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I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won) - Recap

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The scene opens with Kenzie and Hale making up a concoction for Bo and finds her in lingerie swinging on a swing. She tells that she is fine, but Kenzie doesn’t believe her. She tells that Dyson and her didn’t break up, they were broken up by an evil crone. She tells that she is not going to give up on Dyson and says that she is going to have to win him back somehow. Meanwhile, a van pulls up and a person in handcuffs gets transported to another van, but breaks free. She comes to the end of a tunnel and pauses. She whips around and knocks out the two people who were transporting her. She says that she has one last thing that she has to do first. Hale and Dyson walk through the tunnel and Dyson says that he was hunting. Hale talks to one of the guards transporting the Light Fae and says that she has poison in the quills of hers. Dyson asks why they decided to move the prisoner now after 80 years. The guard says that they have authority, but Dyson and Hale hasn’t heard of it yet and are confused.

Kenzie and Bo get into the bar and Trick asks what they are drinking. Bo asks about the Norn and suddenly an Emissary of the old country, the Black Thorn. He addresses the crowd and says that the selection for the new Ash is going to begin. Bo calls Lauren and says that they are replacing the Ash. She is surprised and Bo tells that she will find out more and call her later. Lauren grabs her necklace. Hale is at the bar and explains the selection process and Kenzie is excited that it could be a huge party. However, Bo tells that they need to stay away from this and goes home. Kenzie asks what is going on with Bo that she turns down a party. Bo tells that after what happened with her mother, she wants to stay away from any Stag Hunt and everything. They hear a noise and it is the woman who ran away from the guards earlier. She says that she is the “stag” for the hunt that is part of the selection process. At the bar, Trick asks how much does the Black Thorn knows about what happened and Dyson says that he wants the Ash replaced no matter what. Trick says that The Black Thorn is hiding something.

Back at Bo’s, the escaped convict tells Bo and Kenzie that she was in love with a Dark Fae and that she knew that the love was forbidden, but that didn’t stop them. She tells a story about how she was in love and they needed to make a plan to leave. However, Light Fae knew of their plan and she was arrested for Treason for 83 years. She tells that she doesn’t know who betrayed them. Suddenly there is a bang and she tells that they are there for her. She tells that all she wants is to see Amish, her Dark Fae lover, one more time before she dies. Bo promises to help. Dyson comes in and says that he speaks for the Dark Thorn and tells both parties to stand down. He says that he will take the woman in himself. Bo asks the woman’s name and she tells that it is Sabine. Bo asks where Dyson is taking her and he says that he will take Sabine to the Ash’s compound. Bo tells that she and Dyson need to talk about what happened between them. He agrees. Later, Bo goes to meet with The Black Thorn and tells that she didn’t like how they stormed in like they did and took Sabine. He says that she is part of the ritual. He points out that the Dark Fae is the bad ones because they kill humans for pleasure. He tells that the Stag is a willing participant because they get to go out fighting rather then rotting in a cell. He gives Bo a dress to wear to the Gala.

Bo and Kenzie go to the address that they got on the location of Amish, Sabine’s lover. Amish answers the door and tells that he doesn’t want to go with her because he got over Sabine and his love for her a while ago. She tells that it is not that simple, but Amish disappears and then reappears. He slams the door. Kenzie tells Bo not to personalize this and she says that they are going to rescue Sabine without getting caught. Bo goes to see Trick about information about the Gala and the competition. She says that if Sabine can make it to the other side, she wins her freedom. Trick tells that they need someone of Royal blood and tells that Hale is that person. Bo and Kenzie go up to him and he says that he doesn’t want to. He accepts to go through with it. They arrive at the Gala and Hale works his Siren power to gain votes while Bo takes out the competition using her powers. She manages to do it and goes up to Dyson and says that they need to talk. However, there is a loud sound and Bo sees that a guy fell over from Dyson giving a tainted drink to him. When Bo turns back around, Dyson is not there.

Trick goes up to Dyson and asks when he is going to stop making this Bo’s fault and make it his. Dyson says that he knew the consequences and says that Trick never wanted them together to begin with and now he has gotten his wish. The Black Thorn comes up to Trick and talks about how Bo is just like her mother Eva. Trick tries to hide his fear, but he sees right through it. Bo goes up to Sabine and tells that she tried to get Amish to her, but he didn’t want to come. Bo says that she is going to help her get to the end of the race to gain her freedom. She says that there is no reason for her to get freedom now. Bo sees the outline of an invisible figure. She goes in the back room and she head butts him. He tells that he loves Sabine, but it was his parents told the Light Fae about their love and that is why he can’t go on with it. She tells that they are going to find a way to make Sabine win. The day of the hunt arrives and Sabine runs off. She is fronted with one of the people in the running and she takes her down with her quills. Dyson appears behind Sabine and tells that he is there to help. They find the bell to win Sabine’s freedom and she runs for it. However, one of the men in the hunt takes her down with an arrow. Everyone gathers and Dyson says that Sabine is dead. The man who won the challenge tells Bo that her days of fence sitting are over.

Lauren comes up and injects Sabine with adrenaline. Amish is there and says that he tried to spin Sabine out of the way. Sabine is alive and is happy to see Amish there. The new Ash is crowned and Trick gives the Black Thorn a dirty look. Later Dyson and Bo talk finally and Bo says that she is sorry. She tells that she has been stubborn and blind and they toast to starting over. However, Dyson says that the Norn took his love for her away and Bo says that she didn’t make Bo stop loving Dyson. However, he says that he doesn’t want it. She tells that she can make him love her and he growls. He says that she needs to move on because he has already. At the bar, Trick and the Black Thorn talk about the fact that Trick is the Blood King, but Trick denies it. He tells that the hunt for Eva to cease. At Bo’s, Kenzie and Bo eat ice-cream and Bo says that she doesn’t understand why Dyson doesn’t want to fight for them. Kenzie says that the Norn put a curse on Dyson’s heart. Bo says that she is a Succubus, but she can’t make Dyson love her. Bo realizes that she needs to only be friends with Dyson and says that she is going to lie to him. The episode ends.