet: I will... if you let go of the chain.
Juliet: I don't think you're stupid, Jack. I think you're stubborn.

Ben: (regarding the handcuffs on the table) Sorry, I'm going to have to ask you to put those on, Kate.
Kate: And if I don't?
Ben: Then you don't get any coffee.

Kate: What did you do with Sawyer and Jack?
Ben: Now, why Sawyer?
Kate: Why Sawyer what?
Ben: He's the first one you asked about. "What did you do with Sawyer and Jack?"
Kate: You don't know me.
Ben: Of course I don't.

Ben: I brought you here so you'd look out at the water and feel comforted. Comforted that your friends were looking out at the same ocean. I gave you the dress so you'd feel like a lady. And I wanted you to eat your food with a real life fork and feel civilised. I did all those things so that you'd have something nice to hold on to... 'cause Kate, the next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant.

Dr. Christian Shephard: I think I know a little something about being obsessive.
Jack: No, being a drunk is not obsessive!
Dr. Christian Shephard: Let it go, Jack.

Juliet: What do you do, Jack? What's your profession?
Jack: I'm a repo man.

Juliet: The drugs we gave you when we brought you here have a fairly serious side effect - dehydration. Your head is probably sore, your throat is raw and if you don't eat or drink something soon, you're going to start hallucinating.
Jack: So, you're a doctor, huh?
Juliet: No... I'm a repo woman.

Sawyer: (after working out the contraptions only to be rewarded with a fish biscuit and grain) Unbelievable!

Mr. Friendly: (to Kate) Scratched you up pretty bad, didn't they? I'll bring you some antiseptic later.
Sawyer: How 'bout you bring me an ottoman? While you're at it, I could use a blowdry!
Mr. Friendly: Hey! You got yourself a fish biscuit! How'd you do that?
Sawyer: I figured out your complicated gizmos, that's how.
Mr. Friendly: Only took the bears two hours.
Sawyer: How many of 'em were there?!

Jack: Is this one of their... stations? The... the Dharma Initiative?
Juliet: They called it the Hydra.
Jack: So, you people are just... whatever's left over, is that it?
Juliet: Well, that was a long time ago. It doesn't matter... who we were... it only matters who we are.

Jack: Is that him?
Sarah: What difference does it make?
Jack: It just does.
Sarah: It's not gonna change anything...
Jack: Look, I wanna know! I need to know who he is.
Sarah: It doesn't matter who he is, it just matters who you're not.

Sarah: Jack... your father... when he called me... to help you. He was so drunk I could hardly understand him. Look at the bright side... now you have something to fix.

Juliet: Jack? What would you like to find out?
Jack: (on Sarah) Is she... is she happy?
Juliet: Yes, Jack. She's very happy.

Cultural References
The episode title, A Tale of Two Cities, is also a Charles Dickens novel which revolves around three main characters - two men that are in love with the same woman.

The book club discuss the Stephen King novel, Carrie, which revolves around a girl with telekinetic powers who, after years of bullying from her mother and the children at her school, unleashes them in revenge.

Sawyer: What, you talkin' to me now, Chachi?

Chachi was a character in the TV series, Happy Days.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJ.J. Abrams  |  Damon Lindelof  |  Jeffrey Lieber
Executive ProducerJ.J. Abrams
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