(Dis)Members Only - Recap

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The scene opens with Bo and Dyson at the bar with Kenzie and Hale. Dyson is talking about going hunting and Bo thinks that would be fun to do. Hale and Kenzie get grossed out of their kissing and start to bet when Bo and Dyson are going to break up. Meanwhile, a groundskeeper is tending to the trees when suddenly, he is hit across the head with a rock and a vine wraps around him and kills him. Bo and Dyson are in a bathtub together looking at Day Spas that are going to be good on Dyson’s vacation when Kenzie comes in and tells that they have a client to tend to. She comes out to meet Neville, a friend from Kenzie’s past who calls Kenzie “Meow, Meow”. He says that his cousin Thumper has been gone missing from working as a groundskeeper at a Country Club, the same place he works. He says that the people there are strange and asks if they will check them out. Kenzie says that they will look into it.

They go up to Dyson, who is still in the tub, and asks him to pose as a new member with Bo. Kenzie says that she is going to pose as a waitress in it. They go to the Country Club and meet Mitch, the director. He says that they seem like good candidates to the Club and will have an answer in a few months. Bo uses her power to persuade Mitch to let them sign today and Mitch does it with no problem at all. Bo asks about Blake Jorgenson, the person that Neville said was acting strange and she uses her powers to persuade him to tell where she is. He tells them that they can find her on the tennis courts. Meanwhile, Kenzie pretends to be an illegal immigrant and gets a job working in the kitchen. The head chef, Amy, tells that she is going to have to do a good job or they will get rid of her.

Bo and Dyson go up to Blake and Bo asks if Blake has lunch plans. She sits down with them and talks about how the members are only newly rich and that Chloe is the snobbiest of them all. She tells that they are in a Club of selective members for a scotch tasting club. She tells that they’re having one tonight. They see Kenzie go over to Chloe and spill her drink on her. She apologizes and sees a creepy man looking at her. She goes into the kitchen and the Amy tells that she already has a strike. Neville tells Kenzie to watch out because his cousin had two strikes and he went missing. Later, Blake is jogging when Chloe comes up behind her. She tells that she is running for board election and that she is going to see more things from her. Chloe goes up to her and hits her over the head and tells the plants that she is all theirs. Slowly vines come and wraps around Blake and kills her.

Kenzie is in the kitchen and the creepy man tells that she is in trouble. Kenzie gets home and says that she is tired from working all day. Dyson jokes with her that the servant entrance is in the back. Dyson rubs Kenzie’s feet and Kenzie tells that Neville’s cousin was on top of Mitch’s wife’s hit list. Dyson says that nothing points that this is Faye, but Bo thinks that it is. She tells that she is going to get them in to the scotch tasting. Later, Hale comes back and says that he dug up the finances on the members of the club and Bo says that she thinks that it is funny that they can dig into people’s finances without cause. Kenzie says that the old creepy guy keeps sizing her up for a snack. Hale says that the members all received a bump in pay shortly after joining. Saskia comes over and Bo tells that she has company and that she has to go. She tells that Bo is messing up what she has and is missing out. She tells that she is alright.

Dyson and Bo go to the Country Club and get into the Scotch party which is really a pool party that is friendlier with one another. Meanwhile, Hale and Kenzie search through documents in Mitch’s office. Kenzie complains that she and Hale are always stuck with the paperwork side of things. Meanwhile, Bo and Dyson strip down and get into the hot tub with Chloe and Mitch and Bo asks about Blake. Mitch says that she is not a “team player”. Amy comes over with snacks and Dyson says that Mitch is hiding something. Kenzie can’t find anything and Hale says that everyone who joined the club got promotions and everything. Kenzie says that Mitch kept all the files of the Illegals. She sees that Kenzie has two strikes already. They hear something and it is the creepy groundskeeper. Hale tells Kenzie to come closer and she tells that it is not a sexy undercover moment. Bo and Dyson get out of the hot tub and Chloe says that the energy flows between all of them. Mitch says that they are discrete and everyone gets naked and Chloe shows how “friendly” she can be and Dyson tells that she has an early morning.

Bo and Dyson get back to the apartment and Bo tells that she is upset that she couldn’t get more information. Dyson admits that he doesn’t want to share Bo and she says that she is fighting her nature to be with him. They agree to have each other and Bo tells that Dyson has been hers for a while. Later, Dyson goes into the bar and tells Trick that he is done and that he is going to tell Bo everything. The next day, Bo and Dyson get to the club and Kenzie says that she has three strikes already. Dyson gets off the phone and says that they got a 10% bump in a budget. Kenzie tells that Blake never checked out and that Mitch is driving Blake’s car. Dyson and Bo walk around and Bo finds a lottery ticket. She wins $25,000. That is how the members got successful. Bo sees the creepy groundskeeper spying and chases after him. Dyson comes up to her and tells that he couldn’t track him. They see a sewage container and open it. It smells really bad and inside, they find Blake’s hat. At the station, they test it and all sorts of DNA and Faye too. There is no ID on the Faye and Bo says that they are going to take the direct approach.

They go inside and Mitch tries to ignore them. Dyson says that she is going to make it up to him. She uses her sukubus powers and gets the information that there is a secret that every member gets ahead, but some have to sacrifice themselves. Something in the forest feeds on them. She walks away and Mitch tries to beg for more. Bo thinks that it is Dark Faye. Dyson says that he is out of it, because he can’t intervene. Kenzie and Bo go to Trick and give him the feeding byproduct. Trick says that the Faye is a Land White, a nature Faye that can shift to anything it needs. Anything that is given the Faye becomes tasty. Bo and Kenzie get to the grounds and the creepy groundskeeper is watching. Bo chases after him and he begs her not to eat her. Bo says that he is the Land White, but he says that he wants to kill the monster. He says that the only person who has an interest in the garden is the Chef, Amy. Kenzie goes up to Amy and the Land White starts to kill Kenzie. Bo comes up and threatens to kill her. Bo tells that she is going to leave her in the hands of her prey with herbicide. She and Kenzie walk out as the servants kill Amy.

Afterward, Neville thanks them and says that he doesn’t know how Thumper’s family is going to survive. Bo gives the lottery ticket to him. Kenzie tries to stop her and then changes her tune. At the bar, Trick tells that the Land White was killed by humans. Dyson asks if Trick talked to Bo and he says that he hasn’t. Dyson calls and tells her to come over later. Dyson gets some paperwork done when Saskia. She starts to feed on him and Dyson calls her Eva, Bo’s mother. Bo comes in to see Saskia and Dyson getting “busy” and tells that she needs to get away. She stabs Saskia in the stomach with a piece of wood. Bo uses her powers to bring Dyson back and Dyson says that he is sorry. She tells that he is alright and the episode ends.