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Oh Kappa, My Kappa (aka Sorority) - Recap

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The scene opens with Bo getting out of bed and Dyson is there with her. She is completely healed from being shot in the last episode and she asks how Dyson feels. He tells that he feels like he just ran a marathon. Dyson tells that he is glad to help her and tells that he has to get going unless Bo needs something else. She lies and says that she has a headache. Meanwhile in a forest, a young woman is running from an unknown creature and almost falls into a gigantic hole. The creature runs up on her and she screams. Kenzie wakes up and finds Dyson in the bathroom. She does a happy dance in the hallway. She goes up to Bo and starts drilling her with questions of what happened and Bo keeps quiet. Bo sees Kenzie’s new brochure about a Private Eye service and Bo is hesitant. Kenzie tells her to meet with a few clients first and then go from there. She agrees.

Kenzie and Bo meet with Mrs. Aims and her daughter, Gina, has gone missing. She hasn’t been missing for 48 hours so the police won’t do anything about it. Mrs. Aims tells that it is not like Gina to skip out on classes and to miss out on being the new pledge for the KAPA Sorority initiation. Kenzie tells Bo that Gina probably went running off and tells Bo to look into it with the police and Dyson and she will find clues on her own. Bo meets with Dyson and he tells that he doesn’t have anything on the human database, but on the Faye database, a possibility caught his attention. College girls have gone missing and they were ruled out as runaways. Bo gets back to the apartment and tells Kenzie that she is going to be doing Security at the college, but tells that Kenzie is going to have to go undercover as a new pledge for the KAPA Sorority House. Kenzie doesn’t like the fact that she has to wear pink and be preppy. Kenzie and Bo arrive on campus and Kenzie is not liking the fact that she is going to have to smile all the time now. Meanwhile, Gina wakes up from falling and suddenly something in the water comes out and tries to grab her. She runs and gets out of reach of the monster.

Bo meets with Wayne, her co-worker for the undercover work as a security guard, and he tells that their job is to make Dean Peretti look good and to make sure that no bad publicity hits the campus. Meanwhile, Kenzie meets with Tori and Libra, the KAPPA Sorority sisters and Kenzie lies and says that her grandmother was a KAPPA and she wanted her to carry on the tradition. Libra doesn’t believe her and asks for the KAPPA secret handshake. Kenzie wings it and Tori loves her for it, but Libra is a little cautious. Bo meets with Dean Peretti in her office and tells that she wants to volunteer to help look for Gina, the missing girl. The Dean is not surprised and tells her to ignore it. She tells that Gina will more likely show up after a day or two. Bo uses her powers of seduction and starts kissing on the Dean to get information about what happened to Gina. She tells that a drunken Frat boy saw her running out into the forest. They are interrupted and Bo leaves. Meanwhile, Kenzie gets welcomed to her new room and Gina’s things are on the bed. Tori tells that Gina was a pledge that gave up.

Bo goes out into the forest to look around and she finds a gigantic hole in the middle of the forest. Kenzie calls her and tells that she is in with the KAPPA girls and that it is all preppy. She tells Bo that she has Gina’s things and there is nothing mysterious about her. Bo gets off the phone and finds a necklace in the dirt. She pulls out a picture of Gina and it belongs to her. Later that evening, Kenzie is with the KAPPA girls and they are binge drinking. Kenzie sees two girls go down stairs and is interested. She gets up and her blonde wig gets tosseled a bit. Libra sees it and questions her, but Tori tells her to back off. Meanwhile, Bo breaks into Dean Peretti’s office and opens a drawer with her strength. Back at the KAPPA house, Kenzie sneaks to the basement and finds a locked door. Tori and the rest are there and they tell that the basement is for members only. In the Dean’s office, someone comes up to the door. It is Kenzie and she is drunk from the party. Suddenly they hear Wayne come in the building and they hide behind the Dean’s desk. He comes into the office and smells the Dean’s scarf and leaves. Kenzie gets up and tells that coming to the Dean’s office was a waste of time, but Bo finds an envelope taped to the bottom of the Dean’s desk. It is a bunch of numbers to which Kenzie figures are numbers to students’ IDs.

The next day, Bo arrives early and has construction plans. Dean Peretti tells that she needs to talk to Wayne. At the apartment, Bo is looking over the plans and Kenzie walks in stumbling. She tells that the KAPPA girls know how to party. Bo shows the plans and shows that there are tunnels underneath the school and one of them leads to KAPPA house. Kenzie tells that the girls are going to initiate her in the basement. Bo visits Dyson and he tells that the missing persons were all linked to the suicide note and Bo tells that she has an idea where Gina is and shows the KAPPA house. Dyson has a theory but ignores it. Kayla, a new waitress, comes up to Dyson and flirts. Bo tells that he is a chick magnet as one of the powers. Dyson dismisses it and tells that he can give her strength. Trick tells that he wants to meet with Dyson and tells him to stop the infatuation with Bo and they need to stay on the objective.

Bo and Kenzie go out into the forest and Dean Peretti is watching them. Back at the bar, Dyson is reading books and Kayla flirts again with him. He asks her name and she introduces herself. Back in the forest, Bo finds and entrance but it is locked. Kenzie goes to the KAPPA house and initiation begins. They are about to open the basement door and push her in. They do it and it is a party, not a murder. Kenzie calls Bo and tells that it is not the KAPPA house. Suddenly Bo is tased by Wayne and he tells that “He” likes them when they put up a fight. Back at the bar, Dyson gets a call from Kenzie and he goes to Dean’s office and finds her with a knife in her neck. Bo wakes up tied up and Wayne tells that he found a creature that gives him the elixir of life and hasn’t aged much. He tied up Bo because she was a snoop just like the Dean. He calls the creature and leaves. Bo fights to get free.

Dyson and Kenzie enter the forest and Dyson tracks Bo. He takes off his clothes and tells that he needs to track her. He changes into a wolf and Kenzie is shocked. Meanwhile, Bo gets free and stops the creature from sucking the life out of Gina. In the forest, Dyson finds Wayne and kills him. Down in the tunnel, Bo is fighting the creature and just as he is about to suck the life out of her, Dyson saves the day and chops off the creature’s skull. Bo asks Dyson why he is half naked and Kenzie tells that she wants to tell her. Later, Bo is in the bath and Kenzie tells that the creature was a KAPPA creature and that Dyson is fixing everything. Kenzie tells her to get with the program and go ask Dyson out. She goes to the bar to find Dyson in the back with Kayla. She walks out and Dyson tells that he was only helping her out when they had sex. She doesn’t believe him and tells that it was real. Trick is happy that Dyson broke it off with Bo, but Dyson is not happy that he did.